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T properly tied up But it is definitely a lot of fun to read this novel that as plenty of tempo and offers excellent entertainment during the biggest part of to read this novel that Blood Runs Green has plenty of tempo and offers excellent entertainment during the part of book Some critics comparedim with John Irving or TC Boyle That s aiming a little bit too Charting an Empire high but Popov is definitely a very talented author It will be interesting to read fromimAnd by the way after I read this book I am glad that I didn t aim for a career in the diplomatic service Really funny unusual I liked it a lot Took me a little while to really start enjoying this but "i did and it was laugh out loud "did and it was laugh out loud in a couple of places with a great ending I was disappointed with this book Despite being a satirehumour I really didn t find it very funny at all and I found myself bored with all the characters in t It is a fun book easy to readfor me it took 2 days and it leaves the right impression about the Bulgarian realityand culture uite interesting compared to the contemporary literature in Bulgaria it s worth reading A very interesting and deliciously self deprecating modern story about Bulgarian society A little bittersweet but overall one of the few good Bulgarian books published in the last decadeIf you Colored Property haven t livedere for atleast an year you probably won t fully understand the Desire and Truth humour Its ok It does not come together at the end It couldave gone on for another 200 pages and I would not The Exiles Gallery have minded The book follows the attempts of Varadin the new Bulgarian ambassador andis attempts to put on a igh class charity event for is benefactor Unfortunately Childerley his underlings and associates allave their own motivations and schemes that uickly get in the way be these unsafe pyrotechnics or microchipped ducks The Cultural Excursions humour is incredibly accessible to a British readership yet different parts are still deliciously Bulgarian There is a lot going on in different places and the characters are captured well as is the general atmosphere of non responsibility and self serving one would expect to find in the diplomatic service However consideringow much work was put into the different characters and their arcs a bigger and cohesive payoff was probably reuired and the Katya story became non coherent and unnecessary rather uickly I finished reading this book within two days and ad to laugh out loud while reading it The absurd story and the bizarre characters are just fun to read about. Ion and for a new image of both the elite and the ordinary citizen It looks at ow ordinary people from Eastern Europe are trying to adapt to the West and be part of a greater Europe a process which involves the disruption of many illusionsOn the other side it is about perceptions the West as about itself and about Eastern Europe Alek wants to invert the balance in which it was traditionally the West that imagined or colonised other cultures by writing about them from a Western standpoint This book is also an attempt to colonise the West through the view of the Eastern European ord. T of Bulgarian diplomacy The cook a crucial person in each embassy as it seems is not only caught in dubious business deals with a failed actor and is even doubtful associate of probably Siberian origin Cultural Aesthetics heas also a true Xanthippe as a wife and even worse Class and Conformity he obviouslyad never access to the treatise On the Descartes and His Contemporaries hierarchy of the diameter a never published dissertation which makes its rounds secretly in diplomatic circles because it explains the difficult art to make sandwiches of the right size as the Ambassador learns from a guest atis first reception We will never know for sure if this guest was poking fun or if High Tide at Midnight he is dead seriousAlso the other embassy staff is uite remarkable the technical staff is spinning intrigues against the diplomats and vice versa an important speech is almost lost due to the incompetence of a stagiaire the embassy building is used as a kind of cheapotel by Bulgarian guests such as the mayor of Provadia and even by fired former embassy staff that rejects to leave this cozy and cheap place But the worst are the phone calls that the Ambassador receives from Bulgaria from a certain person that was instrumental in Education and Equality his being posted to this attractive location this individuum is obsessed toave an opportunity to meet the ueen in person and reminds poor Varadin very urgently to pay back is favor Fortunately

the ambassador there also a things that seem to make is stay in London at least partly pleasant there is Katya the attractive student that is cleaning Dangerous Work his office and who as it turns outas also many other talents and there is also this nice MP a true friend of Bulgaria who gets im acuainted with a seemingly very discreet and efficient PR "Agency That Can Resolve His Major Problem "that can resolve is major problem the ueenIt would spoil the fun of reading this novel which is full of surprising developments funny situations and satirical moments if I would say about the plot Alek Popov knows ow to develop a story and ow to keep Forgery, Replica, Fiction his reader s attention This is the kind of story that asks on every page to be turned into a movie and indeed Mission London was successfully adapted into a film by Dimitar Mitovski which was a box officeit in Bulgaria in 2010 outperforming even Avatar In the second alf of the book Popov is doing a little bit too much some developments are too forced and exaggerated for my taste and one of two loose ends are no. Rial started accumulating and I felt I must write something about it There was too much precious material to be lost It's the small details that I like they are completely realAs for the characters Some of the main characters ave something to do with real people but in the end it turned out that they evolved into archetypes of characters from the Transition The Transition the time after the fall of Communism was a period of change from the old Socialist ways to democracy This brought with it struggles for a new identityThe main strands of the plot chart the struggle for representat. ,

I am getting a bit softer with the ratings I think In fact I am not completely sure whether to give Mission London 3 or 4 stars but since it is one of the few contemporary novels I read recently that was actually decently written ok plus it s Bulgarian I thought it should get 4 from meMission London is a short ish book set in present day London with the story taking place in or around the Bulgarian embassy in the UK It is a umorous novel about the inner struggles and often uite petty ambitions Of Employees Of The employees of the The back cover of the edition I read ad an excerpt from a "review of the book which says It is very tempting to compare Alek "of the book which says It is very tempting to compare Alek s self irony and piercing satire tempting to compare Alek s self irony and piercing satire those of classical Bulgarian author and Popov s namesake Aleko Konstantinov I Escape have to admit I felt similarly while reading the book one can telp but make associations with Bai Ganyo as one reads about the skirmishes and schemings of the Bulgarians at the UK embassy It is perhaps all too superficial of me to take issue with precisely this underlying theme of the novel I know and understand some of the issues and fears that the characters in Mission London face but knowing also The Empty Chair how different and complex emotions can be for a person in a foreign environment I can telp but think that Popov presents things a bit one sidedly This of course could be Popov s choice for very good reasons and taking a nuanced look would not perhaps ave elped drive the book s point across as convincingly but the fact is I feel as if Popov relied a bit too much on formulaic set ups Nevertheless the writing is unobtrusive and even I would say elegant the plot is uite absorbing despite the Lit handful of far fetched moments especially but not only towards the end and I would notesitate to recommend the book to a Bulgarian and Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 hell even non Bulgarian friend Being convinced that it is indeed very difficult to write goodumor books especially on contemporary topics without sounding too Keeper of the Doves hipster y vulgar or over political I say Alek Popov did a pretty good job Hope to see Bulgarian books of this andigher uality soon Varadin Dimitrov the new Bulgarian ambassador in London should Heat Wave (Nikki Heat, have announcedis arrival at Not Quite Cold (Lowcountry Mysteries, his duty station earlier Bute prefers to catch Collision of Wills his embassy staff by surprise and much tois dismay Ravensbrück he realizes that a lot of things are not going too well in this important outpos. Alek Popov is a leading figure on Bulgaria's contemporary literature scene Having written numerous award winning short stories and scripts whichave been translated into over a dozen languages Mission London is Lambrusco his first novel In a style something like Pulp Fiction it tackles the behaviour of Bulgaria's new elite on the eve of accessionThe action is set in an Eastern European embassy in London Alekimself worked in the Bulgarian embassy in London in 1997 98 The background of the book is very real for this reason I wasn't intending to write this book actually but over time the mate. Мисия Лондон

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