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Stay oT were notable One near beginning andne near the end Were Honestly Longer Than honestly longer than needed be just like this part Laws of Ascension Companion of the reviewRegardless I really did appreciate the little details the footnotes the thoughts from the narrator It all meshed rather well for me Though that might be due to the vigilance I have when reading a book like this See I don t read a lot Or much at all I don t find bestsellersr classics all that interesting because they established the cliches I ve been bombarded with since birth So when a hook includes something atypical f the genre a scared and lonely tiny fuzz "Monster A The Straggler S "a The Straggler s is a decent first effort by a new author with likeable characters and interesting worldbuilding but is a little too long for its wn good and likes to go No Mans Daughter offn a tangent to elaborate Melody on Loan on the worldbuildingThe Straggler s Mask follows an unlikely hero the bugbear Peal who gets swept up by things that are bigger than him and finds himself dealing with a whole lotf things he d rather not deal with As a protagonist he s a sympathetic little critter who s fun to read about and he meets several just as colorful companions during the course The Toll-Gate of the story The characters arene f the best parts f the book as they all have their wn uniue personality and uirks There wasn t a single character in the book whom I found unlikeableThe worldbuilding in Straggler s Mask is great too It clearly draws its influences from classic sword and sorcery Moorcock CA Smith et al than from Tolkienesue fantasy The world is interesting and weird fantasy in the truest sense f the word And boy does the worldbuilding go into detail Landscapes creatures even the astronomy f the world is described A lot f effort went into the worldbuilding and it Good Thinking offers up a lotf imaginative and exotic vistas which are a joy to imagineBut the worldbuilding also leads us to the bad part Death in Mumbai of the book which is itsften plodding pace and the tendency Baccarat : La lgende du cristal of the author to goff O Colégio de Todos os Segredos on tangents There is even theccasional footnote and March Violets (Bernie Gunther, once there is even a footnote within a footnote which serves to either explain a thing mentioned in the textr to interject a witty remark The story takes a while to pick up and the pacing sometimes slows down to Zoete tranen offer the reader a deeper glimpse into the wonderfully built world Due to this the book ends up being a little longer than it probably should be There s plentyf adventure in it but it s not exactly fast paced and might have benefitted from being cut down a littleOverall it s a good debut title by a promising new author who knows how to develop a fascinating world and how to tell a good story Water Music once he finally gets down to actually letting it unfold amid all the worldbuildingGive it a read if you like imaginative non generic fantasy excellent worldbuilding likeable charactersn high stakes adventuresGive it a skip if you re Revived overly bothered by slow pacing the story goingff Student Research Projects in Calculus on tangents thatften turn ut to be irrelevant to the main plotNote I designed the interior layout f this book and was paid for it by the author This is an unbiased review based Love for Imperfect Things on mywn reading experience after I had already been paid for my service If someone asked me to sum this book up in a single sentence I would probably call it an interesting blend f fable classic fantasy and sword and sorcery The SS influence is most noticeable which is not that strange considering that Michael Moorcock creator f Elric f Melnibon is cited as a major influence The influence however is taken slightly to far the book would probably have benefited from slightly fewer and slightly developed adventures The same goes for characters while many are well developed some f the main party never leave the background and their presence bring nothing to the story The whole thing also gets a little confusing there is a myriad Language and Linguistics of named cities and nations and a whole cosmos to boot and the map at the beginningnly cover a few Divertimento of them For a self published and presumably mostly self edited bookf this length there s not that many mistakes There s some grammarspelling mistakes a passage in the middle where east and west seem to have been confused and some Love Is a Fairy Tale other minor things but never in a uantity that hurt the book The writing while sometimes a little uneven is generally enjoyable and the language is good and in defiancef its SS influences Promise at Dawn only use the word cyclopean like 3 times insteadf every fifth sentence uite tastefulI wonder whatever happened to view spoilerRime and Sir Voclain hide spoiler I discovered this book thanks to a friend who sent me the free digital version Even if the book remains very inspired by the great classics f the genre and especially Michael Moorcock it is appreciable to see that the author did not stop to reuse the clich s f the medieval fantastic universe th. The name the mask and all the responsibilities Bangkok Wakes to Rain of this dead human tell him to forget all his personal affairs like ritesf passage The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery or that girl he fancied and push himut there to see whether he might actually be worth something You wouldn't bet Darkmere on that and neither would he He uivers just thinking about the uest he's been putn How is he

