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Ter in which he turns his back on the Decepticons and joins The Autobots Ranks And Autobots ranks and s not out of trickery This is most interesting in that it takes what was

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with the character Armada and alters it to fit with the G1 incarnation and it fits well Perhaps the best offering here though is right at the beginning of the book and is written by none other than prolific Transformers scribe Simon Furman In A Meeting of Minds Furman takes the familiar tired cliche of Optimus death and gives it an interesting spin I won t go spoiling anything but I l just say that the death of one character so many times can make for a crowded spot in the afterlife A superb collection that shouldn t be missed by any fan. Ublished by Dreamwave Productions Generation One and Armada sell than 100000 copies each per month Two new animated series Transformers Armada and Transformers Generation One currently air on the Cartoon Network and even a ive action Transformers film is in developme.

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The Transformers LegendsFive stars on the that I oved and 1 3 stars on the ones I didn t The ones that I really iked reading were Collect and Save Paddles Redemption Center My favorite out of all of them Two for the Price of One Joyride Surprisingly my favorite short story in this collection was one that would probably never be made into an episode dealing with The Programming Of The Transformers programming of the Transformers made them Decepticons or Autobots It had Starscream get his memory scrambled and he actually seemed ike he could have been a really good GOOD GUY Overall most of the stories were goodbut not being a Beast Wars fan I can t give this a five star review because of the BW short story in here This is a The Literary Language of Shakespeare little hard to fin. Never before published Here is an all new collection of short stories featuring original adventures by the fan favorite writers who've worked on the various Transformers comic books and animated series Lineup of authors to be determined And since ibooks'icense with. .

D nowadays but is definitely worth hunting down if re a fan Stories in this collection run the gamut from pre down if you re a fan in this collection run the gamut from pre G1 to Beast Wars to Armada and beyond Mostly everything here is stellar with a few real standouts In fantasy staple Jean Rabe s Paddles a previously unseen Dinobot an Elasmosaurus if I remember correctly goes head to head with a diminutive RumbleFrenzy clone named Raze on a small tropical island Healers Fighters and Transformers relates the events of a classic G1 episode through an Autobot gone MIA and his human companion and has the strongest nostalgic vibe of any of these stories Others here have mentioned the now famous take on G1 Starscream stricken with amnesia in Redemption Cen. Hasbro isn't imited to just one set of robots in disguise expect to find tales based on Transformers Armada Transformers Beast Wars and Transformers Generation One among others The Transformers have never been hotter than right now The two monthly comic book series