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Submissive LoveVere to fit the crime Both seemed to agree on this life style Both seemed to understand that bondage and strapping and cane were a normal part of their relationship There are steamy explicit sexual scenes It is a good read but it is on the heavier sideof the Ds relationship WOW This is the story of Arik and Sulie and their worldwind love Everything in their relationship is extremely intense and moves very uickly Although Arik is a little over the top for me I can t describe this any other way than HOT I could feel myself right their with Sulie the entire time Carolyn Faulkner out did herself this time this was an erotic time Carolyn Faulkner out did herself this time this was an erotic from the very beginning Another one that I couldn t put down til the end I have read many titles from this author and was surprised by the way this book started The relationship between the main characters seemed almost abusive which was off putting for me but I powered through and finished the book As always Carolyn s work is well written and the story flowed wonderfully If you prefer your stories to have an alpha male who is demanding and controlling while somehow still hot this book is for youI was given an advanced copy of this book in return for a honest

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Another Carolyn hit While this book is shorter than what I am used to it made up for its short length with the steamy hot story she told within those pages Arik and Sulia share a uick courtship and then right into a marriage but that did not stop the momentum of this story From start to finish Arik was strong demanding and dominant He new he wanted Sulia and he would stop at nothing to get her Sulia on the other hand new she wanted Arik but was overwhelmed WITH THE SPEED IN WHICH THEIR RELATIONSHIP MOVED THE the speed in which their relationship moved The did a wonderful job of eeping the steamy hot sex scenes spankings a little harsh and love flowing throughout the story Overall I highly recommend reading this wonderful story of overwhelming love and passion Note I was given this book in exchange for an honest revie. Pulling a yes out of me in a very sneaky very sensual manner He's than a handful in many ways but then so am I As Alpha as he always is I always feel loved and protected even when my bottom's on the line Disclaimer Hot and romantic be advised this sexy love story contains spankings erotic sexual scenes and a Dominantsubmissive relationsh.

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Ly calculated Arik Devils Gate (NUMA Files, knows what he wants and no is not an answer he will take Sulia is a bit overwhelmed by his strong arm tactics and yet has an attraction to him like a moth to a flamenowing in the process she will get burnt but in a positive wayThe plot is an erotic journey of dominantsubmissive relationship and marriage The story starts out with an infraction in their marriage of nearly five years to a substantial punishment It then goes back to the beginning of their very short courtship and ends back to present day To some he may come across overpowering but in the reality of the it works "overpowering but in the reality of the story it works them The punishments are harsh and the sex is explosive Sulia You re Alpha You couldn t have gotten to where you ve gotten without being like that You have smarts and talent and confidence in yourself You re not afraid to lead people in fact you expect to lead Arik Alpha isattractive on a certain level but it also carries with it a certain degree of danger I have to admit that s never really been my deal This is a wonderful short story about a passionate love affair that begins uickly heats up uickly and continues through marriage Both Arik and Sulia are confident likable and determined and they enter into a wonderful relationship that is filled with spankings that are delivered in a warm and loving way I have read a number of Ms Faulkner s books and thought that this was one of the best This is one of the most romantic books I ve ever read Written in the first person in Sulie s voice it begins with a glimpse of her dd marriage with Arik She then flashbacks to the beginning of their relationship which was a whirlwind of I can t top Car 4 starsOk Ms Faulkner writes books that are a bit darker and harsher than the light slap and tickle ind ofbooks There is than the light slap and tickle ind ofbooks There is between Arik and Sulia But Arik is a hard task master that believes in DsHis wife is taken to task for simple things like lying binging not Rebelde Rendición (Saga Londres, keeping theitchen clean Some wouldsay that the punishments were a bit se. Made me feel as if I was the only woman on the planet for him he paid attention close attention – to me and he didn't hesitate to call me on what he considered to be bad behavior I'd never had anyone spank me before and perhaps I should have started out with someone who wasn't three times my size Before I new it he proposed marriage. ,

Overall I liked this story even though Arik s INTENSITY AND CONTROLLING BEHAVIOUR DID NOT SIT WELL WITH and controlling behaviour did not sit well with occasionally It was clear that he loved her but has control issues I received an ARC for an honest review First off let me say I LOVE Carolyn Faulkner Love her work Second I loved how this book jumped to different time frames to show you different pieces of their life "together I enjoyed how descriptive Carolyn is in every aspect of "I enjoyed how descriptive Carolyn is in every aspect of book So as to not spoil the story the two main characters are Arik and Sulia They as you may have guessed have a DS relationship Their Relationship Starts Out Hot relationship starts out hot only continues to burn brighter It s an easy read that you ll be sure to love WOW I love this author and when ever I see a new one I grab it and I ve never been disappointed This book was so erotic that I had to sit in front of the fan while reading it It s the story of a big strong alpha man who was a stud muffin and the heroine was a sweet somewhat shy woman who blushed easily As they explored their relationship the feelings and emotions were beautifully written The punishments were harsh and the aftercare sex was beautiful This was a fast paced wonderful read The book was given to me for an honest review and the thoughts and opinions are mine HE WAS MY DOM AND HE TOOK WHAT HE WANTED FROM MEI enjoyed this story of Arik and Sulia their meeting courtship and marriage Arik Southgate is a man who when he wants something he plans on having it and it is Sulia McEnroe Not only is he a large man but he also has sex appeal is bigger than life a well respected businessman and naturally dominant From his time in the military as an officer he expects and receives respect and control Sulia has come back home to their small town after divorcing She was an only child but doesn t expect things to be handed to her she works a job at a real estate office and lives back home with her parentsThe whirlwind relationship between Arik and Sulia is very controlled highly combustible and definite. I had nown of Arik Southgate for all my life it seemed But apparently he new much about me Wealthy easy on the eyes and overwhelmingly male and dominant Arik Southgate was everything I'd ever wanted in a man and surprisingly he seemed to want me too After my recent disastrous relationship it felt good to be an object of desire again He.

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