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Weapons of Mass Instruction A Schoolteacher's Journey through the Dark World of Compulsory SchoolingIf you always hated school growing up this book articulates why The urpose of compulsory school isn t to The Enormous Turnip prepare you to enter the real world and make a living doing what you love Theurpose is to teach you compliance and get in the habit of doing mind numbing tasks you don t enjoy for eight hours a day The The Spiritual Combat possibility that dumbeople don t exist in Sufficient Numbers To Warrant Many Careers Devoted To Tending numbers to warrant the many careers devoted to tending may seem incredible to you that is my The 32 Stops proposition mass dumbness first had to be imagined it isn t real If youut fleas in a shallow container they jump out But if you Swimming To Catalina (Stone Barrington, put a lid on the container for just a short time they hit the lid trying to escape and learn uickly not to jump so high They give up their uest for freedom After the lid is removed the fleas remain imprisoned by their own selfolicing So it is with life Most of us let our own fears or the impositions of others imprison us in a world of low expectations Massively disappointing I had been looking forward to reading this for ages ever since I heard a The Portable Virgin positive review This seems mostly like an abbreviated version of his The Underground History of American Education which I am currently reading I thought it served itsurpose effectively and agree with its conclusionsMy wife commented on the book s lack of formal foot or endnotes but the author describes his reasons for doing so calling out many references on the fly in the text and opining that the ideas are important than the specific location of facts anyone can check online This may or may not suit youMost The Donut Diaries of Dermot Milligan people would think it beyond radical to contemplate the idea of dismantling ourublic education system completely but I m also completely comfortable with the idea of completely dismantling many other taken for granted institutions so this work is righ I m extremely sympathetic to the homeschoolingunschooling movement It may be something my wife and I have an epic battle on when it s all said and done but I get it I see the inherent flaws in the current way we do schools and I don t want my future spawn to be a The God-Damned Nigga part of itJohn Taylor Gatto former teacher gets it as well As someone who was a teacher for 30 years heossibly gets it better than most and this book is his treatise against modern education and what needs to change about it If you re at all involvedinterestedknowledgeable about homeschoolingunschooling this is not a lot of new stuff but the vitriol and anger he has toward the system as well as the strong ideas he has in terms of fixing what is clearly a The Snow-walkers Son (The Snow Walker, problem is worth notingThe flaw in this book as written however is twofold One it spends much too much time on theroblem and not nearly enough on the solution Granted the solution is self evident in many ways but a erson who needs the roblem spelled out to them is going to need the solution as well Problematically however the solution is coming from someone who comes across as extremely radicalized with merit This is a message that needs to be heard disseminated implemented but I m not convinced this is necessarily the guy to do itIt s worth reading Either you ll hear what you recognize from someone with the experience to back it up or you ll be exposed to a new idea that might have never crossed your mind This should however result in being a starting Is Anybody Up? point not an endingoint I #almost gave this just 2 stars The author raises some good oints and I give him #gave this just 2 stars The author raises some good oints and I give him full third star for clueing me in to the idea that 12 13 years of compulsory schooling is not the best use of our time at least not the way we go about it However his arguments are anectdotal he meanders all over the Praying with Mother Teresa place and has a fewost hoc fallacies going never mind the borderline conspiricy theories John Taylor Gatto is one of those voices in the wilderness that we all really need to listen to An. “Gatto draws on thirty years in the classroom and many years of research as a school reformer He El corazón del tártaro puts forth his thesis with a rhetorical style that isassionate logical and laden with examples and illustrations” ForeWord Magazine“Weapons of Mass Instruction is Vox - Edizione Italiana probably his best yet Gatto’s storytelling skill shines as he relates tales of realeople who fled the school system and succeeded in spite of the Redemption (Dark Desires popular wisdom that insists on diplomas degrees and credentials If you are just beginning to suspect there may be aroblem with schooling as opposed to educating as Gatto would say then you’ll not likely find a better expose of the Betrayal: Infidelity, Book 1 problem than Weapons of Mass Instruction” Cathy Duffy ReviewsIn this book the noisy gadfly of US education takes up the uestion of damage done in the name of schooling Again he touches on many of the same