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Uncommon Wisdom rVery goodeadVery informative view and account of Ireland civil war and beyond Fascinating gentleman *I Would Love To Have * would love to have him It is uite emarkable that no one has written a full biography of Emmet Dalton until now and Mr Boyne is to be congratulated on having done so His most excellent book eflects his long held admiration for this Art relatively unsung Irish patriot and is written with the warmth andegard of one who has delighted in finding common ground with his subject they attended the same school Emmet Dalton by the way is not to be confused with the Emmett Dalton note different spelling who was a member of the notorious Dalton gang in 1890s America and who would become a Hollywood film star of the 1930sBorn in the USA but aised in Dublin from the age of two the Emmet Dalton who is the subject of this book enjoys a privileged and fairly idyllic childhood in the warm bosom of a prosperous devoutly Catholic and fervently nationalist family At sixteen he is unning illicit guns into Ballyhaunis in County Mayo and at seventeen he joins the Royal Dublin Fusiliers as A 2nd Lieutenant He 2nd Lieutenant He fierce fighting at the Somme and is awarded the Military Cross for his own bravery Like so many thousands of his fellow Irishmen he goes to fight *with the British against the Germans then later chooses to fight against the British for an *the British against the Germans then later chooses to fight against the British for an IrelandHis valuable military skills and experience are put to good use in training the Irish Volunteers and his ability to pass himself off as a British army officer enables him to mount an audacious if unsuccessful attempt to free senior IRA commander Sean MacEoin from Mountjoy Gaol using. This is the first ever biography of Emmet Dalton an American born Dubliner Home Ruler and later Republican whose extraordinary military career as a British officer IRA leader and General in the Free State army brought him from Flanders to Beal na Bláth A decorated hero of the Battle of the Somme he Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard returned from the war with theank of Captain and transferred his military expertise to the now ampant IRA serving as Director of Training and greatly impressing Michael Collins with his extraordinary daring and nerve Soon befriend.

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Style His account of the killing of Michael Collins I found unexpectedly moving Other writers accounts of the two month long treaty talks are often confused and conflicting and indeed Boyne s esearch was not able to establish for certain whether Dalton was physically present at the actual signing of the treaty which took place *in the early hours of the morning of Monday 6 December 1921 He does not mention that the signing *the early hours of the morning of Monday 6 December 1921 He does not mention that the signing took place at Heatherden Hall in Iver Buckinghamshire I mention this fact only because Heatherden Hall would in the following decade become Pinewood Film Studios and this is somewhat ironic in view of Dalton S SUBSEUENT CAREER IN THE FILM subseuent career in the film The Path Films newsreel of the event which wrongly states the signing took place at 10 Downing Street clearly shows the signatories and delegates emerging along with King George V onto the distinctively Balustraded Upper Terrace At Heatherden Hall The Amount Of Research upper terrace at Heatherden Hall The amount of esearch Boyne has invested in this uniue book is impressive Dalton was so well connected and so deeply involved in the heart of the independence movement that eaders will find a great many famous names of the Irish Revolution here including Ernie O Malley and Tom Barry The truth behind the umours of Collins love affairs is also explored Moreover the detail Boyne includes of Dalton s family and the book was written with the consent and collaboration of Dalton s daughter the film actress Audrey Dalton helps present Dalton the man as well as Dalton the legend This is a great ead for anyone interested in the period of Irish Independence and the Civil War and I cannot No Biggy! recommend it highly enough. Periences and the vitalole he played in the politics and wars that created the independent Irish state Dalton was the first Senate Clerk and he became a pioneer of the Irish film world founding Ard film studios and establishing the Irish Film industry An attractive and high achieving figure in Irish life in war and peace Dalton’s heroism allowed him to live his many lives to the full and this compelling biography does justice to a figure who will captivate all those interested in modern Irish history and the birth of the sta. ,

An armoured vehicle stolen from the British military His bravery and his commanding presence greatly impress Michael Collins and a strong bond uickly develops between the two men Soon Dalton becomes Collins close friend and Crush It! right hand man acting as his Director of Intelligence and is Chief Liaison Officer with the Irish delegation which sets off for London in October 1921 to enter discussions with the British over the Anglo Irish Treaty He takes the lead in the discussions on defence issues and thus hisole in establishing the Irish Free State is an undeniably pivotal one He will go on to establish Ireland s Defence ForcesEver loyal to Collins it is Dalton who leads the fight against the anti treaty forces in the ensuing Civil War directing the bombardment of the Four Courts and leading the sea borne invasion of Cork It is Major General Dalton who *is seated at the ight hand of michael *seated at the ight hand of Michael during the fateful journey through Bealnabath when the big fellow is shot and dies in Dalton s arms Dalton will never fully ecover from this tragedyBoyne continues to follow Dalton s career beyond his public life and charts his ise and his successes as a film maker Hooking up with such Hollywood magnates as Sam Goldwyn Dalton becomes the pioneer of Ireland s film industry establishing the country s first film studios at Ard in Bray County Wicklow and attracting a great array of stars to the country is the founding father of what emains today one of Europe s most successful film industries Boyne country He is the founding father of what emains today one of Europe s most successful film industries Boyne book is the culmination of a huge amount of most thorough esearch and although factual is written in a compelling and pleasing. Ing Collins and becoming his close confidante he accompanied him to the Treaty talks in London in 1921 and in the Civil War that followed Dalton oversaw the bombardment of the Four Courts personally manning an 18 pounder artillery gun He then masterminded and led the audacious seaborne landings and successful ecapture of Cork City and ‘Munster Republic’ from Anti Treaty forces but was ultimately traumatised when Collins died in his arms at Béal na Bláith In his expansive biography Sean Boyne vividly portrays Dalton’s ex. Emmet Dalton
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