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Desert Kings (Deathlands, fPleasures and true companionship that allowed me to intermittently rejoice along with Paul and dream of auture when the war would be ended But I also keenly elt his moments of hopelessness and despair I nodded my head when he recognized in the enemy a man much like himself His sense of humanity truly shined at these times Something as basic as the sharing of cigarettes with the Russian prisoners was very telling I take out my "cigarettes break each one in half and give them to the "break each one in half and give them to the They bow to me and then light the cigarettes Now red points glow in every ace They comfort me it looks as though there were little windows IN DARK VILLAGE COTTAGES SAYING THAT dark village cottages saying that them are rooms Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, full of peaceAh if only this book could be read everywhere by everyone Perhaps then we could all see the reflection of ourselves our mothers ourathers our brothers and sisters and our lovers in the Ooko face of another human being Could we then avoid the devastation of war This book deserves a place on your bookshelf Grab a copy if you haven t already Mine is sitting on my all timeavorites shelf I think it is of a kind of Naked fever No one in particular wants it and then all at once there it is We didn t want the war the others say the same thing and yet half the world is in it all the same 667 Im Westen nichts Neues A l ouest rien de novreau All uiet on The Western Front In the West Nothing New Erich Maria Remarue 1898 1970All uiet on the Western Front is a novel by Erich Maria Remarue a German veteran of World War I The book describes the German soldiers extreme physical and mental stress during the war and the detachmentrom civilian life Shadow Scale (Seraphina, felt by many of these soldiers upon returning homerom the Claim The Crown front 1972 1309 220 1346 324 20 1392 1385 254 1929 From its opening in the trenches with the German Army in WWI to an end replete with utter hopelessness Erich Maria Remarue s All uiet on the Western Front presents a devastating picture of a soldier at war What s clear is that our protagonist Paul could be a soldier of any country his concerns and emotions could be those of a soldier of this century rather than the beginning of the 20th century Inact despite the images we associate with WWI such as the gas attacks and brutal conditions in the trenches there is something very modern about All uiet on the Western Front It may well have to do with Remarue s attitude toward war From the outset we are warned that this is not an adventure even those who manage to escape the war unscathed are damaged In effect #A Generation Is Destroyed #generation is destroyed the warIn trying to make sense of the war Remarue explores the powerlessness of soldiers on the Nerds front lines From a belief in their government s rationale in going to war soldiers increasinglyocus on their own deliverance The end is utterly bleak All the promise of youth is destroyed by disease starvation and ultimately death Those who come back rom this war are still damaged there is no way they can go through the horrors of war without the scar. ჯარისკაცის მიერ გადმოცემულია ომის სრული უაზრობის განცდა რაცას ამძაფრებს უიმედობა და გარდაუვალი დამარცხების მოლოდინი. ,

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Im Westen nichts NeuesThere are already thousands of reviews Bark for this deeply moving and heartbreaking book here on Goodreads and I don t know that I could add anything new It simply broke my heart However I doeel really strongly that I should describe the vivid imagery that I m left with Bright red poppies in bloodi I don t know why it took me "so long to get to All uiet on the Western Front but I m glad I inally read it "long to get to All uiet on the Western Front but I m glad I inally read it am grateful to my Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! friend Roseor recommending it The book Cannibal first published in the late 1920s is an absolutely heartbreaking wonderfully written novel about the permanent damage done to those whoight in wars Few anti war novels written since have matched Erich Maria Remarue s unsettling book and I doubt any have surpassed itGiven how Mastered (The Enforcers, famous All uiet is there s little needor me to say much about it here Plus it s so much easier to write negative reviews than positive ones and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this book There are several heart rending passages that I expect will stick with me Man, Son of Man for a long time though and that Ieel the need to mention Paul B umer s leave during which he Alter Ego finds it nearly impossible to relate normally to hisamily after his experiences on the ront Paul s time in a shell hole with French soldier G rard Duval the brief interlude Paul and his comrades spend "with a group of French girls and how the gal with whom he d been paired treats him in the " a group of French girls and how the gal with whom he d been paired treats him in the and of course the scene near the book s end involving Stanislaus Katczinsky easily All uiet s most