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R me I think perhaps it was because of Mia I found her character so relatable and saw a lot of myself in her with her insecurities and lack of self confidence The fact that she was passionate about her grapes and wine was appealing as well I know very little about wine besides the fact that I like it and found it interesting to learn about the making of it Moore does an amazing ob at describing the landscape and I felt like I was thereI loved the Reid and Mia story line Let me ust say that the pages were smoking hot in some parts and the chemistry was through the roof I was routing for them the whole way Their attraction felt believable because of their history and it wasn t far fetched like some I have readI am going to make a point of going back and reading the first book and will be watching for the third one This book was provided by Netgalley and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewAfter reading the first book in the Silver Creek series I was so excited for this one and it did not disappointI love series about close knit clans and reading about the Knowles family is such a comfort read for me There is affectionate sparring and needling but they Knowles genuinely enjoy being together and it translates perfectly onto the pageIn the first book we were introduced to Ward s playboy brother Reid I have to say Reid first book we were introduced to Ward s playboy brother Reid I have to say Reid outlook on women is hilariousTo him women were like a splendid menu Why forsake the pleasure of sampling all those delicious creations for one single dish He wasn t sure he could do it for a month let alone the rest of his lifeHe was a fun character to read about Reid may have been a playboy but he wasn t one to lead women on He was level headed had a knack for helping a business flourish and he adored his familyMia was a bit rough around The Edges But She edges but she no less likable Mia had only one person in the world her uncle Thomas When her uncle Thomas decides it s time to move on from his vineyard and start enjoying life again after losing his wife he leaves their vineyard and essentially her in Reid s careReid and Mia have a history and it s one Mia has never uite been able to forgive him for What I really liked about this story was that while Mia held a grudge it slipped away as she spent time with Reid It wasn t something she was actively clinging to she d ust never been able to forget And for me that s one of Laura Moore s strengths no needless drama Her adult characters make informed adult decisionsI really like when the author stays true to her characters voice Reid for example having grown up on a ranch constantly thought in those termsAs for Mia she was staring at his erection as if her eyes were going to pop out He hoped that was a good sign Because he was desperate to be inside her the instinct as all powerful as the one driving a stallion to claim and mount a mareIt may not be very flattering but he knew better than to say it aloud I think it definitely reflects the life he lives and I loved how Reid s thoughts stayed true to who he wasThe pacing of this story was perfect for me I didn t feel like Mia and Reid fell in love too uickly they were both too stubborn for that but there was always something going onI also enjoyed the secondary characters in this story and I can t wait to see what is in store for the last Knowles sibling It s going to take one hell of a man to pull uinn away from her animalsI definitely recommend this book if you like a small town setting with cowboys and a sweet sassy heroine who isn t afraid to give as good as she get. Ly aware that the teen heartthrob has matured into a devastatingly handsome playboy and the budding winemaker refuses to let down her guard But one taste of unbridled passion changes things From Reid’s first intoxicating kiss to his unexpectedly tender seduction Mia is swept into a passionate affair that could tear her heart to pieces or give her everything she has ever wante. Laura Moore s new book Once Tasted was wonderful you have a cowboy hero who you would love to take home yourself You have a love hate relationship where both love but neither will given in funny how men and women can hear and see the same thing but walk away understand and seeing things differently With this story you see the twist and turn of how others can affect your life and turn it upside down How only one person can destroy your life and lively hood if you let them the author reminds us how important family and friends are Mia has had a hard life her mother died when she was young and her uncle Thomas raised her She has a cousin Thomas son who has always been ealous of her He has made her life a living hell from the start Jay is a man who will get his way no matter what and he will destroy everything that gets in his way He will destroy Mia if she will let him Thomas falls in love and moves way leaving Mia with feelings of lost lonely trying to make a business out of her Uncle Thomas vintner Mia has always Been Attracted To Reid Even attracted to Reid even high school where there was a misunderstanding when Jay read her dairy with feeling of Reid in them Mia thought Reid made fun of her and could not forgive nor forget him When Reid in them Mia thought Reid made fun of her and could not forgive nor forget him When Reid home the sparks fly between them they must learn how to get along because her uncle and his parents now have partnership with them running the businessReid comes home and is thrown in a partnership with Mia he knows he should not have acted so badly when he was young He knows he should have stood up for Mia years ago but is unable to find away to make her understand He has been attracted to her since high school but due to misunderstanding he knows she hates him He doesn t see any way to make this work out nor any way to have any kind of relationship with Mia Can he fight this attraction with all of his family pushing them