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EXHILARATING A PARODY OF GINORMOUS PROPORTIONS Moby Dick or the White Whale was written by Herman Melville Moby Dick or the White Whale was written by Herman Melville 1851 Now considered "A Great American Novel It's Ripe For "great American novel it's ripe for The dventures of Fishpail Love for Imperfect Things aboard the randy sailing vessel P God commanded by fellow called Captain Ascab re heretofore set dow. ,

N s never before s Crew Chases The Big Stinky Blubbery White Zombie crew chases the big fat stinky blubbery white zombie that bit off Ascab's leg nd still hungers for his brain Ascab is bent on revenge Even zombie hermit crabs undead sharks too much SPAGHETTO A SEA OF BAD PUNS a sea of bad puns language nd urbandictionarycom slang cruel fart jokes exploding. ,

Gallbladders cannibals nd parking tickets will not deter him He will find Moby Dickhead Divertimento and destroy him because Moby Dickhead's really big undead dickhead So uit blubbering nd read this classic tale You know you've had it on your chum Bucket List So list forever So do it Now Rated TI for Totally Immatur.