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Larly Reaver and Killian and Reno and Greyson and Leo Oh lord and Perish Let s be clear on the fact that this book is savage stark and very brutal the way people are treated in general illed tortured raped etc It is in your face and not off page It is detailed Also the fact that the word rape is casually tossed around as a threat or fear can be problematic if not a trigger for a number of people "Please bear this in mind and it is reader beware This "bear this in mind and it is reader beware This is not

the faint of heart They use terms for people that are not PC but I blurred the lines with the greywastes when I went on in These are dark times with people living in a nasty post apocalyptic world where zombie esuewendigo like creatures and legionaries are wandering around the dismal grey landscape the greywaste They re ready to rip your face off and rip out your innards while you are alive sell you off to a factory where they use your body for meat by products or maybe as a cicaro whore The blocks or towns these people live in are harsh think Mad MaxEscape From New York and LA Do not read the spoiler if you have sexual triggers or are sensitiveview spoiler How do you like a main character who is sociopathic including duct taping a baby s mouth and thinking throwing it out the fourth floor window is only wrong because it will draw attention to his location when he is ordered to sniper someone Who is in love with the newest boy in Aras but won t talk to him and likes to follow him and sit outside his bedroom window in a tree Who holds the legs of legionaries while his best friend rapes them Perhaps I could rape them like they raped KillianI shut my eyes momentarily I Uncommon Wisdom knew I couldn t do that No way I could get hard I would have to settle at raping them with my combatnifeYesthat was a must the other main character who came from another town near the city and used to be na ve happy and sweet prior to coming to Aras his parents contracting trideath a communicable infection and being illed and eaten Who now cries a heck of a lot is needy and finds that manipulating his boyfriend works well Is also so anxietypanic attack driven that it doesn t take a works well Is also so anxietypanic attack driven that it doesn t take a to get him upset But he does some things that would make your hair stand on end Yet he can be so sweet and deeply and weirdly empathetic people who think nothing about burning their neighbours and family alive at the stake then gutting them stuffing them with vegetables sewing them back up and basting them for a town BB When one of the young sentries is mauled to death by ravers he is referred to as Mickey Burgers as they eat him And when part of a family is illed for having acuired trideaththey can say their goodbyes to their baby sister in a pie I realized now why they called him the Teufel the Scourge of. Tures in dog eared magazines Reaver is a greywaster living in a small block controlled by a distant ruler said to have started the Fallocaust He is a product of the savage world he was raised in and prides himself on being cold and cruel Then someone new to his. ,

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Fallocaust Fallocaust #1I ve been wanting to read this series for years but I ve always been scared because I Art knew it would be all consuming intense and the characters would be put through the wringerOne the one hand this was completely different from what I expected What I liked was the fact that this world is not filled with completely bad people like I thought it would be I mean everyone eats humans flesh I thought everyone would beilling everyone but that was not the case Most of these people actually had morals and while some definitely were of the sociopathpsychopath God Is in the Crowd kind they were not all bad 19 year old Reaver enjoysilling and torturing people and it seems he has no empathy whatsoever That is until he starts following Killian a shy blond 17 year old boy who feels very deeply and cries about every single thing When Killian gets Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard kidnapped Reaver snaps and does everything in his power to get Killian backI really loved how devoted Reaver and Killian were to each other Inow it is mentioned that this is not a romance but horror But still this felt like a romance Mostly because Reaver and Killian really love each other and would do anything to protect the other There is no cheating or anything of that sortAnd because the love these guys share I really want to see them happy But "of course lots of things happen to them And while I absolutely loved this book and was "course lots of things happen to them And while I absolutely loved this book and was the edge of my seat the entire time I think I m going to take a breakI just found out that the series isn t done yet so there is no HEA at the end of this very dark tunnelThis book deserves all the 5 stars I m giving but I do admit that I m uite exhausted now I would have read all the books back to back if I The Matriarchs (The Family knew there was something to look forward to anyind of HEA would be appreciated So I think I m going to have to wait until this series is finished It could be years but we ll seeJust now that yes this is a dark series but it s not without any romance and even thought it s not a conventional relationship I think these guys are made for each other I ll be honest I do not read books that are 900 pages I do not like dystopian books although I watch dystopian movies I do not like books with rape I don t like mans inhumanity to man Yet here I was reading freaking long arsed gruesome book about characters that are not warm Yet here I was reading this freaking arsed gruesome book about characters that are not warm fuzzy cannibalism rape constant drug use general inhumanity torture lies and manipulation form part of all the leading character s daily lives Everything I said I don t like I got into here Fallocaust absolutely sucked me in It shouldn t have It is not a perfect book It is too long the editing needed help and I was saying NO way too often I fought with parts of the book and the characters But I loved these mega flawed and fucked up people particu. Over two hundred and thirty years ago the Fallocaust happened illing almost everything that lived and creating what is now nown as the greywastes A dead wasteland where cannibalism is a necessity death your reality and life before the radiation nothing but pic. The Wastelands I realized than ever why people feared him Not only could he murder seven men without a trial or so much as a testimony he could get the entire block to light the torches to do ita psychotically manic mad scientist who makes abominations out of humans and animals a la Human CentipedeDr Moreau and that is the least of his issues It is detailed in the book lying uasi fathers who eep something so important and intrinsic from the son they raised who is a sociopath lying uasi fathers who No Biggy! keep something so important and intrinsic from the son they raised who is a sociopath it threatens his life and that of his lover and the town they are mayors ofa sick mind fuck of aing who is amoral and immortal and has manufactured the Fallocaust and this world for his own welfare and no one else s although he loves cats go figureThe list goes on and these are mild uotes hide spoiler UMMMMMMMM THA FUCK So I had no expectations going "into this A few friends were reading it and my pal Angela is "this A few friends were reading it and my pal Angela is huge fan so I decided to give it a try She gave me all the warnings and said it wasn t for everyone but I guess it must have been for me because I gobbled up over 800pgs in 2 daysSo gather around children while I give a glimpse into what is Crush It! known as The FallocaustSo its many years in the future and one man has destroyed the entire fucking world Like the earth is dead DEAD and people can survive barely But just like life is now you have the elite the rulers the ghetto rats the greywasters and indescribable monstrosity of people and animals it s fucking wild In the greywaste town of Aras we have Reaver the little psycho ass among his towns people He likes toill and he s a brat but then the brat starts to fall in love with a boy named Killian and the rest you can say is history not really history but a series of events so crazy and some gross that I couldn t stop readingFrom the beginning you can clearly tell that you are in for a ride a smooth or bumpy depends on the reader It was uite smooth for me Smooth Bitch real smoothTHE WARNINGS FirstCannibalismRapeTortureTorture with RapeUsing humans to make fois gras that is an experienceDrug Use next level type use2x Cannibalism like its a way of life in order to survive and thriveDon t take the warnings lightly Its not a passing thing that happens as I said most of these things are a way of life for both the rich and poorOverall I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed it The science parts are uestionable sometimes the writing can be terrible its overly long and would benefit from a overhaul but alasI FREAKING LOVED IT Fallocaust is not a book for everyone but it sure as hell turned out to be for me I m looking forward to the series fingers crossed it continues to captivate What I can rate and review my own book This is so much powerI liked it though the author is a bit of a nut. Town catches his eye someone different than everyone else Without Attracting Birds to Your Backyard knowing why he starts to silently stalk him unaware of where it will lead himAuthor's Note Fallocaust has now been edited by a professional editor The second edition is now live as of May 18th 201.

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