togetherJay is a big part of this book causing trouble any way he can He is all about money I would call him a scam artist He knows ust how to make Mia feel bad and give him the money he wants He knows the buttons to push and lord he pushes them to the breaking point He doesn t know what the word work means since his father has always given him what he wants He doesn t know how to wait for the uarter to get his share of the money which is not big enough Mia deserves nothing and he lets her know thisThe uestion is will Mia and Reid make this partnership work Can they over come all the things Jay has planned for them Can Jay keep them apart so he can get the money he wants Will Mia and Reid get past the misunderstanding and find they do love each other or will the hate love thing they have going on continue This book started out a little slow for me but by the time I got to the end I did not want to put it down When I got to the part about the hedgehog the author had me hooked After reading Moreover he s done something funny to his hair It stood up in short straight spikes making him look likewell for some perversie reason the only thing that came to mind was a red hedgehog I could not get this picture out of my head and had to laugh I found this book to be humorous a wonderful story that kept me in the edge of my seat I would recommend this book to my friends to read I felt so sorry for Mia and knew her pain Reid I felt sorry for him to but he did not touch me the way Mia did I hated Jay and wanted to put my hands around his throat myself Thomas I was so glad he found love after so many years being alone There are a lot of wonderful Three siblings an extraordinary family a lasting heritage in the irresistible Silver Creek Ranch trilogy they’ll fight for the land and the people they love   Everything has come easily to Reid Knowles the middle son of a California ranching family But his charmed life is suddenly complicated when his good friend and neighbor asks him to help run the winery next door His nei. Once TastedHaracters that I would like to read about I see there is one the author has already written about Reid brother I plan on reading it soon I feel sure anyone who reads this book will enjoy it From page one I fell a little bit in love with reid knowles he was the typical charming bad Knowles He was the typical charming bad bikercowboy that you ust couldn t help but like Mia was someone that I instantly related to I could see myself as Mia and I enjoyed seeing her gain self esteem as the book progressed Part of that was due to Reid and part of that was due to Mia realizing what an amazing woman she Is I Loved All Of The Background Characters Reid S I loved all of the background characters Reid s Ward and uinn especially uinn his parents Mia s uncle the winery crew and all of the animals I felt like they weren t ust there to fill space You actually got to get a feel for who they were and I loved that I know I was supposed to dislike Jay Mia s evil cousin but I wasn t expecting to dislike him uite as much as I did I was very happy at the end when he got what was coming for him I can t lie I did a little happy dance This was my first novel that I ve read by Laura Moore I really enjoyed her writing style and she is very talented The book flowed exactly like you would expect a good book to Or maybe like a fine wine I can t wait to read uinn s story and to see what next Laura can createI was given a free copy of this book for an honest review I was not paid by the publisher or the author for my review All thoughts are my own Once Tasted is a sweet and heartwarming story of wine and cowboys Mia Bodell is left running her family s winery with the condition that her childhood nemesisReid Knowles will be her partner and business adviserReid is the cowboy that everyone lusts over but Mia she won t even give him the time of day Now working with Mia Reid finds she is a temptation he can simply no longer resist This story is racked with past ghost that haunt the couples potential happiness These ghost are both physical as well as emotional stumbling blocks for Reid and Miamostly Mia uite frankly reid was the bombhis lust inducing frankly Reid was the bombhis lust inducing was perfectly portrayed and had that swoon worthy effect Mia s character is clumsy somewhat reclusive and emotionally wounded Bringing Reid s and Mia s personalities together Moore provides a highly enjoyable entertaining readI received this ARC copy of Once Tasted from Random House Ballantine Books in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication May 27 2014Written by Laura MooreSeries Silver CreekSeuence in Series 2Mass Market Paperback 368 pagesPublisher Ballantine Books Publication Date May 27 2014Rating 4 starsISBN 10 0345537009ISBN 13 978 0345537003Genre Contemporary RomanceFind this book on Barnes Noble Original review found at received an advanced readers copy from Random House Publishing Group Ballantine Books via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is May 27 2014 Thank YouThis is the second book in the Silver Creek trilogy I did not read the first book in advance of this one and it did not impact my enjoyment or understanding of what was going onAs far as contemporary romances go this one is one of the better ones I have read in a long time With a smoking hot cowboy and a whole lot of wine what could a woman want Fortunately there is an extremely likeable main character in Mia and a strong story line for those that reuire than wine and a cowboyThis story follows the typical formula of most contemporary romances but there was something that set it apart from others fo. Ghbor’s niece Mia Bodell is in charge and she has made it clear that she’d rather be roped to a steer than to Reid Knowles Never one to back down from a challenge Reid vows to win her trust   Her life marked by loss Mia knows that nothing comes easily love included In high school her heart was crushed by Reid and even though years have passed the hurt lingers Mia is aching.