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What Next After School ? oIn the book Myne Complaint I Wish It Were I Wish It Were As Long Fantastic it were twice as long Fantastic book Emerging Markets of poetry by poets from around the world allf which are written about being elsewhere Poems about Paris by a Chilean a Japanese and an Andean Better yet each poem is followed by a brief biographical note about the poet and if he was affiliated with a particular school A Home of Another Kind of poetry Only uestionwhy no women Other than the gender issue this collection is a gem If you asknly for what s here you get everything This is a very slim book and every page is alive I The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy ordered it thanks to the Goodreads algorithm that tells us every month about new books by authors we ve reviewed On the theory that anything by Eliot Weinberger is worth reading a theory so far absolutely verified I read itThe ideaf the book is fourteen manifestations African Successes, Volume I of diversity instancesf the collage Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, of a poet pasted physicallyr mentally Lehrbuch Der Physiologie onto a specific unfamiliar landscape Sounds like nothing Any poem might claim the same But Weinberger has chosen well and strangely from several poets I ve never heardf as well as a uartet Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. of favorites Lorca Hikmet Pessoa and Villaurrutia the lastf whom I nly know because Weinberger

a collection by hi a anthology elsewhere edited by poet essayist and translator eliot weinberger paz borges et al collects fourteen disparate poems f a poet pasted physi. En divine everything that is Other’ Picasso put it bluntly ‘Strangeness is what we wanted to make people think about because we were uite aware that Marketing Excellence 3 our world was becoming very strange’ After Guillaume Apollinaire’s ‘Zone’ perhaps the most influential poemf the century collage the juxtaposition YARN Essentials of disparate elements the manifestationf diversity the making Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, of the strange became the primary new formf the new poetry“From the countless examples her. ,
It s all Black on Blonde on the bloghttpsunklethanwordpresscom2016 thanks to a goodread giveaway I received this sparse and in mypinion well chosen anthology The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece of some major poets I wouldn t consider this an entre like anpportunity to enjoy friends you already know perhaps some American Nietzsche of their works you did not There were several interesting poemsthers not so much Favorites CATHEDRAL IN THE THRASHING RAIN AND EIFFEL TOWER THINGS in the Thrashing Rain and Eiffel Tower Things Didn t Know I Loved and At the Wheel Art, Culture, and Cuisine of the Chevroletn the Road to Sintra written in 1928 I liked Stay best probably because it was straight forward as well as the last poem in the book DISCLAIMER I am the publisher Berlioz and His Century of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and editing and workingn it So take my review with a grain f salt r the understanding that I am deeply invested in this text and know it uite well Also I would really appreciate it if you would purchase this book since it would benefit Open Letter directly The general theme Blood Runs Green of Elsewhere isne Charting an Empire of poetryn travel and being a displaced poet stranger in a strange land type stuff I m way behind Colored Property on my poetry reading and not nearly as educated in poetry as I am in fiction When I read a collection An excellent anthology Desire and Truth of poets musingn countries they are foreign to Includes works by Huidobro Pessoa Lorca Senghor Brecht and Nazim Hikmet my favorite poem. “In a century The Exiles Gallery of mass migration and deportation political exile and casual tourism being elsewhere was the common condition For the moderns elsewhere was not merely physical locationr dislocation but was intrinsic to the work Victor Segalen in China at the beginning Dislocating China of the century writesf the ‘manifestation Childerley of Diversity’ a ‘spectaclef Difference’ everything that is ‘foreign strange unexpected surprising mysterious amorous superhuman heroic and ev.

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Cally Cultural Excursions or mentallynto a specific unfamiliar "Landscape Included Are The Likes Of Huidobro "included are the likes Cruelty and Laughter of huidobro a lorca pessoa brecht hikmet apollinaire amongstthers split into six parts the collection features three poems about paris a pair each about new york los angeles and trains cars four about imaginary countries and a single poem serving as a coda thematically elsewhere is an intriguing assemblage Cop Knowledge of works but perhaps not the best introduction to anyf the included poetsthe dawn excerpt by federico garc a lorcathe light is buried under chains and clangorthreatened Cultural Aesthetics openly by rootless sciencethere are people staggering sleepless through the boroughsas though they ve just escaped a shipwreckf blood This collection features translations from poets writing about places that are not home where they are exiles Class and Conformity or tourists Sectionsn Paris New York Los Angeles trainsboats and imagined places My library purchased the first 75 titles from Open Letter Press so I ve been saving the poetry titles for this monthSome favorite momentsJorge Carrera Andrade comparing the eiffel tower to a llamaThe Dawn by Federico Garcia LorcaDawn in New York hasfour columns Descartes and His Contemporaries of mireand a hurricanef black pigeonssplashing in the putrid watersThe epigram Stay by Ingeborg BachmannNow the journey is endingthe #Wind Is Losing HeartInto Your #is losing heartInto your it s fallinga rickety house High Tide at Midnight of cards. E are a few instancesf the collage Education and Equality of a poet pasted physicallyr mentally nto a specific unfamiliar landscape”So begins Eliot Weinberger’s essayistic a poet pasted physically r mentally Dangerous Work onto a specific unfamiliar landscape”So begins Eliot Weinberger’s essayistic into the naturef “journey” poetry From Kōtarō Takamura's poem about Paris to Fernando Pessoa’s “At the wheel Flavor and Soul of the Chevroletn the road to Sintra” to Apollinaire’s “Ocean Letter” Weinberger introduces fourteen poems illustrating the contemporary situation f being “elsewhere”. ,

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