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Bad Record and a Bad Heart yN we call the Metaverse The reading is slow and tedious but when that ah moment of intellectual illumination surges throughour being the time invested is a small price to pay I could not find any holes in the logic of her presentations and the route she takes the reader on shows the mark of a true teacher Another section that tickled my fancy was that on the subject of sacred geometry The first thing that was created were patterns in the void These shapes define what is in the shape and what is outside This sets up a differentiation in the symmetry of nothing From there the phenomenon of motion was introduce and that became the bases for a type of life Pythagoras was a great teacher of sacred geometry and I would recommend his teachings to further The Holy Spirit your understanding of the subject I cannot say enough about the debt humanity owes to Madam Blavatsky Her ideals as they are expressed in the text are a great boom to our understanding of what is and a profound boost to aid us in our journey home The text on anthropogenesis deals mainly with human consciousness and the forms it has had to function through It talks about the different changes and rounds as well as the root races and sub races and how those races brought out different characteristics of awareness that the developing consciousness had to unfold to become aware of the laws of nature which is called evolution The text states that as consciousness dabbled in physical reality it became engrossed in the forms it began to inhabit At some point this consciousness began to forget its true home because in the physical form they could feel alive if only in a limited physical sense At this stage theoung consciousness cannot function on its own plane the 5th dimension it must work its way up Its like being able to do under the influence of some substance and ou come to think that is normal and the old dull way is abnormal and is to be avoided To some schools of thought this came to be known as the fall of mankind as the soul consciousness became enmeshed in physical reality which was the natural course of evolution When the oung consciousness or souls saw the uagmire they had made some of them refused to complete the cycle of their curriculum of LEARNING THIS WAS KNOWN AS THE this was known as the or the war in heaven It would be like a child refusing to complete the rest of the school OPTP The Psoas Integrating Your Inner Core year because of one rough day Theseoung souls supposedly were lead by one entity who sought to modify the plan of nature This entity was known as the bringer of knowledge choice Why it thought should we be giving free will and we can t use it This adventurous The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire young soul came to be known as Lucifer in the various religions and myths If I m to understand the readings this being was one of the saviors of humanity by being the first to use free will as compare to just intellectualizing it We see this being bringing choice to other human creations In the story of Adam and Eve they were just automatons who were basically robots with no chance for advancement Askourself what did Adam and Eve do in the garden all day remember they had all eternity to do it Could they feel pain mentally or physically could they get bored could they leave the garden did they have hunger pangs if so then it wouldn t #Be Paradise LuciferSatan As The #paradise LuciferSatan as the goes offered Adam and Eve a choice stay here and remain ignorant or exercise Dragonbusters? Give Me a Break! (Camp Princess, your free will and explore the wonders of existence with responsibilities and conseuences The only true freedom is to be than that which createdou One ideal the text ends with is describing the next race not skin color that will bring about other traits of consciousness that of intuition and empathy This round or period will last about 700 ears The secret Doctrine does a good job in explaining *these scenarios from a Theosophical point of view Whether ou agree with such esoteric views is secondary to *scenarios from a Theosophical point of view Whether ou agree with such esoteric views is secondary to fact that at least ou re open minded enough to at least considered them For this we should be thankful that Madam Blavatsky presented these interpretations in what I think are a very lucid and pragmatic way and for this I give her all the stars. G of the gods after a Night of the Universe to the ultimate reunion of cosmos with its divine source Supplementary sections discuss relevant scientific issues as well as the mystery language of myths symbols and allegories helping the reader decipher the often abstruse imagery of the world's sacred literatu.

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Of mystification she acted as medium and performed magic tricks like materialization to prove her ideas were right something most modern theosophists would rather omit She didn t accept the aid of doctors healing herself by letting a white dog to sleep on her foot Nevertheless she died at the age of 59 of complications from influenza and Bright s disease chronic stuff that could be easily preventedAlso the Nazi used many of Blavatsky s ideas in their Eugenics ideology E g Blavatsky supported the idea of major and minor races and that nature will see the minor races including Semites Africans and Roma people destroyed as nature wants to clear itselfThough later writers on Theosophy are much worse When I first considered reading the The Secret Doctrine I thought I had a pretty good back ground in the understanding of esoteric interpretations of nature I uickly realized that if I read the material at that point I would only attain a C average understanding This for me would be unacceptable I knew that there would need to be a lot of mental upgrading I first picked out 10 books that would get me from where I was to where I needed to be here are the books in the order that I read them The Astral plane This Dynamic Universe The solar system A Geometry of Space Consciousness Eckankar The key to Secret Worlds How ou can explore Higher dimensions of Space Time The Evolution of Consciousness The Secret Doctrine The abridge version Along with this mental preparation came a fair amount of physical preparation There was the every other day 5 mile bike ride the in between days of various fitness training #As Well As A #well as a in my intake of stress I looked at these books as my intellectual Mt Everest One would not try to climb Mt Everest without adeuate preparation I had to get used to the sentence structure the phraseology as well as the profoundness of the material I found the volume on Cosmogenesis to be the most interesting The postulate that the universe existed before it was aware of itself brought a tear to my eye The belief that God had to figure out a way to create itself from nothing was a high non pareil Also when ou begin to study the mechanics of non being this can only hasten