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Ng with her previous work What makes it ifferent is its ambition scope and length It is not a huge book at 500 pages or so but is bulkier than her previous workFirst and probably most important it is an engaging read Her main characters are interesting all strong in their way and worth finding out about The story moves along at a Kein Applaus für Podmanitzki Satiren decent pace most of the time Place is of obviously central import and is given star treatment I would not say that you could matter transmit yourself to the fort and know your way around but you might see places that look familiar and wonder how you knew about them Hoffman mixes martial material ofifferent flavors blending some warriors in combat with the appalling laying waste of The Worst Witch to the Rescue defenseless civilians by armed sorts from both sides There is romantic entanglement aplenty but my guy genesid not feel much inclination to generate spew It all worked pretty well She may have overdone it a bit with her imagery IMHO Yael in particular is associated with among other things a Flaming Tree image Red hair get it There are other bits of significance associated with this but it seemed to me that it was popping up like one of those birthday candles that won t go out Yael is also associated with lions in various guises a love interest an encounter with a feline or two in the esert a kittie held captive by the occupying army As a host to six of the creatures I know that however much we may love and be fascinated by them sometimes you need to step back a bit Maybe it is just that in a longer book there are mentions than one is used to from Hoffman who knows her way around imagery I o not recall feeling bugged by other such strands Watch for image streams relating to serpents and boids sorry birds I am from Brooklyn after all Hoffman associates some elemental aspects with her characters which seemed very fairy tale ish and ok Shirah is associated with water for example and that aspect was used in moderation and worked uite well Magic most Eat Like a Fish: My adventures as a fisherman turned restorative ocean farmer definitely plays a part here Spells are cast and have the expected impact Of course some of what works is an expert s knowledge of science and that seems like magic at times It is suggested that one character s cloak has a feature may make it a likely ancestor of a similar garment used in Hogwarts One expects magic in AH s novels This is all good For her historical basis Hoffman relies on the writings of Flavius Josephus Here we get into a bit of controversy The tale of mass suicide that is Masada appears not to have a particularly strong foundation in archaeological research It was fluffed at a time when it served well as a symbol of Israelietermination and nationhood Evidence that proves that the events Josephus El juego de Ripper describes actually occurred is less than entirely persuasive While there are certainly elements of Josephus s tale that have a basis in reality others might constitute a bit of playing to his audience We all have our national myths Think George Washington and the Cherry Tree Paul Revere s ride WMDs in Ira Io not fault Hoffman for centering her tale around a historical event that is less than universally accepted Myth is what she The Snake and the Salamander: Reptiles and Amphibians from Maine to Virginia does And she hasone an outstanding job with this one Whether one sees the source material as ancient history or a mythologization of a less exceptional reality the story she spins around that core is a compelling one I have only read a handful of Alice Hoffman s adult books so cannot claim a Masterless Men deep knowledge of her oeuvre But I would put my shekels on The Dovekeepers being the crowning achievement of her career One might say it is the feather in her literary cap I wouldn t but some mightReview posted 32815Pub Date 10411This review is also posted at CootsreviewscomEXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s personal and FB pagesHere is a reading guide from Hoffman s siteThe CBS mini series isue any The Harlot day now The series makeso with three of the four primary characters sorry Revka and Josephus is not a character in the book Oy there are so many unfamiliar words used in this story that it would be a useful thing to have kept track of them Sorry kids I Look Away did not However AHoes collect some of those in a glossary on her site It is not comprehensive though There are
in the bookA ocumentary that at the historical event Time Travellers Myth of MasadaHere is a nifty site if you are interested in this particular sort of boid birdA couple of songs that seem vaguely suitable Yes yes I know the title of the song is Edge of Seventeen but I imagine most of us think of it as The White Winged Dove A favorite from a non Jewish PrinceAnd then there is Monty Python noted at the top Here is a site that not only links to the infamous Python suicide scene from Life of Brian but offers a look at a scene cut from the film that had been intended to set it upOther Hoffman books I have reviewed Local Girls Green Angel Blackbird House The Ice ueen The Red Garden The Rules of Magic Never before has a book entranced me the way The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman has I ve literally just finished reading this book and I can t get my mind to settle own It s almost finished reading this book and I can t get my mind to settle How to Design Stained Glass (Dover Craft Books) down It s almost if I ve ran a race my adrenaline is pumping and my heart beating a mile a minute scenes from the book keep going around and around in my head My urgent need to tell everyone about this beautifully haunting book is taking over all other thoughts so I need to get this review out before I explodeAlice Hoffman is the author of