uestions and finds the same answers  Gatto is a bold and compelling critic in a field defined byolitic statements and from. D one of the things that really sticks out to me is that he is a very gentle man just watch his interviews on youtubeI have both read this book in my early days of homeschooling and listened to it on audio I think the thing that really strikes me here is What Exactly is the role of ublic school in our society I won t get into my own homeschooling journey and search for answers to that uestion but I I won t get into my own homeschooling journey and search for answers to that uestion but I say Mr Gatto s work opened my eyes in a way they hadn t been opened before His understanding of children what they are actually capable of compared to how we treat them was almost enough to bring one to tears His struggles to create an educational environment for his upils border on heroic I will warn you John Taylor Gatto is a bit of a gateway drug into the darker underbelly of ublic school His books lead me to an almost horror filled fascination with this subject and answers to uestions I hadn t yet asked Even if you find Mr Gatto s claims a bit farther fetched than you are repared for it doesn t take long before you realize Mr Gatto was actually Higher Education painting things rosier than how they really stand If you have like me spent much of your life as a student and teacher in theublic schools 24 of the last 28 years John Taylor Gatto will make you angry and want to throw his book out the window His libertarian views on institutionalized Perennial Combinations public schooling are blunt and harsh Compulsory schooling is a weapon that destroys the joys of knowledge motivation to succeed creativity and family cohesion As I look out on my graduating seniors who have spent the last 13 years in a rat race of GPA SAT and college admissions I cannot help but agree with Gatto sremise These students are drained and some are a bit angry at the system that Happy Birthday, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle put them through the wringerAnd if we are honest with ourselves most of us would agree with Gatto soint that degrees do not make us smarter and successful Degrees are simply rites of The Day You Begin passageroving desire than knowledge consumption over synthesis To this I think Gatto makes his best argument for the deficiencies of compulsory schooling Schools do not make us smarter Unfortunately for someone so bent on changing the system he offers little information in what a transition from compulsory schooling to open sourced learning might look like and how society would benefit other than homeschooling or giving individuals the freedom to invent things for the rest of us to consume Gatto is good at hindsight bias like any skilled historian is However he is short on foresight which all leaders of revolutions are supposed to Led Zeppelin IV possess While it might seem heretical to recommend this book on teacher appreciation week yes it used to be a day of thanks but has beenerverted into a week long orgy but I cant hold back my own anger over all the time wasted by compulsory schooling While I don t want this to sound like a rant against teachers of whom there are many I am very fond of and have a great deal of respect for As Abaddons Gate (The Expanse, parents we need to critically examine the system in which our children are trapped in 6 hours a day 5 days a week 9 months a year for 12 years of their lives It is very complicated but it is a lot important than who wins American IdolIn 1995 a student teacher of 5th graders in Minneapolis wrote a letter to the editor of the Star Tribune complaining about radical Every homeschooler should read this work by John Taylor Gatto and in fact everyone who went through theublic schoolsystem or who has a child in the American Salvage public school system that is in the American sense not the British should read it tooIt is a darkly descriptive book telling why the school systems are the way they are and how they got that way I can summarise the basicremises in the book thusCompulsory schooling is a construct of a small number of Me and the Blondes (The Blondes, people with the following aims in mind a The firstages of this book he takes even unwilling readers along with him In Weapons of Mass Instruction he speaks movingly to readers' deepest desires for an education that taps their talents and frees frustrated ambitions It is a challenging and extraordinary book that is a must read for anyone navigating their way through the school system Ria Julien Winnipeg Free PressJohn Taylor Gatto’s Weapons of Mass Instruction focuses on mechanisms of familiar schooling that cripple imagination discourage critical thinking and create a false view of learning as a by Velvet Cataclysm product of rote memorization drills Gatto’s earlier book Dumbing Us Downut that now famous expression of the title into common use worldwide Weapons of Mass Instruction Mating Claire (Sea Island Wolves, promises to add another chilling metaphor to the brief against schoolingHere is a demonstration that the harm school inflicts is uite rational and deliberate following high levelolitical theories constructed by Plato Calvin Spinoza Fichte .

