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B the daughter of Rocky who is currently doing life behind bars for murder little did she know that the sins of for murder little did she know that the sins of father would end up on her door step and change her world forever Slade and Diamond i think made a great pair once Slade got his head out of his butt and realised that underneath all the sass Diamond was a diamond in #the rough having been raised by a single mum et protected #rough having been raised by a single mum et protected her mc and cousins all Diamond wanted was to settle down become an old lady and live her life for her man and club Slade didnt want commitment didnt want a ball and chain but at the end of the day couldnt get Diamond off his mindwhen they finally give in to One Another It Sets A Series Of Events From The another it sets a series of events from the to the present and secrets will be revealedim looking forward to reading the next book in the series just when ou think Once Burned you ve got a handle on the truth turns out allou have is uestions Dirty Hot Stepbrother Part Two your left thinking oh crap didnt see that one coming lol patiently waiting for the next installment to see what happens next Slateou silly silly man secrets are never good Diamond honey ou are one strong strong woman Truths always come out Follow the series of the DAMCThis is Slade DiamondThese men never make it easy these women will always make it hard wink5 Another great story in this series I carnt stop reading this series as there is a continued underlying story Slade sound lush but little unsure about diamond but still a def worth a read Great read. Red secrets that could very well implode the club It doesnt just bring Slades loyalty into uestion but forces Diamond to make a choice she doesnt want to make A choice that affects not only Slade but the whole MC Note This book can be read as a standalone It includes lots of steamy scenes biker slang cursing some violence and of course an HEA If ou like alpha males who like to take charge this book is for ou.

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Ond Slade is ex marine Nobody knows much about him don t talk a lot Don t like commitment either Diamond just hit 30 the other women threw her a party with male strippers in the club s pub next door closed to anyone else Diesel decided to check out the security cameras deciding to remove Jewel when he saw what they were doing then Diamond came through with 2 of the guys Slade threw them out then carried her off to his room They end up a not commited couple then Slade threw them out then carried her off to his room They end up a not commited couple then finds out some background on Slade and things go very wrongSue P Bit of a Romeo and Juliet storyline to this book It was a fast paced read with plenty of action to keep ou entertained loved it as i do the series love this series by jeanne st jamesSlade and Diamonds story revealed alot of secrets inregards to the fued between the Warriors and the DAMCits amazing how sins of the past can come back and rear its ugly head et falls at the feet of innocent people who had nothing to do with what went on some what #thirty ears ago but being blood karma doesnt discriminate it comes back and kicks our ass till #years ago but being blood karma doesnt discriminate it comes back and kicks our ass till loose our breath and ou feel like Lorna you need to claw the air to get it back inour lungs againSlade came to shallow valley looking for answer s he joined the DAMC where he found a brotherhood a family something he never had before Diamond a spitfire a beautiful spitfire who could singe the hair off Generation Stables your butt with a tongue lashing that rended her as a bitch in the clu. Looking for an ol lady Especially a ball buster like Diamond who could singe the hair off a brothers nuts with just a lookDAMC born and bred Diamond was ready to give up on becoming an ol lady until the heavily tattooed biker rolled into town on his Harley Problem is months later Slades still a mystery He never talks about himself or his past and Diamond wants answers But she's not uite ready for whats uncove. I LOVE ED ITBrilliant doesn t cut it I freaking loved itI still find Diesel to be my favorite but this is definitely a close second I absolutely loved every moment of itThe twists the turns the on the edge ofour seat action packed alphaness of the story as a whole I want I so loved Slade he was a complete idiot that just screams love me and my dicheadedness I loved that he was matched with Diamond the ball in the group and the perfect compliment to Slade s personality and alphanessDiamond is one cool chick she s the that wants the romance the one cool chick she s the one that wants the romance the but has et to have found it the hardest diamond s are usually the brightest to Sparkle I Loved Her Bitchy WaysStory As A Whole Has I loved her bitchy waysStory as a whole has amazing revelations especially the last one Sorry not giving it upI m really impressed that Jeanne St James writing style it just seems to get better and better with each book I love when a writer evolves and I get to witness it through their booksAll up incredibly amazingly perfect story that I cannot wait to read again in the future I cannot wait for Dawg s book next he s character is a bit of a mystery and I cannot wait to figure him outAND Oh my I so want to read Crows book now I have read all of the DAMC books and I have wanted to see how Slade s story played out especially since he wasn t born into DAMC I loved his book Jeanne St James delivered another brilliant book Yet another excellent book in this series This time it s Slade and Diam. Welcome to Shadow Valley where the Dirty Angels MC rules Get ready to get Down s storyHe thought he liked easy Until she showed him easy was boringRight out of the Marines Slades first mistake was patching into a club that was headed down a destructive path His second was rolling into Shadow Valley on a search for answers He had no plans to patch into another club even one like the DAMC and he certainly wasnt.

FREE DOWNLOAD Down Dirty: Slade (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 6)

Down Dirty: Slade (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 6)

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