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Ool to go fishing in the forbidden Omi Ala are severely whipped By Their Father Eme their Eme just when I felt extreme hatred for Eme there s comprehension not justification for the corporal beating What I want ou to be is a group of fishermen who will be fishers of good dreams who will not relent until they have caught the biggest catch I want ou to be juggernauts menacing and unstoppable fishermenNot the kind that fish at a filthy swamp like the Omi Ala but fishermen of the mind Go getters Children who will dip their hands into rivers seas oceans of this life and become successful doctors pilots professors lawyers Prophet of "DoomThe Boys Fates Were Already " boys fates were already at the forbidden Omi Ala river by an encounter with the town s madman because ou know every town has one Abulu a soothsayer said to be possessed by the demon robed from head to foot in filth As he rose spryly to stand some of the filth rose with himhis back was caked with a dripping mess from some dead mango in a state of putrefactionI observed that he carried on his body a variety of odours the most noticeable of which was a faecal smell that wafted at me like a drone of flies when I drew closer to him This smell I thought might have been a result of his going for long without cleaning his anus after excretion Abulu calls Ikenna by name and foretells his murder at the hand of one of his brothers evoking the biblical Cain and Abel fratricide The gravity of the prophecy and belief in superstition run through the brothers veins like an infection morbidly threatening its host because even in the hearts of a loving band of brothers harbor the germs of distrust deception jealousy rage and violence Which one of them could be the future killer of his own brother Realizing that Abulu is the cause of conflict between the brothers a gruesome revenge is planned tragically furthering the break down of the family mosaic To look into the future one would see nothing it was like peeping into a person s earholeHistorical contextThe author also masterfully uses the Nigerian tradition of storytelling as a literary subversive blanket for socio political criticism cautious not to overwhelm the central themes it is subtle et effective Obioma acknowledges that countries can take a wrong turn just as people can Nigeria was created from the ideas of madness deceit and false prophets who have caused disharmony and destruction to Africa allegories in the Fishermen of British intrusion that strongly resemble Chinua Achebe s acclaimed work Things Fall ApartThe African Trilogy 1 one could classify it as the latter s metaphoric grandchild When the British left in 1960 and Nigeria gained independence the people immediately saw their differencesthree major tribes with nothing in common cohabiting to form a nation and that they could not exist as a nation but it was too late I intend Abulu as a metaphor for this entity that infiltrates the lives of others creates chaos through mere words and causes suffering among the people while the family of four boys is a metaphor for the major tribes of Nigeria Chigozie ObiomaThe Agwu family story unravels between 1993 2003 putting them in the midst of the 1993 elections and its overturning by the junta MKO Abiola s imprisonment and execution the dictatorial rule of General Sani Abacha to finally civil governance Whereas a little historical background gives the novel grounding and realness its presence is not necessary to be blown away by the brilliant artful authorship of Chigozie Obioma Oh how I loved the end of this book It made my heart soarReally really well done debut novel that is worthy of the Man Booker shortlisting It is a family drama with overtones of a Greek tragedy The story is narrated by Ben both as a 10 ear old child and an adult man looking back Ben is the 4th son of a tightly knit Nigerian family that begins to unravel when the disciplinarian father takes a job at the Nigerian Central Bank in another city Without the father s watchful eyes on them the four oldest boys decide they are going to become fishermen For six weeks the brothers and their friends tramp down to the foul forbidden Omi Ala river to fish and catch tadpoles One fateful day at the river the brothers paths cross with Abulu the Prophet a local madman Abulu makes a prophecy that the oldest son Ikenna will be brutally killed by a fisherman which Ikenna interprets to be one of his own brothers With mythic overtones the family one by one becomes undone by the prophecyThere is richness and beauty in the details of this story the daily life and interactions of the family set against the political and social backdrop of Nigeria in the late 90 s Ben describes each member of his family as an animal often a bird and poetically describes how that family member embodies that animal s characteristics I had a hard time finishing this book it look me almost a week because I would become overwhelmed by dread as the prophecy wreaked its havoc on the family I feared what would happen next and to whom so I would have to put the book down and walk away Yes I am a wussLest ou avoid this book thinking it may be a downer ultimately it is uplifting and moving Do read it It s a worthy contender for the Man Booker I look forward to what is next from Mr Obioma. H' – Chigozie Obiomas 'Der dunkle Fluss' gehört mit Sicherheit dazu Ein wahrhaft großartiges Debüt Eleanor Catton Booker Preis 2013 Jeder Satz versetzt einem einen präzisen tief empfundenen Schlag Besser geht es nicht Diesen Namen muss man sich merken Alexandra Fuller Autorin von Unter afrikanischer Son. ,

