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Crocodile Smile

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Great illustrations in this Book Animal Poetry I Like The
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One Of animal poetry I like illustrationsand one of poemsI ve never eaten a princessI ve never eaten a princessJust the thought makes me sickSurely her crownWould get caught going downAnd all of that taffecta ickI ve never eaten a princessNot when there s plenty of goatWhat wi. 10 Songs of the Earth as the Animals See It Piece of Jungle A tufted eared marmoset tells about the animals including humans who call the jungle home Pretty Tree A young giant panda listens to the chop chop of an axe as the man destroying his bamboo thicket gets closer and closer I've Never Eaten a Pri. Th the frou frouAnd ticklish
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would stick my throatThere s a black cloud above meOh What A Terrible FateNo One Will Ever a terrible fateNo one will ever meAll cause of someone I never ateI ve never eaten a princess I know that wouldn t be ightBut fairy tales claim That I am to blamewhenever one dropsOut of sightI ve never Ncess A Komodo dragon bemoans the damage fairy tales have done to his eputation I Am Not A Hat An egret #Does Her Best To #her best to an admirer from using her feathers for a hat Take It Slow A wise old Galapagos tortoise endorses life in the slow lane Crocodile Smile A crocodile who's lost her mate lam. ,
Aten a princessOffer me one ll efuseAll skin and bonesWhy I d eat stonesthank swallow I ll Тарас Бульба refuseAll skin bonesWhy I d sooner stonesthank swallow Shinyed shoesI ve never eaten a princessThough you may think that s all a lieIf ever I meet one The kind you would eatIf you wanted to eat oneI ll look her ight straight in the eyeAnd probably break downAnd cry. Ents her inability to show her true feelings Being Extinct The skeleton of a triceratops shares a bit of firsthand experience Pad Pad Pad A tiger following her instincts stalks the cattle grazing in a field where jungle once stood I'm an Animal What are humans made of Let It Spin An anthem to the earth.

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