ones journey back to the source non being The reading of the text The solar system by AE Powell really helped me to understand vol two Anthropogensis The concepts the wording and the time line were very similar Volume two allowed me to unite all the mythologies of all the cultures into one homogeneous whole I will have to say in part two of my review I want to detail of the ideals expressed The first volume Cosmogenesis deals with the mechanics of how God created itself Like all of us God had existence before it was aware of itself We had life after conception but we did not have self awareness until around the age of 3 or 4 The same is true for all entities and non entities The treaties on Cosmogenesis goes into detail as to how God created itself from the great potential Before anything can exist the potential has to exist first even when it comes to God Before God could actualize itself it had to create the tools of existence It first had to create space and then it had to create time and then it had to create form geometry or matter which is just folded space Imagine space as a flat table cloth now imagine that Travels with a Tangerine you twist up a little piece of the table cloth thereou have a disturbance and that disturbance or change is matter Matter is to space what Ice is to water Oh es what say ou From these manifestations God poured itself into its newly created universe and this act represented a type of self awareness for God I liked how the author interpreted the arcane textstanzas of the various religions into a practical explanation for a contemporary audience The section on non being which predates existence starts on page 44 It was the non beings that earned to exist that caused creation to be It was because these non existence creatures of nothing seeking to understand the absent of reality that a potential God brought forth a secondary reality to give them expression in the great actualizatio. Ter death purpose of existence good and evil consciousness and substance sexuality karma evolution and human and planetary transformation Based on the ancient Stanzas of Dzyan with corroborating testimony from over 1200 sources these volumes unfold the drama of cosmic and human evolution from the reawakenin. Absolute must for any Theosophy scholar or mystic Brings together a great deal of mythological 19th century scientific and religious material to show the unity behind human traditions throughout time and culture Principles are universal whatever one may think of the details Compulsory reading for theosophists or anyone interested in esoteric philosophy or spiritualism Theosophical thinking has changed the direction of many lives including the poet William Butler Yeats This is a highly creative work of spiritualism to be absorbed and IMHO not to be taken too literally Madame Blavatsky was a very learned woman from her time and did a lot to identify the root races and other metaphysical topics I had already read part of this ears ago and it is worth the read if ou have an open mind Poorly written junk Mrs Blavatsky who later in life turned out to be a fraud mixed concepts of different religions and added a massive amount of fantasy resulting in a book that has NOTHING to do with reality truth philosophy or spirituality unless ou missed the last 100 A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers Summary Study Guide years in science and philosophy It does not contain any valuable life lesson Don t wasteour time on this It was in volume 3 of the secret doctrine that I found the issues that 1930 s nazi Germany found pleasing in Blavatskys work in the chapter on Root Races but volume 1 still remains an important and very ancient contribution to 21st Century chaos theory logos outpouring vehicles the suppressed law of emergence written up in Hindu terminology As a strong albeit esoteric and primordial oriented Christian I can tell The Mens Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts you if I were stuck on an island with one book I would rather have this than the Bible There are endless mysteries on all aspects of being and the universe coming from higher beings of consciousness into this wise and gracious woman s mind One sentence will relate to anotherou read twenty pages back and another to one three pages back You think she is rambling but it is like an intentionally scattered shotgun approach that actually all interrelates on a higher octave only the hungry will find and as if it were on some extraterrestrial level of revelation I am not some theosophy pundit and have a Gurdjieffian view of women in many ways but when one makes oneself available to the Unknowable and all Good Most High this is what happens man or woman Culture could begin again fairly passably after a world cataclysm with just this work and about 40 others That is all I can say of this Osho called her Blah Blah Blavatsky but he said her works with Gurdjieff s are the most important to our millennium When I look into why no one is reading her I found no one reads her in full not even her own theosophists except the most interesting people so far of our times in many senses especially they with great beauty of soul Elvis Presley Jim Morrison John #Lennon Gandhi Robert Plant Castaneda #Gandhi Robert Plant Castaneda Gurdjieff etc etc A must reference book for serious seekers and researchers of esoteric philosophies and modern occultism Not necessarily an easy read HP Blavatsky s writing style was a bit crude as her native language is not English But the ideas presented I believe formed the basis of the modern occult movement both eastern and western I started reading this one when I was still in senior high school and finally finished reading it a few Alex + Ada, Vol. 2 years back Its like it took me 15ears to read it But Im not et sure if I fully comprehended all the ideas present This book yet sure if I fully comprehended all the ideas present This book complete garbage The author s incompetence is obvious she just took everything that was known of Eastern religious and philosophic systems in the 19th century Europe everything the pseudo intellectual mass wanted to believe including Buddhism Hinduism Anti Semitic and Aryan ideologies everything that wanted to be believed and wasn t systematized et She spoke #Of Mahatmas From Hinduism #mahatmas from Hinduism there are none there there are Wise Men the Rishi but their role is different from that of Blavatsky s Mahatmas and actually the idea of Mahatmas was borrowed from Jainism where they perform a similar guiding enlightening role and are called Jaina Also Blavatsky was a master. Continuously in print for over 100 ears the SD remains today the most comprehensive sourcebook of the esoteric tradition outlining the fundamental tenets of the Secret Doctrine of the Archaic Ages Challenging prophetic and strikingly modern it directly addresses the perennial uestions continuity of life af. The Secret Doctrine : The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy

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