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Antha dihajar cowo kaya begini kehidupan mereka terlalu biasa saja dengan kehidupan cinta Lies yng tidak mulus selalu putus dengan cowo2 nya di saat sia pacaran mereka yg tidak lamasehingga suatu saat Alex medapat warisan sebuah hotel dari bibi Nancy bibi sang mantan Suami Maz mereka harus mengelola hotel tersebut sampai akhir musim panas dan oleh karena itu mereka pindah ke Conrwall ntuk dapat mengurus dan menpati rumah baru mereka disanalah mereka bertemu oran. But only after running it for a season first With only their tiny flat and not so salubrious view of Hackney central to lose the girls decide to pack Up And Head Down South After All and head down south After all hard can it be to run a small hotel And who knows who else they might meet down ther. T have another book that I was supposed to read It Took Me So Long To Read It Though I took me so long to read it though I I wasn t just that excited for it But over all still a great book Lies dan Marlyn disingkat aja ya nama nya abis susah ditulisnyawkwkwkadalah kakak beradik yang solid semenjak kematian orang tua nya mereka tinggal bersama di apartemen Lies yg sempit bersama anak Maz panggilan kakaknya yg bernama Alex Maz ditinggal kabur oleh suaminya Nick ntuk seorang wanita bernama Sam. Lex has inherited a hotel in Cornwall from his father's dotty great aunt With its stunning sea views and Victorian Gothic castle appeal it's a property the developers are ready to pay big money for However the will has one condition They can sell the hotel if they wish. Menarik Kalau wanita bersatu memang semua masalah selesai At first glance This Could Be Taken As could be taken as light hearted romance that s part of it funny sad and with well written characters lots of side plots going on really enjoyed it It was a fun book I don t Being Vegan uite remember it But I think it site enjoyable This is a great fun and easy beach book Although I m not a big fan of chick lit books I decided to read this one just to hold me over while I still don. Liesel yes her mother loved The Sound of Music and her big sister Marilyn have always relied on each other And when Marilyn's husband runs off leaving her broke with a distraught five year old she needs all the help she can get But then the sisters discover that little

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