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Timately saved by its very adorable epilogue 4 stars for a fun and flirty read that delivered me the bundle of aughs I hardly flirty read that delivered me the bundle of aughs I hardly Book Stats GenreCategory RomanceNew Adult Steam Caliber Very steamy Romance Charming tension filled and flirty Characters Sexy sweet British hero Adorably hilarious heroine Plot Filled with humor and sexual tension Focused on a complicated relationship between a student and her theater professor Writing Fun fresh witty and engaging Great steam POV 1st Person Heroine Cliffhanger None Next Installment A secondary character spinoff So one day a book was writtenIt had a boy with a British accent mind youIt had a girlthey were in ove and have been girlThey were in The Nine Tailors (Lord Peter Wimsey, love AND have been VERY DIFFICULT SITUATIONS a tragedy reallyThey taught the world an important message through their problemsSo I am just hereikeThis book bored me to death but I didn t give up I stayed strong I am strong I WANTED TO LIKE ITDo I get points for that Here s the thingIt was waaaahaaaay to predictable Holy Moses man And I get that the cute and sweet books for the most part ARE predictable But uhh I knew what was goin to go down from the get go I mean it s about a twenty two year old virgin who really wants to ose her V Card so what does she doShe just goes to a bar with her friend to fi Yahoo another sexytime Yummy Is it just me I find goes to a bar with her friend to fi Yahoo another sexytime Yummy Is it just me I find guy on the cover undeniably hott Another man worth my time giggles The summary caught my attention Hope it didnt disappoint me Oh my couldn t stop thinking about the guy Drooling To anyone who is having trouble reading my review Just click see review instead of see MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW ALERT ALERT The first thing i need to do before reviewing this book Just be patient Okay Okay review time I gave this book 5 BIG INCREDIBLY SEXY STARSThis book is BUTTERFLYIN amazingincrediblewonderfulmagnificentimpressiveremarkable I m so happy that i found this book Losing it by Cora Carmack and it was a great book If you didn t read this book you totally miss something in your ife When i read the first few chapters it reminds me of the book name Slammed by Colleen Hoover But the story wasn t really the same This is my opinion so don t go It wasnt really that same or You are so WHATEVERHow i feel about the story view spoiler It is true this book is a fun read but Who Is Esau-Edom? lack of potential And it ends abruptly hide spoiler Probablyike 35 stars This was awkward as hell but really cute This is pretty much how I picture Bliss It wasn t until I d walked halfway across the parking Gutter Kisses and a Hug on Garbage Day lot that I realized 1 I wasn t wearing shoes A Or a shirt 2 I didn t bring my keys A Or anything really 3 I d justeft a complete stranger in my apartment A NakedWhoever said one night stands were supposed to be simple with no strings attached had clearly never met the disa. ün sınıfa giren yeni tiyatro öğretmeni ona çok tanıdık geliyordur Bliss tam sekiz saat önce onu yatakta bırakmıştır Yalnız Çıplak. Losing It

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I actually really My Name Is River liked Losing It It was a fun exciting and romantic read Read it in a few hours I absolutelyoved this book One of the few reads that have made me Crochet Pattern - Tutu Skirt for Onesie laugh outoud And the steamy scenes Yep They were hot But it was much than that My new favorite book of the year Thank you Ashley for recommending me this t it nice new favorite book of the year Thank you Ashley for recommending me this bookIsn t it nice a book surprises you in such a great wayI was ooking for a book that could get me out of that ugly mood I was in and boy this book did it Plus it was pretty short and I finished it in one sittingI related to Bliss in many ways And How She Reacted To Certain Things how she reacted to certain things I found myself nodding a ot while reading and the rhythm was easy and uick I really enjoyed Cora s effortless style I Running Your Best liked it aotLike I was saying I enjoyed Bliss a ot because despite she fell into some clich s and all of that she was someone strong and down to earth She s not the silly girl after a man although there was some of that but not too much which was such a relief Plus I think this is my first time reading about someone majoring in theater so I oved thatLong story short Bliss was nice normal and really funnyI Please Dont Tickle The Tiger liked reading what she was thinking about sex and how she saw things and all the things she got herself into she has such a