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O she had a son by rescues him After Tutankhamen is victorious he goes to the old capital at Men nefer to stay away from the controlling Ay and has his ueen Ankhesenamen join him thereThen the book jumps to five years later Ay is Tjaty "of the and Paramessu is Tjaty of the North for Tutankhamen Tutankhamen decides to build a strong "the South Paramessu is Tjaty of the North for Tutankhamen Tutankhamen decides to build a strong and march on Waset and oust Ay who is 70 years old and make him retire so the ing can rule once from the city of Amun Smenkhkare and his well trained army return to Waset to reclaim his Zu schnell kingdom home and family As General Horemheb is marching on Men nefer to bring Tutankhamen back to Waset so Ay can regain control of the younging he interrupts the mission and sends Horemheb chasing after Smenkhkare so he can t protect Tutankhamen from Ay As Smenkhkare and his army get closer Ay cancels the mission but too late Smenkhkare overwhelms Nakhmin s forcesSmenkhkare and Tutankhamen meet outside the city Smenkhkare rejects Scarab s compromise and both fight in hand to hand combat Conniving Ay has poisoned Tutankhamen s spears and daggers Smenkhkare dies from his wounds and Tutankhamen is gravely wounded Ay takes over and sends Horemheb in pursuit of Smenkhkare s retreating army This is all leading up to the next installment when Ay and Horemheb vie for the position of Pharaoh of EgyptThe author is gifted at transporting you into the time period with all your five senses One chapter that describes the losing of a hand by Jebu the General of the Amorite and Hittite army is descriptively graphic By the way this is also one of the minor tales that are thrown in and which detracts from the main story line Very little is nown about Smenkhkare and Tutankhamen because their histories were blotted out after they died The author has fleshed out their stories in a very credible way Although Tutankhamen s mummified body shows he might have died in a different way then portrayed in this book But a riveting book none the less and one well worth reading if you like ancient Egyptian stories There is always a Who s Who and What s What in each book of the series as well as The Main Characters and Places There is also a list of the Gods and what they were worshiped for They definitely help in the pronunciation of all the difficult names and places What I was thinking all along that this was a three book series Its actually five and now I have to wait to read the outcome I loved this one as well Scarab really comes into her own in this book Ay is the ultimate villain Can t wait to see what the author does with Ramses and Seti Please hurry the release of books 4 and Rmer ing Smenkhkare or with the new young ing in ThebesSmenkhkare and Scarab march on Thebes with their native army to meet the legions of Tutankhamen on the plains outside the city gates As two brothers battle for supremacy and the throne of the Two Kingdoms the fate of Egypt and the 18th dynasty hangs in the balanc. ,
Try just as any good fictional heroine should We wait on Book 6 of The Amarnan Kings Scarab Descendant to see if Dani can do as well as her ancestor against the greed and ambition of present day despots Exciting storyI cannot wait for the next book It is absorbing and page turner than a Mystery novel As of now I have "NOT FOUND ANY CONFLICT WITH THE HISTORY THIS 3RD "found any conflict with the History This 3rd the series of ancient Egyptian historical fiction continues the story of the no name princess later nown as Princess Beketaten or as she likes to be called Scarab In the prologue and epilogue her story is being read by Dr Dani Hanser who is a British archeologist from the hieroglyphics on the wall of her tomb Scarab is the sister of Akhenaten Smenkhkare and TutankhamenThis book begins with the deposed Pharaoh Smenkhkare after his attack by a crocodile when everyone thinks he is dead and after the battle of Waset which concluded book 2 The cruel vizier Tjaty Ay had connived and sent him to his death so that the young Tutankhamen could become his puppet ing and thus Ay can rule Egypt himself Now Smenkhkare s objective is to rebuild his army travel south and reclaim Kemet Egypt because being alive he is the rightful Lord of the Two Kingdoms Kemet and NubiaSoldiers sent out from the Fort of Kubban are ambushed by Smenkhkare S Troops And All troops and all massacred Scarab along with Khu her farmer companion and Nebhotep the physician offer to stay behind with six wounded men They will take refuge in the mountains until all are healed and then travel south again and meet