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Actual intent of the above 11 STANZAS SO THAT THE READERS so that the readers not be mislead the translations of Mahidhara and Uvata and the Griffith's remarks thereofThe present book the Yogasutras of Patanjali with Bhojavritti called Rajamartanda being an English version The book is divided into four padas samadhipada sadhanapada vibhutipada and kaivalyapada In the first pada the nature of yoga with its divisions aim mind and its actions have been delineated The second pada describes the advices of meditation its cause and practices There are means of the accomplishment produced from the practice of Yoga as is explained in the third pada In the ast pada mention has been made of nirmanacitta for five types of accomplishments The present attempt is made even useful as it contains a comprehensive introduction by Prof Asoke Chatterjee an appendix and an ind. Yajurveda Samhita

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Overview for Yajurveda Samhita Sanskrit Text with English TranslationThe present edition of Yajurveda with English version of Mahidhara and Uvata's commentary by Griffith has become conspicuous "with the following salient features 1 The old usage of English version has been replaced by "the following salient features 1 The old usage of English version has been replaced by corresponding modern usage in order that the contents of the translation may be easily made out even by a The Defense (Eddie Flynn layman For instance the old pronominal formsike thy thou thee thine etc have been replaced by the corresponding terms in modern English The old English usage of
Verbal Forms Has Also Been 
forms has also been with the corresponding usage in modern English2 Some of the Vedic terms Hai nhà like Savita hota etc were used in the English version in an inappropriate mannerike Savitar hotar etc by Griffith In the present edition such Vedic terms have been Retained In Their True Form3 Griffith's Ver. in their true form3 Griffith's ver. ,
Sion simply transliterate Sanskrit IN ROMAN ONES WITHOUT ANY AID OF DIACRITICALS Roman ones without any aid of diacriticals in view the dearth of diacritical marks a proper care has been taken to euip the Sanskrit phonemes with appropriate diacriticals in the present edition4 The most notable feature of this edition is that it contains the original Mantras in Devanagari script and complete index of Yajurveda mantras for ready reference5 Griffith didn't reproduce the Mahidhara and Uvata's translation on the Mantras 20 31 of the 23rd chapter According to him the nine stanzas 20 29 are not reproducible even in the semi obscurity of a eaned European anguage; and stanzas 30 31 would be unintelligible without them In fact the stanzas don't have any pornographic colour as has been depicted by Mahidhara and Uvata in their translations Hence the present editor deems it fit and proper to render the.

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