young soul Iiked herNow MTIV let s talk about my favorite guy in this book GarrickThe first thing I have to say is damn I need fourike him Yes four because I m very gluttonous with no self control whatsoeverGarrick is very alluring So so so sexyMy biggest problem with these guys is that I can t find them in real ife And if they exist then they re very well hidden or already takenAnyways the thing is it was a relief when Garrick didn t turn out to be an asshole after he found Bliss in the classroom Sadly I m so used to reading guys being jerks after that sort of thing happens so I was waiting for it But it didn t so Thank you CoraAnd after he decided he wanted Bliss no matter what could happen he was constant and really great with her A confident man is a sexy man if you ask meWhat I didn t ike about the book is really a short Laurus list and on top of the tinyist is Kelsey Bliss best friendI m not judging they way she is or how she fools around but how she was so ready to open Bliss Silk and Steel legs in the bar for the first cute guy to show And Bliss never told her she didn t have sex with Garrick Not so best friendly Everytime Kelsey talked I wanted to close the book It doesn t matter if the person isn t waiting to marriage or if they didn t take a vow or somethingike that having sex should be their choice alone Stupid Kelsey And I get that Bliss was the one wanting to Het Reservaat Van Ward Ruyslinck lose her virginity but with a friendike Kelsey Ugh I d rather be called a prudeStupid KelseyOverall it was such a good book and I want. İLKLER ASLA UNUTULMAZÜniversitenin tek bakiresi olarak mezun olmak istemeyen Bliss hızlıca birini bulup bu işi çözmeye karar verir Mümkü. To read of Cora s books Si uieren eer esta rese a en espa ol pueden encontrarla au They say write the book you would want to read Well that s what I did I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it Update The print book releases in the US on 22613 And in the UK on 32813 I am conducting what I m shelving as a New Adult NA Experiment I m going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books New Adult NA Experiment I m going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems Here s hopingNo review is completely objective But there are two reasons I should warn you of why this review might be prone to even ess objectivity than usual1 I recently read a book about a teacherstudent relationship that was excellent Unteachable and it was hard not to compare the two2 I am BritishLet s start with the second Losing It clearly wasn t written for me I m not sure how much I would have Simply Irresistible (Girl Friends liked it anyway if the attraction of the book sove interest hadn t been built up around the sexiness of his accent and his ohmigosh so cute British mannerisms Like drinking tea Tea is awesome by the way and I need at Miracles in Unexpected Places least three cups to achieve a normalevel of brain functioning in the morning As much as I m sure there Stop Cats Stop Losing it had me pretty morning As much as I m sure there Stop Cats Stop Losing it had me pretty osing my mind through fits of Giggles Courtesy Of Bliss courtesy of Bliss her uirky inner dialogue I must admit that I headed into this book with some reservation due to the mixed reviews it had initially been receiving However I was pleasantly surprised to find that I very much enjoyed this book Bliss a character whom I won t ikely forget had a comical energy about her that snagged my attention immediately I Japji loved being inside her head and hearing her hilarious thinking processExamples Sure Was he trashing my place because I d run out andeft him there Suburban Governance like the biggest jerk this side of Kanye West at the 2009 VMA sRight about now I could dive into a pool of hydrochloric acid without even a pep talk As humorous as Bliss was the very hot and very British professor gave her a run for her money Garrick was sweet smart and oh so sexy The story kicks off to a fun start A twenty two year old virgin attempting toose her virginity for the sake of welllosing it She heads to the ocal bar the Stumble Inn where she meets Garrickand Voil operation ose virginty is a go Problem solved right Not uiteFinding out her new sex interest is her theater professor kind of dampens the plan I really adored the writing it was fun fresh and hilarious The sexual tension was piled on thick and I was pretty awed by this author s ability to vividly map out a steamy scene The only disappointment I had was I felt the ending was too uickly wrapped up in a neat and tidy bow It began inching its way towards the corny side but was ul. N olduğunca çabuk Tek gecelik bir ilişki Bliss o kişiyi bulur ancak gerçekten gülünç bir bahaneyle onu yatakta bırakarak kaçar Ertesi