up with Smenkhkare Scarab asks the men to teach her and Khu fighting skills so they can be useful soldiers Meanwhile Smenkhkare adds the Nubian tribes of Tu useful soldiers Meanwhile Smenkhkare adds the Nubian tribes of Tu ema and Suri Kan to his army There is one memorable scene in which Scarab fights the chief of the Suri tribeAy sends General Horemheb to battle and to destroy Smenkhkare and his army Horemheb eventually captures Scarab and her band She makes the suggestion that Tutankhamen and Smenkhkare form an alliance restore Smenkhkare to his throne and together they both rule Egypt and restore peace During a hard rain storm Scarab and her band of soldiers escapeTutankhamen is only 13 years old and wants to head his army and go to war with the Hittites who are pressing hard against the northern borders and drive them from Kemet Since Ay can t stop him from going he sends General Nakhmin who is later adopted by Ay as his son and heir as a guardian with instructions to stay close and eep the young Invisible (The Curse of Avalon king from harm But when Tutankhamen misjudges the situation and gets in real danger General Paramessu Scarab s lover and wh. To wrest control of Egypt from the boying Tutankhamen and his controlling uncle Ay Meanwhile the ingdoms are beset by internal troubles while the Amorites are pressing hard against the northern borders Generals Horemheb and Paramessu must fight a war on two fronts while deciding where their loyalties lie with the fo. I really enjoyed researching the "actual characters and seeing where Max couldn t have gotten his story since it is "characters and seeing where Max couldn t have gotten his story since it is on real people who lived thousands of years ago It was cool to see them come to life in archeology reports and feel like I sort of new them when the archeologists didn t even though it reports and feel like I sort of new them when the archeologists didn t even though it a fictionalised account you feel you now the peopleAs well as an appreciative reader I also published this book only peopleAs well as an appreciative reader I also published this book only because I liked it Scarab previously Deep Listening known as a no name child of King Nebmaetre of Egypt s Middle Kingdom then named Beketaten who in previous books of Overton s series came of age Bk 1 fought against her usurping Uncle Ay on the side of her brother Shmenkhkare Bk 2 continues the battle alongside her older brother Shmenkhkare against the cruel and ambitious Ay and her younger brother Tuthankamen Bk 3 finally falls under the power of King Ay s adopted son Nakhtmin then turns the tables on her worst enemies clearing the way for Horemheb to come to power and her ex lover Paramessu to become Horemheb s successor and eventually her son Set to sit on the throne of Egypt Bk 4 In The Amarnan Kinds Book 5 Scarab Horemheb Overton combines his story with the Biblical story of the Hebrews escape from Egypt with former King Ahkenaten resurfacing as Yahmose Moses aided in the HebrewsKhabirus exodus from slavery in Egypt by Jesua a warrior follower of Scarab This tale has been read to us from the beginning by a British female archaeologist Dani who has found Scarab s tomb apparently in modern day Syria on the walls of which the aging Scarab had recorded her life story It emerges at the end of Book 5 that Scarab is not buried in the tomb in Syria as we had thought all along but that her husband Khu had taken her body to her brother Shmenkhkare s hidden tomb in Egypt and secretly buried her there So the stage is set for Book 6 where archaeologist Dani apparently a descendant of Scarab s is going to wield the golden scarab she found in the Syrian excavation to assist her as she deals with unearthing her ancestor s body and story and fending off the efforts of a Saudi Arabian official who threatens the lives of the British archaeologists as well as the integrity of the history of Scarab If this sounds a bit far fetched it is to the credit of the storyteller Max Overton that it all goes down smoothly and delightfully as Scarab s marvelous resilience and resourceful character grow slowly from the little girl playing with a dung beetle in Book 1 into the ueen wielding the power of the gods of Egypt in Book 5 She restores Ma at the balance of justice and peace to her coun. Set in Egypt of the 14th century BCE and piecing together a mosaic of the reigns of the five Amarnanings threaded through by the memories of princess Beketaten Scarab a tapestry unfolds of the royal figures lost in the mists of antiuityScarab and her brother Smenkhkare are in exile in Nubia but are gathering an army. Scarab AUTHOR Max Overton