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La véritable histoire de Lady L.He ibrary was willing to share it with me I felt really cheated by this I To Those Who Have Gone Home Tired liked Brick Lane and In the Kitchen was OK so respecting Ali as a competent and imaginaition writer when I started reading I hoped that the one dimensional cliched characters were going to suddenly reveal depth and interest and that this hackneyed vision of small Americanife was just ironic an arrow pointing to something deeperbut they didn t and it wasn t It really was silly and stereotyped right to the unbelievable end Some reviewers speculated if this was Ali wasn t It really was silly and stereotyped right to the unbelievable end Some reviewers speculated if this was Ali to break into the American market or appealing for controversy Whatever It was boring and in my opinion an insult to the reader s intelligence What a bizarre project for an established writer to tackle I skimmed it out of curiosityYeah it s a total train wreck Like Desperate Housewives meets TMZ Yikes Someone should have gently suggested to Ali that having gotten it out of her system she should just chalk it gotten it out of her system she should just chalk it to a creative writing exercise and toss the manuscript in a cupboard A deep deep dark cupboard 45 starsWhat if Princess Diana is alive What if she fakedstaged her own death because she was overwhelmed with her Dichtungen, Vol. 2 life and couldn t take it any What if than a decadeater someone found herI was delighted with this book I ve always been somehow fascinated with Lady Di and I ve sometimes wondered What if Recommended I thought this was a oad of rubbish and I rarely if ever say that about if Recommended I thought this was a oad of rubbish and I rarely if ever say that about book I have invested time in I read this to the end only to see if it had any redeeming features and I have to say that it does not not for me anywayThe idea for the book is good but even serious issues such as eating disorders and self harm were treated in a flippant and superficial manner The dialogue was boring I could not get a sense of any character or of the place in which it was set Men and women were treated stereotypically and the author took great Der Maler Munch liberties with theives of the Diana Charles and her sons I know a Neptunes Daughter (The Atalantium Trilogy, lot of this knowledge is in the public domain but why notet the woman rest in peace and Die Mystikerin leave her family aloneI was very disappointed as I had thoroughly enjoyed Brick Lane What has happened this author Monica Ali is a brave brave writer It s difficult to write about famous people no matter what time theyived in It s even difficult to write about someone as famous and contemporary as Princess Diana This woman was once the most photographed woman in the world Millions watched both her wedding and her funeral There s been countless non fiction books written about her We all know a ot about herAli s premise of what would happen if Princess Diana were to fake her death and come to ive in America is out there to say the very east I read a ot of books where you need that all important suspension of disbelief in order to buy in to the book I just couldn t uite get there I don t know if it was because I ve read so much non fiction about Princess Diana s ife and unfortunate death that I was too close to the subject to believe or what Although that being said I have to imagine that this book would really only appeal to Princess Diana fans in the first place wh. N époux de a rigueur du protocole et de Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften la traue incessante des paparazzi elle avait choisi'anonymat d'une petite ville américaine Dix ans plus tard The Defense (Eddie Flynn le secret de Lady L ne tient plus u'à un fil un journaliste est tout près dea vérité Déterminée à préserver Hai nhà les siens d'un nouveau scandale et à protéger ce u'elle a mis tant de temps à reconstruire Lady L n'est pas prête à se rendre De proiea princesse pourrait bien devenir chasseur. E he thought she was hot and in spite of her ong dark hair pumped up Falling Through Clouds lips and new nose he s able to recognize her eyes and from there It s on As if The worst part is that the author set up a perfectly plausible way for someone to discover Diana but justeft it twisting in the wind There was a third character Lawrence who was Diana s former private secretary He is the one who helped her fake her death amd start her new The Art of Acquiring life This guy was dying and wsa keeping a private journal all about her newife and how they went through the process of faking her death the plastic surgery her new ife in the States etc Lawrence also had a brain tumor So all the author had to do was make it happen that Lawrence dies before he can destroy the journal as he kept saying he needed to do someone discovers it hands it over to a journalist who was very familiar with Diana from covering her in the past and voila Much plausible Not sure why the author set up this whole scenario and then never used it Anyway aside from all of this there were a ot of totally flat characters all of Lydia s new friends whom I couldn t Tell Apart At All apart at all a bunch of generic soccer moms a boyfriend who was just a prop the sleazy photographer and Diana herself who really never even came to ife is that a pun I m not sure All in all not a book I recommend Jar of Death Pick 33This book has such a great premise What if Princess Diana faked her death and moved to a small town in America And what if a former English paparazzo stumbled across her That sounds super cool I was excited to read this I thought it would #be imaginative and suspenseful but it wasn t #imaginative and suspenseful but it wasn t was super slow paced and boring Nothing happens in this book We don t earn why she faked her death We don t Mr. Fix-It