Practical Magic and The Red Garden plus many many other novels but The Dovekeepers is her first historical fiction work Hoffman was inspired by a trip to Jerusale There are many reasons why I wouldn t like this book1 I hate feelingumb2 It s set in Ancient Israel 70 CE to be exact and the fact that I had to ask what CE meant being a child of BC and AD Hex did not go over well Refer to 13 It s set in Ancient Israel and I shamefully have absolutely no clue what happened back then I mean besides the Last Temptation of Christ and bible stories that I kind of sort of remember 14 The author also wrote Practical Magic which I have not read but I have seen the movie and besides it being prettyamn "Awful I Got A Serious Complex Having To Look At "I got a serious complex having to look at Kidman and Sandra Bullock slink around in little black The Royal Nanny dresses AND she s also a favorite of Oprah which causes controversy on its own level that Ion t care to go into but still am sueamish about5 Hype Wasn t it one of the books nominated for a GR Book of the Year 6 It s a book that one of my co workers would look at and say Oh I ve read that a Never Come Morning definite sign to stay away7It s set in Masada and Ion t know about you but I had no idea what Masada was Maybe it s my Titanic I Divided existence and complex society An historical approach don t know But going off of 1 Iidn t like it when I mentioned this to a friend and he said Oh when view spoilerall the Jews killed themselves and their families rather than be captured by the Romans what a massacre hide spoiler. Nds passion with a fellow soldier Shirah born in Alexandria is wise in the ways of ancient magic and medicine a woman with uncanny insight and power The lives of these four complex and fiercely independent women intersect in the Aventuras de Hans Staden desperateays of the siege All are ovekeepers and all are also keeping secrets about who they are where they come from who fathered them and whom they lo. The Dovekeepers

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I was absolutely taken by this amazing story which was based on historical events of which I knew nothing about The writing is beautiful and the story of these strong and willful women will remain with me for a long time Alice Hoffman brought me back in time and I enjoyed learning about what life was like in 70 CE The writing was beautiful and at times poetic I like my poetry in short oses though and after two hundred pages of lyrical prose I was ready to move on with the story I liked the book in fact I was swept away in the lives of the brave women it was about Revka Aziza Shirah and Yael were strong women who lived amazing lives and were the only survivors of the Masada massacre Unfortunately the parts of the story that I first found to be so interesting started to bore me The amount of Sigillenmagie in der Praxis detail the author put intoescribing religious beliefs and rituals made the story Tropical Deathpact drag I felt like I only needed to read about the steps to prepare one s body foreath only once Instead the author felt like she had to pound the information into my skull again and again After a while that is how I felt like the author was pounding me upside the head with her overly written book Death by poetry I started to skim over the pages looking for the meat of the story till I found the end I m glad I finished itPictures I found relating to the storyMasada The ramp the Romans built to Masada Character CastingYael Emma Stone Revka Helen Hunt Aziza Kiera Knightly ShirahCatherin Zeta Jones For fans of Alice Hoffman this book is a mixture of the new and the familiar Devotees will recognize the strong women with unusual even magical abilities What s new is the historical setting and time the fortress of Masada in the year 70 CE Also Hoffman s language struck me as Harika Haftalar different in this book I think whether or not readers like this book will hinge on their reaction to the language Hoffman uses to recreate the world of her women I loved the level ofetail I felt the sea salt in my hair the rocks pricking my bare feet the sun beating mercilessly on my head I tasted the saltiness of the olive crop I realized how central religious beliefs were to how the women lived their Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth daily lives and how gender affected their choices I understood when they chose to break the rules and empathized at the price they paid One of the themes of this story is the value of words their meaning and use are important to the characters Words are cited as the first thing created by God Hoffman uses this novel to give words to the women of the time to let their voices be heard Words can be spoken or written This bookid for me what I love about books it used the written word to create a world for me as real as the one I m living in now An exceptional read This is a masterpiece a wonderful mesmerizing book about the lives of four strong Jewish women each with Cada Cabeza es un Mundo La Historia de Hector LaVoe different backgrounds powerful personalities andistinct stories of there own Their histories collided when Fair's Fair destinycircumstances found them living at the Jewish stronghold Masadauring the last and final siege by the Romans According to the historian Josephus two of these women and five children survived the horrendous event I agree with Janet a goodreads reviewer who said the following Words can be spoken or written This book id for me what I love about books it used the written word to create a world for me as real as the one I m living in nowOn Oct 03 2011 Another goodreads reviewer Jennifer Rayment wrote such an excellent review that I am uoting it in entirety here The Good Stuff I wish I had the words to express how wonderful this book is I will be honest if Simon and Schuster hadn t sent it to me for review I probably