O instruct eople in WHAT to think b To Dementia Reimagined prolong childhood to make theeople easily manipulated c To Happy Parent, Happy Child prevent individual thought d To make money e To reduce theower of family by dividing and conuering f To Pepped Up (Pepper Jones, prevent overroduction which is an excess of inventions rapidly changing The Musicians Legal Companion products g To make it easier for corporations to convinceeople to buy their stuff Standardised tests have little to no correlation to knowledge or intelligenceUniversities teach very little that eople retain later and are tests have little to no correlation to knowledge or intelligenceUniversities teach very little that eople retain later and are on monetary concernsI am sure I missed some Taming the Tycoon parts and I certainly missed out the corroborating resources that Gatto uses to illustrate hisointsTruthfully told it was not Then Came You (Laws of Attraction, particularly surprising The information he gave was such that it explained to my husband and me that I had thought It showed us that a lot of the issues we see with modern schooling and theroducts of that system are deliberateBut rather than try to Explain It All I it all I you to read the book for yourself To digest the information for yourself and THEN make up your mind After all I am not trying to force MY ideas and beliefs upon you unlike the typical school system does I really enjoyed this book respect John Taylor Gatto and agree with most of what he s saying But a few things stopped me from giving Weapons of Mass Instruction 4 or even 5 stars Most importantly1 His overblown admiration of the colonial and early national eriod of American history Arguing that that eriod was a time of unparalleled Gloomsbury promise and opportunity is not only morally suspect in my opinion but also historically inaccurate Sure maybe if you weren t one of the one fifth of theopulation considered FOUR ARTHURIAN ROMANCES property a member of half theopulation who had vaginas and were therefore essentially The Benefactor property one of the millions of Native Americans slaughtered or dispossessed or one of the majority motleyroletariatpropertyless who fared no better in their newly independent democracy than they had under British rule sure then maybe you had access to an AWESOME education in early America The systematic injustices that Gatto argues the school system The Wallflower (Halle Pumas, perpetuates is not an aberration of the founding fathers vision it was a structuring component of it Period Thus I think this book could have been a lot stronger if it didn t repeatedly suggest that we need to return to the good ole days of early national America2 Structure As in this book had almost none I thought it started off strong but very uickly became a meandering rantunctuated by a few case studies of چشمهایش people who dropped out of school but are still successful Which is not to say it s not an entertaining rant but still This lack of cohesiveness undermines in my opinion his larger argument about theoint of schools 3 Related to Fast Times point 2 there were times where I wondered if Gatto had an editor for this book I know I know English is a dynamic language and blah blah blah blah it s lame to get hung up on grammar blah blah blah I say this as someone who taught English in college and really hated when my colleagues emphasized traditional and virtually useless grammar instruction at the expense of nurturing critical thought But some of the grammar mistakes in this text were DISTRACTING Paired with the structure I sometimes I felt like I was just intuiting Gatto s unedited thoughts straight from his brainWhich is again not to say that they re not very important and interesting unedited thoughts I just thought this book lost a lot of steam as it moved forward and could have been a lot stronger 4 I think the idea that schools should be turned over to the free market the same free market that appears to be at the root of all the otherroblems Gatto bemoans REPREHENSIBLE Nuff saidI would recommend Dumbing Us Down although it shares some of these The Story of My Teeth problemsarticularly 1 before recommending this on. Arwin Wundt and others which contend the term “education” is meaningless because humanity is strictly limited by necessities of biology Harmony in Context Workbook/Anthology psychology and theology The real function ofedagogy is to render the common opulation manageableRealizing that goal demands that the young be conditioned to rely upon experts remain divided from natural alliances and accept disconnections from the experiences that create self reliance and independenceEscaping this trap reuires a different way of growing up one Gatto calls “open source learning” In chapters such as “A Letter to Kristina my Granddaughter”; “Fat Stanley”; and “WalkaboutLondon” this different reality is illustratedJohn Taylor Gatto taught for thirty years in ublic schools before resigning from school teaching in the op ed ages of The Wall Street Journal during the year he was named New York State’s official Teacher of the Year Since then he has traveled three million miles lecturing on school refor. ,