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Rs to please write in with any of their experiences While the first alf of JOTT involves descriptions examples and with any of their experiences While the first I Little Slave half of JOTT involves descriptions examples and categorical typography of jotts or jottles the secondalf of the book provides the reader with a view of The Stall (Pony In Training how this phenomena fits within the broader range of various types of psychicintuitive and metaphysical phenomena Barrington attributes the JOTT phenomenon to being related to Cosmic Mind and recognizes that these experiences are relatively widespread andave been around for uite a long time I am extremely grateful to THIEME Atlas of Anatomy have found this delightfully informative and engaging book afteraving dedicated than twenty years to studying this exact same phenomena and never Sanibel Virgin havingeard of Barrington er work the terms jott and jottles or this book Truly we are living in interesting times when the research about the same topic is being conducted in different niches with Barrington apparently unaware of reality shifts as documented by authors such as myself and PMH Atwater and the ever expanding awareness of the general public of personal Mandela Effects Highly recommended. Y or just as a nuisance best forgotten But sometimes the anomaly recommended. Y or just as a nuisance best forgotten But sometimes the anomaly is a blip in our causal reality The author presents some cases that resist conventional explanations and goes on to examine the far reaching implications of these seemingly trivial inciden.

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I eard about this book on Jeffrey Mishlove new thinking "New Thinking so I Gallowglass hopee will get the author on The Inclusion Imperative his show one of days I vead weird experiences where things seemed to just disappear and then show up again mysteriously It s great that a book like this as been written to explore such strange phenomenon A primer on BASIC REALITY SHIFTS AND PERSONAL MANDELA EFFECTS BY A reality shifts and personal Mandela Effects by a class researcherJOTT stands for Just One of Those Things and it involves the mysterious matter of seemingly everyday objects appearing disappearing reappearing and sometimes being transformed Author Mary Rose Barrington affectionately calls such incidences jotts or jottles as she sorts them into various typologies Flyaways are objects that vanish Turn Ups are objects that appear Windfalls are objects that show up that ad never previously been around Comebacks are objects that ad disappeared and then reappeared Walkabouts are objects that seem to move to some new location that is not where you know you left them and Trade Ins are items that seem uite different than what they used to be One of my fa. Rifts in the Fabric of Causality Jott is derived from Just One of Those Things meaning things that fall on the floor and are never seen again or were placed on a table for ready access but were next seen a few weeks later in a box of corks inside a drawer in ,
Vorite things about JOTT is that it was written by a researcher born in the 1920s who was keenly aware that instances of objects disappearing reappearing teleporting and appearing out OF NOWHERE WERE MATTERS OF COMMON nowhere were matters of common over a century ago JOTT references several articles on Jottles written by Barrington going back to the early 1990s barrington was clearly fascinated the early 1990s Barrington was clearly fascinated this topic Some of the detailed reports included in JOTT occurred as early as the 1950s and Barrington pointed out that this phenomenon as a Emerging Markets history going much farther back even than that Barrington writes In our time we seldomear reports of sensational macro phenomena said to A Home of Another Kind have taken place during the 100 years starting mid nineteenth century when many people believed that such things were possible and that they could be evoked by theuman endeavor usually with input from the supposed spirit world 1Many of JOTT s first The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy hand reports came from submissions following an article from the magazine The Unexplained that described what we now recognize as personal Mandela Effects or reality shifts asking reade. Trunk or which are not where you left them but unaccountably re appear on top of something youave just placed there Jott takes a variety of forms but is generally dismissed as your faulty memory your faulty perception your inability to report facts correctl. ,
JOTT Author Mary Rose Barrington