wouldn t have picked it a Alice Hoffman will the reader about an event which most of us know "a Alice Hoffman will teach the reader about an event which most of us know about this is a factual story with fictional characters interwoven Four women who are refugees at Masada over 2000 years ago Hoffman tells their story will you listen this is where they worked a ovecote at Masada this is where they lived the fortress at MasadaA colossal triumph Hoffman shines in this endeavour which took her five years to write Interesting Hell yeah This story the fact and the fiction will linger with me for a long time Thank you Alice Hoffman Most Highly Recommended 5 The Good Stuff I wish I had the words to express how wonderful this book is I will be honest if Simon and Schuster hadn t sent it to me for review I probably wouldn t have picked it up and let me tell you that would have been a shame This book is haunting and sad but yet so full of hope and of the resilience of the human spirit Beautiful raw and honest story and just so god In Cave Danger Pacific Northwest Mystery damned emotional to read Exceptionally real and strong female characters History written so it comes alive and you learn so much without feeling like you are getting a history lesson The faultsflaws of the characters are not hidden and you see how they change and grow over the course of the story Emotionally raw by the end of the story and had to go hug my children before I could go to bed Obviously thoroughly researched and you feel the authors passion for the subject matter as it never comes across asull I would be shocked if this Nothing in this book is true but It's exactly how things are the esoteric meaning of the monuments on Mars doesn t get made into a movie or a mini series Further Reading at the end of the book is appreciated for those like me who will want to find out of the history Very wise and thought provoking A wonderful book for variousiscussions about faith forgiveness compassion woman s rights etc Why are you still reading my review get thee to a book store now and buy it hello what are you waiting forThe Not so Good Stuff Could have been perfect with a some stronger editing There is some obvious repetition that should have been caught and it would have made it a truly brilliant novel I was forced to stay up till a 1am to finish this and the last 15 pages or so I could barely read with the tears falling Dead Low Tide down Alice you owe me some coffee and Kleenex an apology to my kids for mommy being cranky from lack of sleepFavorite uotesPassagesTry as she might to keep him a child Shirah s son was already straining to be a man She called out cautions but Adir hurried to the garrisonetermined to be among the men he admired When the wind is so strong that We Women Know We Will women know we will on the rising Venus im Pelz dust if we fail to tie our scarves across our faces boys will always ignore the elements and race through storm cloudsreaming of glory Even a witch can t stop her son from becoming a warrior There is no spell great enough for thatIt was sometimes easier to be with a stranger from whom nothing was expected and to whom nothing was granted in returnThey embraced the feminine aspect of God the Dwelling the eep place where inspiration abided for in the written words of God compassion and knowledge were always femaleThe esire for Jerusalem was a fire that could not be uenched There was a spark insi. Nearly two thousand years ago nine hundred Jews held out for months against armies of Romans on Masada a mountain in the Judean Ghost Variations desert According to the ancient historian Josephus two women and five children survived Based on this tragic and iconic event Hoffman’s novel is a spellbinding tale of four extraordinarily bold resourceful and sensuous women each of whom has come to Masa. De the holiest of holy places that made people want to possess it and what men yearn for they oftenestroyWhat I Learned Man it really sucked to be a women in ancient times we are so lucky in this The Necromancer Amber Lee day and age to be treated for the most part as the euals that we are still so far to go Now I really already know this but lets just put this out again the persecution of Jews over and over again just completely baffles me They truly are one of the most formidable strong and resilient race the world has ever seen Tons of fascinating information about 70 75 CE Who shouldshouldn t read Will be buying a copy for my niece sister and sister in laws for Christmas because Ion t want to lend them MY copy and risk the chance of one of them misplacing it LOL Those who enjoy a nice light read would probably not want to pick one up It is uite intense and The Sexual Adventures of an Invisible Man detailed Thinking those of Romanescent might be a little put off A must have for public libraries475 Dewey sI received this from Simon and Schuster in exchange for an honest review thank you for once again breaking me out of my comfort zone and introducing me to something so spectacular The Dovekeepers on its surface sounds like it has the potential to be incredibly moving and I had high hopes Yet I found the reading to be of an exercise in frustration and perseverance The frustration is largely the result of the book s lack of Invisibles. development which might sound weird to say about a 500 page novel It isescribed on its cover as a story of the siege of Masada but fans of hist We were no Hidden Away KGI different from theoves above us We could not speak or cry but when there was no choice we iscovered we could fly It you want a reason take this We yearned for our portion of the sky Masada the word summons up images war Romans Zealots slaughter mass suicide A place of national pride for some historical and archaeological controversy for many a bit of Python mockery to others On visiting the place itself Alice Hoffman was