[BOOK] ´ Libertarianism in One Lesson: Why Libertarianism Is the Best Hope for America's Future By David Bergland – happypink.co.uk

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To libertarianism It lives Up To Its Stated Purpose to its stated purpose presents libertarian viewpoints on a wide range of different issues that we face in the modern day world As is expected in something billed as a summary Bergland doesn t delve too deeply into the issues To a reader just l This was my introduction to. Enormous impact on the relationship between government and individuals Bergland explains where libertarians stand on Social Security gun rights the War on Drugs poverty the environment taxes terrorism

In a fast paced A he contrasts the conservative liberal and libertarian positions on major issues Finally he punctures the muddled thinking that encourages people to turn to government to solve pr. A good overview Short and concise explanation of the libertarian philosophy and why it s the only political ideology that truly espouses respect for all individuals After reading this ideology that truly espouses respect for all individuals After reading this you will not think about government the same way again Libertarianism in One Lesson is a nice short introduction. Newly updated This is a comprehensively updated and rewritten edition of Bergland's classic introductory work With insight and candor Bergland answers the most common uestions about the freedom philosophy What exactly is libertarianism Does libertarianism work in the real world The book lays out the central premise of libertarianism you own yourself and reveals how
deceptively simple statement has an.