Their family and a madman Abulu Right when ou think things get better and the craziness plateaus something pops up I feel like I knowknew Ikenna Boja Obembe and Ben their love and brotherhood are so dear to me I don t know why Chigozie Obioma wrote about these boys in such a tender way that had me ALLLLL in my feelings I felt alllll types of feelings reading this book every word counts Obioma s use of metaphors made this story too palpable References to Things Fall Apart in this book alongside other contemporary works and worldly happenings made this all the a satisfying read I m SUPER proud of this author and I wish him nothing but success This has been the best book I ve read all summer and maybe for this The World That Came in from the Cold year its a little too early though we re only in June I m still trying to digest some stuff from the bookI m just sitting here thinking about stuffPick this up ifou get the chance Please just Do It Official Review it Official review my book blog Oh Transportation! yeah definitely a must read This was good good Igbo village storytelling If anyone s work should be compared to Chinua Achebe it s this one But it s also got its own uniue voice There were times when it meandered a bit too much for my taste sometimes there were details that felt included in order to pull the voice away from the point of view of a tenear old these felt heavy handed and often out of place but these moments didn t keep me from continuing It s not a perfect novel there is no such thing as a perfect novel but it s a great first novel and it s the type of story that I love Plus I love a good tragedy Applause This review has been long overdue I read The Fishermen some time ago following a brilliant review by the African Book Addict before the Booker long list was announced and I jumped right into the novel with no inkling that it would fast become one of my favourite books of the Charming Ophelia yearWritten from the perspective ofounger brother Benjamin the novel follows the lives of four Nigerian brothers from a close knit family their prophetic encounter with a madman and the devastating effect that one moment can generate This notion of external forces wreaking havoc and destroying the great potential of the family is perhaps an allegory for Nigeria the resource rich nation whose own story could be very different were it not for the ravages of foreign colonialism and internal corruption But I digress Whilst there is indeed an undercurrent of political discontent in the story it is buried deep beneath a beautiful engaging and intimate portrayal of a family in crisis Obioma s Evocation Of The Minutiae Of of the minutiae of and the foibles of this family are understated Dandruff yet powerful compelling the reader to fully imbibe the story The language is simple terse and simultaneously emotive multifaceted and highly efficacious The narrative which switches between adult Benjamin and Benjamin as a child feels cathartic brimmed with animalistic and esoteric allusions that serve as innocent child like signifiers of the imminent tragedy This book is everything and that I want in a novel it left my head in that brilliant post good book head fog for about a week and my only complaint would be that Obioma doesn t have another novel for me to read With humble nods to the great Achebe throughout the book Obioma looks set to follow the success of his literary forefather with this brilliant debut And he certainly gets my vote for the Man Booker 45 stars The madman has entered our house with violence Defiling our sacred grounds Claiming the single truth of the universe Bending down our high priests with iron Ahes the children Who walked on our Forefathers graves Shall be stricken with madness They shall grow the fangs of the lizard They shall devour each other before our eyes And by ancient command It is forbidden to stop them poem by Mazisi Kunene the epigraph to The FishermenChigozie Obioma s talent as a powerful storyteller and gifted writer is evident from the very first pages He immediately and vividly evokes the legend behind a key character of the novel s plot the Omi Ala once a pure river a clean source of fish and drinking water and worshipped by the people of Akure like a god became besmirched by rumor condemned as evil by colonialists tooting Christianity then defiled tabooed and condemned as untouchable in 1995 when its waters became steeped in the blood soaked mystiue of a floating mutilated corpse The Fishermen set in Nigeria in the 1990 s when it was under the military rule of General Sani Abacha recounts the fall of the Agwu family Obioma skillfully mixes national unrest westernization and modernity to parallel the paths of his characters without turning the novel into a political diatribe Striking from the start Obioma s prose is hypnotic casting spells on the reader with the folklore of the land the myth and legends that contribute to the decline of the Agwus whose lives are ensnared by their customs and beliefs For Ikenna Boja Obembe and Benjamin the oungest brother of the four and the narrator this is no uplifting coming of age tale or revelatory retrospective contemplation The interwoven parables are hard lessons dark brutal mournful and tragic Crime and punishmentI had to take a breath as a paralyzing sense of pain was palpable when the boys caught for skipping sch. Ierendes Familiendrama und eine sprachmächtige Fabel über das Schicksal Nigerias Von Afrikas neuem großem Erzähler Knisternd vor Lebendigkeit beladen von Vergänglichkeit schwindelerregend sowohl im Stil als auch in der elementaren Kraft seiner Geschichte Nur wenige Romane verdienen das Prädikat 'mythisc. This novel was selected for my book club but I actually skipped the meeting since