learn anything really about herife in America We don t The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers learn anything at all I don t understand what the purpose of this book was other than to bore people to death Don t read this book just take a Benadryl instead I have no idea what I thought this was when I started reading it Obviously I knew when I reuested it from theibrary but that was a Nazo no Kanojo X, Vol. 1 long time ago and I d forgotten So it was aittle surprising to find that it was an imagined retelling of Princess Diana s story if she d not really died and had instead faked her own death and escaped to America not a spoilerAnd I have to say that I Tarikh Se Kuch Nahin Sikha loved the idea of it but the execution was a bit weak Or maybe it was just that this was badly edited I mean Iiked it for the most part and read it cover to cover in a day but it wasn t really very well done and I had to sit and wait for my husband multiple times today so it s not چهار تیاتر like I didn t have the time to read itInteresting Absolutely Great idea Most definitely Execution Not so great Perhaps with a better editor but really there just could have been all the way aroundAnd really the spelling numskull even though approved of by dictionarycom made me crazyAlso I honestly have no idea what happened at the end And I don t care enough to re read theast few pages and figure it out So while it was interesting and a uick read and good for a beach or back deck that s about all it is And I m thankful Envoûtant au charme particulier un What if novel ui réinvente August Farewell le destin d'une icône royale d'uneady anglaise inoubliable 31 août 1997 Burung-burung di Sumatera, Jawa, Bali dan Kalimantan la disparition tragiue dea princesse de Galles plonge Civil Disobedience le Royaume Uni danse désespoir ue s'est il passé u'est ce ui a conduit à cette tragédie Et si Et si Craving Our Virgin (Our Virgin leurady n'était pas morte Et si Through the Glass Window Shines the Sun la princesse avait choisi de tout uitter de mauiller sa mort et de renaître ailleurs Et siasse des tromperies de so. While I cannot call novel completely unreadable I cannot recommend it It has received reviews that range from ukewarm to mediocre which should have dissuaded me However the topic drew me and probably thousand of other 40 something year old women Lydia is Princes While the premise of the story intrigued me I found the story very weak I ve always been a bit of a royalty buff mostly due to the fact that I grew up with my mom a royalty buff particularly the British Royal Family So when I heard of this book I wanted to read it The idea of an alternate story for Diana That instead of her untimely death she faked her own death and tried to Kao Kao Donna Kao live a normalife with a new identity I even enjoyed the fact that the story was told from multiple points of view But it still comes down to the fact that the story was weak There was a buildup and then it seemed to fizz out instead of a big crescendo finish This story could have went many ways but it comes down to one of the paps that used to photograph her in her former How Many Socks Make a Pair? life randomly showing up in the same town as her and realizing its her from justooking in her eyes and him deciding to make the move to announce to the world that she faked her death and changed her Brakskiten - En midsommarnattsdröm looks surgically to hide from the world While this all sounds good I found Ali s story to drag The pace of the entire book was off And you simply can t place your finger on it At first I worried that I simplyet my hopes get too high for the book So while the book had the potential to be a great read it was rather flat and hard to finish This book was disappointing I m a huge Diana fan and always very interested in royal history through the ages so this book intrigued me when I saw it at the Beyond Gridlock? library What if Diana hadn t died in the tunnel but faked her death a few monthsater so she could escape her The Seventh Daughter (Faerie Path, life That s the uestion this book asks Aside from the fact that I don t think Diana wouldeave her sons no matter how bad things got and from what I understand from reading reputable biographies of her her ife was actually on an upswing when she died I was willing to suspend my disbelief for the book My problem with the book was where the author chose to take this idea The story revolves around a paparazzo who stumbles upon Diana in her new ife and wants to out her The Diana character Lydia in her new ife realizes he is on to her and it turns into a uestion of how will she or can she remain undiscovered by the world at arge I guess that premise is fine I mean after the novelty of Who Is She Now What Is Her Life Like A is she now what is her One Lord, One Faith, One Cornbread lifeike a of discovery is the next The End logical step I suppose However the way this guy found her was so ridiculously impossible He was a British photographer in the States working on a book for the 10th anniversary of Diana s death when he happened toook at a map and see that there was a town called Kensington in the general part of the country he happened to be in so he decided to go there to work on his book And guess what That s where Diana was Strategic Decision Making living incognito Because Kensington of course was the palace sheived in And of course he happens to bump into her and take a pic of her becaus. Ne vous fiez pas aux apparences Lady L n'est pas celle ue vous croyez La femme sans histoire de cette petite ville américaine cache bien des secrets Ceux d'une princesse anglaise disparue uelues années plus tôt morte aux yeux du monde et bien décidée à Persian of Iran Today, Volume 1 le rester Aprèse succès de Sept mers et treize rivières et de En cuisine Monica Ali ressuscite Diana Moms Day Off le temps d'un roman plein de mystère de suspense et de charmeNimbé de mystère un roman.