interesting character I won t say anything about the scene with Kat so as not to spoil it Uncommon Wisdom for those who haven t read the book yetOneinal thought which I bring up because of Logan s comment that he didn t like All uiet which he last read in high school I ve talked about this before most recently in my review of The Sea Wolf and I Unseen City feel the need to bring it up again Many American readers it seems have bad memories of great works of literature they were made to read in school That they wereorced to read the books is of course part of the problem but I also think schoolchildren often are assigned books they re not yet ready Art for I don t mean that they re not smart enough to read and understand the books but rather that they re not mature enough to have the books resonate properly with them This would definitely be true of All uiet It would be the most unusual of high school students one in a hundred perhaps if that many who could truly appreciate the issues raised in this bookI would encourage anyone who hasn t read All uiet yet to check it out Andor those who read it in school and were left with a bad taste in their mouths it s probably time to revisit the book That means you Logan It s unendurable It is the moaning of the world it is the martyred creation wild with anguish God Is in the Crowd filled with terror and groaningThis slim novel about the horror of the World War I trenches and the senselessness of war was published in 1929 If you open this book up today it is absolutely just „დასავლეთის ფრონტი უცვლელია“ არის ერიხ მარია რემარკის რომანი რომელმაც ავტორს უდიდესი პოპულარობა მოუპოვა რომანში აღწე. S relevant now as it was decades ago It is powerful and breathtaking Iinished my second reading of this last month and "Barely A Day Goes By "a day goes by me thinking about it I had read All uiet Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard for theirst time ages ago and the haunting eeling I had then has stayed with me all these years If you have #not ever read this book you must do so It is that meaningful Shells gas clouds and lotillas of #ever read this book you must do so It is that meaningful Shells gas clouds and Notes for the Everlost flotillas of shattering corroding death Dysentery influenza typhus scalding choking death Trenches hospitals the common grave there are no other possibilitiesThis is a story of a German soldier Paul B umer and his comrades Since the book is so widely known and reviewed here on Goodreads I won t go into plot details But I want to make note of some portions that affected me uite deeply For instance Remarue so clearly reflects theeeling of camaraderie that these men most of them not even twenty years old experienced in the When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) field and on theront These were some of the most moving passages of the novel These voices these uiet words these No Biggy! footsteps in the trench behind me recall me at a boundrom the terrible loneliness and Crush It! fear of death by which I had been almost destroyed They are to me than life these voices they are than motherliness and thanear they are the strongest most comforting thing there is anywhere they are the voices of my comrades I ve never read such stirring words about the soldier s intimacy with not a woman but rather with the very earth itself The writing is truly remarkable To no man does the earth mean so much as to the soldier When he presses himself down upon her long and powerfully when he buries his Attracting Birds to Your Backyard face and his limbs deep in herrom the Deep Listening fear of death by shellire then she is his only Bird-by-Bird Gardening friend his brother his mother he stifles his terror and his cries in her silence and her security she shelters him and releases himor ten seconds to live to run ten seconds of life receives him again and often oreverWhen Paul goes "Home On Leave He Finds That The Life He Once "on leave he inds that the life he once and loved no longer has the same meaning His books his case of butterflies and his piano no longer bring him the joy they once had He cannot speak of what he has seen he Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone feels that those that have not been on theront and mired in the trenches can truly understand him He My Teacher Is a Robot feels alone I was heartbroken when he cried outor his lost childhood Ah Mother Mother You still think I am a child why can I not put my head in your lap and weep Why have I always to be strong and self controlled I would like to weep and be comforted too indeed I am little than a child in the wardrobe still hang short boy s trousers it is such a little time ago why is it overI don t know if a book exists that so effectively conveys the meaninglessness of war If there is another I have yet to read it I suspect that Remarue had a marked influence on many authors writing about the topic since but I don t think this one can be beat in its simple yet passionate and well expressed message There were moments of leeting. რილია პირველი მსოფლიო ომის მოვლენები რომლის მონაწილეც ავტორი თავად იყო ფრონტის ამბავი მოთხრობილია „დაკარგული ტაობის“. ,

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