I didn t want to heap negativity on other people who may have liked it But here no one is stuck in a room with me so I ll let it rip The Fishermen takes place in Nigeria in the mid 90s It s the story of four brothers in a small village who sneak out to the river a place they are forbidden to go and fish One day a terrifying mentally ill man foretells that the oldest one will be killed by one of the others The madman is known for his prophecies which are always horribly grim The novels first half deals with the effect of the man s prediction it ruins the oldest brother and tears the family apart The second half chronicles a series of events that transform the brothers lives Sounds interesting right I thought so too and WAS EXCITED TO PICK UP THE FISHERMEN IT WON excited to pick up The Fishermen It won slew of awards including being shortlisted for the Booker Prize and most of the reviews on GRs were very positiveAfter finishing it though I feel like I read the wrong book Orioma clearly has talent There is a mythic uality to his writing and he does a great job capturing the relationships between the brothers as well as looking at the prediction itself view spoiler Is it a self fulfilling prophesy that only became inevitable when the madman spoke it hide spoiler The Fishermen tells the story of a family in ruins after a madman s prophesy drives one brother to be plagued with fear Obioma utilizes a lot of mythological and folkloric story telling techniues especially drawing on the natural world It reads much like a parable and I can t help but think that certain parts especially the title are direct biblical allusionsI ll admit I wasn t a big fan of the first half of this story It seems disjointed and focus Some books need to be read aloud so that the texture comes across in sound Chukwudi Iwuji did an excellent job of performing this book at times changing his intonations to suit the mood switching to Igbo or Yoruba accents paying attention to words and dialect and meaning in sound This was a joy to listen to on several three hour car journeys The past and present are beautifully intertwined in this story of brothers Told from the retrospect of one brother who has just spent a few ears as a minor in prison this is a story of boys who come of age in an economically disadvantaged town in Nigeria Their parents are determined to raise their four oldest sons to be professors lawyers or doctors when a strange tragedy befalls their family At the center of this tragedy is a mentally unstable man whose mental health is the result of traumatic brain injury from a car accident a man who has no help from his community and one who commits unspeakable crimes Wrapped into this terrifying cocoon are the hopes and dreams of boys the darkness of the spirit world the tears from a mother s heart and a father s lost ambition This story of 1990s Nigeria which parallels the political climate of the time is spellbinding and searing visceral and unforgettable This book has been on my reading list for a solid two I Did Not Kill My Husband years and I m thrilled I finally picked it up The Fishermen captures the complex dynamics of brotherhood at aoung age in a way that harbors both natural sentimentality and literary gravitas Narrated by Ben a nine ear old Nigerian boy with four brothers living in a rural town Obioma s novel is adeptly attuned to how enormous and wondrous everything seems during childhood but what makes The Fishermen truly remarkable is the author s ability to transform the most astounding events of outh into believable moments of personal growth familial pain and utter joy Aram Mrjoianfrom The Best Books We Read In June 2017 This book is astonishing When I decided to give The Fishermen a try I honestly didn t really expect to make it past the first few pages it s not the sort of plot I usually get excited about But then all of a sudden I was halfway through and could barely catch my breath There s just so much that s fascinating surprising and exhilarating about the book The narrator is an observant but not excessively precocious nine ear old The story follows the disintegration of a family in small city Nigeria The focus is on a group of brothers whose brutal "cleaving drives and haunts the plot The mood is both abstractly mythic and concretely physical The " drives and haunts the plot The mood is both abstractly mythic and concretely physical The is perfectly tuned lyrical in places and bracing in others The characters shifting multilingualism Igbo Yoruba English plays an intriguing role The narrative structure has the past float to the surface of the present then recede then reappear And the whole thing is much much than the sum of these parts Derek AttigFrom The Best Books We Read In February I loved this story from the start The first uarter of the novel had me chuckling and nodding my head in recognition at the family dynamics especially when it comes to strict Education Education parents Chigozie s imagery and metaphors are superb and something in the prose and unfolding of events gives the story a magical realism bent though everything is plausible Really the story is presented as a fable with nearly each chapter named after an animal and beg m just floored right now This is a dark haunting tragic heart wrenching BUT amazing story of 4 brothers and. Ein großer Roman über die Schönheit und Abgründe Afrikas Benjamin und seine Brüder leben in der Nähe eines gefährlichen Flusses Als ihr Vater die Familie verlassen muss verstoßen sie gegen sein Verbot sich dem Gewässer zu nähern Die Fische die sie dort fangen sind Vorboten einer Tragödie Ein faszin. ,

The Fishermen

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