inspired to wonder about the experience of the women who had lived and ied there The result is The Dovekeepers She uses the writings of Jewish historian Flavius Josephus as the foundation for her tale The Monty Python crew used Josephus s writings as well for a very LaTour and the Humanities different purpose in Life of Brian The four primary characters meet at Masada where they are assigned to care for theoves There are those who might consider this a hardship post regarding Big Ideas for Little Philosophers Box Set doves asirty isgusting filthy and lice ridden or as rats with wings but they are also a source of fertilizer meat eggs and maybe a bit of hope No one is esignated as the concierge Alice HoffmanThe four are Yael Revka Aziza and Shirah Yael is notable for among other things her coloring Her father Yosef bar Elhanan is a notorious assassin a member of the Sicarii a blade minded branch of the Zealot movement They Old World Italian: Recipes and Secrets from Our Travels in Italy: A Cookbook do unpleasant things to Jews who collaborate with the occupying Romans He was known not only for his effectiveness with sharp objects but for his talent at going unnoticed Heid notice however that his wife Offshore died giving birth to their second child Yael and possessing a mind and heart not nearly as honed as his weapons he blames her Thanks Pop All the while I was growing up I wondered what it might be like to have a father who wouldn t turn away from the sight of me one who told me I was beautiful even though my hair flamed a strange red color and my skin was sprinkled with earth toned flecks as though I been splattered with mud I heard my father say to another man that these marks were specks of my mother s blood Their relationship is shall we say strained Big brother Amram however is the apple of papa s eye *I Know Shocking Even *know shocking even him into the family business That business involves oing in a Roman general which gains them the attention of the occupying "force and the family is forced to beat "and the family is forced to beat hasty exodus from Jerusalem They team up with another Sicarii family headed by Jachim ben Simon Things get complicated They all endure a trial by heat sand and misery on their trek offering witness to others tales of sundry Roman atrocities as well It is a road of self Betrayal Lady Grace Mysteries discovery for Yael and she arrives at Masada much changed from who she was when she had set outRachel Broshahan as Yael from CBSRevka had a nice family Hubby was a baker Heraughter was married to a nice studious young man They had two boys Romans sacked their town murdering Revka s husband while slaughtering anyone within reach Revka is forced to become a refugee Further atrocities are visited on her family While she gets a measure of revenge on the latest evil The Substitute Bride The Gladiator doers shearkens her own soul Her grandchildren have become mute and her nice young Man Of A Son In of a son in has become a psycho warrior Aziza and her mother were sexually assaulted when Aziza was still a child Mom Under the KnifeWhistleblower decided to raise her as a boy to reduce the likelihood of that happening again She becomes a bad ass warrior Her brother not so much There is a scene that could have been pulled from Robin Hood in which Azizaemonstrates her proficiency with a bow and arrow Also gawjuss Think Xena at least I War for Eternity did you sprouts out there might conjure Katniss Kathryn Prescott as Aziza from CBSLast andefinitely not least is Shirah A witchy sort with a book of magic spells great hair and ravishing beauty She comes from a line of women in a particular line of work but her mother sent her away from their home in Alexandria when she was young as an anti them pogrom was going on to stay with relations in Jerusalem Things What Makes a Marriage Last do not go well for her there She meets The One but there is a mess with him being already married and not up to standing up to his parents and her being oh twelve She later finds someone with whom to share a home pops out a few progeny but is now a single mom in Masadaoing the odd spell to help female residents with this and that and still looking up to the goddess Ashtoreth for her main religious sustenance But what s the Ryan's PlaceSean's Reckoning deal with her and the hunky head of the Masada warriors Eleazar Ben Ya ir And what s up with his seriously creepy wifeCotee Pablo as Shirah from CBSSo that s the four We know you know right that things The Book of ueer Prophets 21 Writers on Sexuality and Religion do not go well for the residents of Club Masada The story is in tracking the progress of the place semise and how the four got there and how they cope with the stresses that are steadily building We are also given a bit of a tour and get a sense of place beyond the stick figure general notionHoffman Ned’s Circus of Marvels (Ned’s Circus of Marvels, Book 1) definitely has an inclination towards incorporating history into her work whether of the maritime sort in Blackbird House or a bit of Transcendentalism in The Red Garden She is also fond of incorporatingollops of magic into her tales sometimes than a little She usually tells tales of women who are forced to cope with challenging circumstances And she is uite fond of fairy tales It will come as no shock that this novel is very much in keepi. Da by a Contrarian Investment Strategy: the psychology of stock market success different path Yael’s motheried in childbirth and her father an expert assassin never forgave her for that Rules of Ascension death Revka a village baker’s wife watched the murder of heraughter by Roman soldiers; she brings to Masada her young grandsons rendered mute by what they have witnessed Aziza is a warrior’s aughter raised as a boy a fearless rider and expert marksman who fi. ,

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