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At Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? one see softenThe strengths f the book are Certainly The Characters I Particularly Like The Relationship Between Ivar the characters I particularly like the relationship between Ivar great prince a little naive and the usurper that is the hero and the universe that we like to discover ver the chapters It is regrettable however that some passages are a little slower and dispensable than Scraps Of The Untainted Sky others and especially the lengthf the book it would probably be easy to make two see three volumesAnyway I warmly recommend this book to those who want to spend a good time discovering a strange world populated by races as bizarre as they are diverse and who will not be frightened by the imposing volume The Eric Carle Gift Set of the book Now I usually never look at how long a book is If it s good it doesn t matter how long because you never want it to end This book though it s loooong and it sometimes seems to dragThis book plays with the conceptf a masked hero who either trains someone new to take Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century on his identityr undergoes some tragedy where a unlucky fellow suddenly finds him Fashion Design Course or herself takingn the masked identity But in this particular story the main character is not human He s a bugbear If you ve never heard f bug bears beforewell neither have I I googled imaged bugbears to give myself a visual andI was kind f disappointed From the name I think I imagined a miniature fluffy bear Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga or something cute butur hero isn t meant to be cute and this isn t meant to be a cutesy story I had a couple Cincinnati and Other Plays of issues with trying to finish this book 1 There seemed to be miscellaneous content that I really didn t care for For instance some paragraphs have footnotes I have always found footnotes distracting from the flowf a story and these are no different You could probably read this whole book while ignoring the footnotes and you wouldn t miss much 2 Now I think it s great when authors create their Speak Out! own magical world that you can get sucked into Harry Potter is amazing because a partf us wish we could attend the mystical school I Like You the Best of Hogwarts However in this book the author seems to get lost in the detailsf creating his The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles own world They are details that add nothing substantial to the book and it gets confusing There s a whole solar system with different planetsmoonswhatever are created with theirwn names I had to re read different passages In the end I just gave up The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico on trying to understand it all The last thing I want to do when sitting down to enjoy a book is to have to sit down and take notes to map the whole bookut 3 So many characters with so many names Right when the book starts Lone Star Standoff off you get introduced to tonsf characters and not all f them stick around for the entire book Rather than naming each character it would have been easier to follow the story as a reader if the author had used something generic like the wizard r the More Punishment For His Cheating Wife one bearded fellow I startedff Decision one passage convinced that character A wasn the good side At the middle f the passage I realized that I could have been wrong I got my characters confused and character A was actually evil Then at the end I was like waitthis dude actually is good I wasn end I was like waitthis dude actually is good I wasn even sure who I was reading about and this doesn t happen in just ne passage One f the doesn t happen in just ne passage One 100 Innovations of the Industrial Revolution of thef having so many characters is that it can be difficult to actually characterize them into people that your readers can recognize as individual entities besides their given name Too many names in the book sort Taken The Anthology of ruins it You cannly get attached to a few Schematic Design of the them while the rest are like background noise3 I wish this book would get to the point faster The main character isff The Second Sister on this adventure but he doesn t really know what s goingn because he got pushed into it At some point I would have liked to know why he is Perfect Match (Girl Talk, on this uest You eventually findut but it s so vague for so long that I just wanted to skip to the end and know why in the world I was following this character as he just wanders aroundDespite all f these frustrations I have to admit there was something about this book that made me want to know the ending I had to know what happens to the main character and not all the villains can t easily be classified as good r bad You grow to like the main character with his dry humor and sense AHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers of realness and you want to know why the antagonist isn the side she s Let’s Call It a Doomsday on because you can t help but be drawn to her I had to put the book down so many times but I also picked it up so many darn times There are moments when the book just flows This author isn t bad His writing is actually decent It s just all the unnecessary DETAILS that I personally didn t really care for and the slow plot that can sometimes drive forward at the speedf light and leave you confused If you re not as picky as me this really wouldn t be a terrible readI received this book through the Goodreads First Reads program and in exchange I provided an honest revie. Upposed to protect and babysit these versized cretins when all he's good for is staying ut f sight How can he find the path when he's never been utside his burrow before Any chance anyone could even give him a hug Peal's face is covered under that mask now It conceals his meekness and gives him courage And the stars no longer look so gran. The Stragglers Mask (Umbrakin #1)