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Comfortable and cringing for the characters while reading the sections as well as impressed by the realism of this very non real fantastical story And yes I just spent a paragraph talking about sex but there was so much to the story than that There was all kinds of rama be it family friends school or romance some new mystical animals showed up that I can t wait to see again a very The Enormous Turnip detailed prophecy and potential war looming on the horizon and the action that I thought I would not see after the first book This had everything I want in a story as well as 2 wonderful narrators one for each of the main characters that helped bring everything to life I am a big time fan of this world and even though the ending totally broke my heart I will be continuing on in this series as soon as I can I recommend this for anyone who like paranormal romances forbidden love urban fantasy and fantastical academy storiesI received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions The tour is being sponsored by Megan Linski The gifting of this audiobookid not affect my opinion of it Okay I have mixed feelings over the story so far I like some of it The part with the animals is cool The characters can be incredibly immature though Sophia can be a little too pushy about some things and Liam just weird sometimes Sometimes the relationship seems forced and awkward I never enjoy reading explicit sex of any kind You still see some even skimming pages to find out when it s over The story can work without that I am interested enough to find out how things are going to go so will be reading There are some errors some consistent ones And the word coy gets used too abundantly You are my breath my spirit and my existence You are the sunrise every morning and the stars every evening You are my soulmate and the love of my life You are my ocean and you keep my world safe You are beautiful THIS BOOK BLEW ME AWAY TO ORENDA ACADEMY IT SELF I LOVE IT SO MUCH I CAN T CONTAIN IT This was just too much to handle I can t believe what has happend Impossible Sophia Liam Jonah Imogen ohh how I love them They are sooo precious to me The The Spiritual Combat development is unbelievable The previous book ended with a earth shattering PLOTTWIST LIAM HAS TO KILL SOPHIA SO HAVE NASHOMA BACK BY THE ANCESTORS the story begins with a flashback with Nashoma and liam They are cliffdiving and liam is soo full of life Their relationship is sooo strong It s Liam s 21st birthday Such a cute scene being a Toaua is awesome The live in a underwater like kingdom Erza his younger twin brother is adorable Jonah was his best friend and they all mess around until Liamecides to go exploring the caves He and Nashoma s attention has been captured by a blue light Liam The 32 Stops decides to explore itespite the Swimming To Catalina (Stone Barrington, danger But he and Nashoma accidentally created a landslide Liam is going to be crushed NASHOMA SAVED HIS LIFE AND IS CRUSHED BY THE ROCKS THIS SCENE WAS TO AGONISING FOR WORDS LIAM LOST HIS FAMILIAR HIS SOUL HIS BROTHER AND HE BLAMES HIMSELF WITH HIS DEATH HE LOST HIMSELF TOO Sophia and Liam are both summond by their chiefs Liam hisad and the other Elders are forcing him to kill Sophia if she is indeed the prophesied child She will be the end of the Toaua tripe or so their part of the prophecy states In exchange they will resurrect Nashoma To prove this Caster a Yapluma and his familiar appear They both The Portable Virgin dieduring a Caster a Yapluma and his familiar appear They both The Donut Diaries of Dermot Milligan dieduring a Liam tries to find a loophole if he manages accident Liam tries to find a loophole if he manages find evidence that Sophia is NOT the chosen one maybe she The God-Damned Nigga doesn t have to be killed They are forcing him the mission with Baine his MENTOR to have him report information I HAVE NO WORDS BAINE I THOUGHT YOU CARED ABOUT THEMIn one of their secret sessions Baine tells him about a weapon that can control the ancestorsSophia she is summond by her chiefs among Madame Doya and Westflex aka Haley s Mother who is an even bigger bitch They are forcing her to fullfill the prophecy and to summon the ancestors She has to bring glory to the Koigni and they are using her as a pawn for their war If sheeclines all her LOVED ONES AND FAMILIAR WILL BE KILLED OMG THIS IS ALL SOO CRUEL THIS CAN ONLY END IN DESASTER they both are forbidden to tell or else Fortunately The Snow-walkers Son (The Snow Walker, despite their secrets the love between Liam and Sophia blossoms and flourish Their love is soo beautiful I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH Liam eventually committed to a real relationship THEY ARE OFFICIALLY A COUPLE Imogen she has a huge crush but is to afraid to make a move Her friendship with shopia is in jeopardy after a huge fight they both are jealous of each other They make up make a bet to have Imogen take Cade out Eventually she takes the bold move to not only asks for aate BUT TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND YEAH YOU GO GIRL Imogen is incredibly intelligent in this book she surprised me BIG TIME she is a far cry from the tournament I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HERJonah we finally get a glims of the real jonah behind his cre free exterior their is a insecure little boy sho is abushed by his parents They are horrible He craves attention especially from Renar HE DESERVES SOO MUCH BETTER Renar uses him and is just AWFUL His friends try to help them but he has to make his own choices He still makes for the most hilarious scenes and is a loyal friend he tells Sophia about Nashoma s eath Jonah had to choose between Liam and Nashoma DEVASTATING Liam is forced to sabotage Shopia s powers because the Elders are to suspicious about her powers So he gives her. On’t fulfill my mission thousands will ie and Sophia and I are both keeping secrets that will change everything The magical world of Orenda Academy gets arker in the second installment of the Academy of Magical Creatures series Venture into a society of forbidden love fantastic creatures and incredible adventure A fantasy romance fans of The Hunger Games and Harry Potter are sure to lov. ,
The Water Legacy Hidden Legends Academy of Magical Creatures #2Liam is having a hard time ealing with the loss of his familiar he will The Doorstep Girls do anything to get him back but how far would he really go Liam is ecstatic when the Water council informs him that they can bring his familiar back from theead but when he learns what he must Praying with Mother Teresa do in order to get his familiar back is he willing to go that far The one thing he musto is kill Sophia the girl he is in love with Liam was supposed to get close to Sophia and make her trust him so he could kill her but he never expected to fall in love with her or her with him Now Liam wonders if Sophia is the girl in prophecy Can he prove she is not Is Sophia the girl in the prophecy Who will Liam choose Sophia or his familiar Who will he choose his soul or his soulmate Liam is not the only one with secrets Sophia has a few secrets of her own Liam and Sophia have their own secrets between them and only a few close friends know of their secret Sophia and Liam must keep their relationship a secret as it is forbidden for houses to mix If they are caught they will face El corazón del tártaro dire conseuences The Water Legacy another amazing journey into the world of Academy of Magical Creatures at the Orenda Academy The Water Legacy was just as magical as its predecessor The Fire Prophecyrawing me into its world filled with magical creatures with so many twist and turns to keep you flipping those pages from beginning to end Once you pick up The Water Legacy you are pulled into its magical world and your world no longer exist until something pulls you back out again All the characters are all so amazing humans and magical creatures alike and most all seem so sweet cute and cuddly What Vox - Edizione Italiana does the Academy of Magical Creatures have instore for us in the next book Well Ion t know but I can t wait to find out I highly recommend The Water Legacy to all fans of magic and magical creatures and who love the academy worlds Loved it Ready for Great story lots of action and adventure Disclaimer I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions The tour is being sponsored by Tantor Audio The gifting of this audiobook Redemption (Dark Desires did not affect my opinion of itOkay but really first of all I would say that if you are able to listen to the first book firsto it I Betrayal: Infidelity, Book 1 didn t and while I wasn t completely lost Iid miss out on everything that our main characters had to go through in that one and it The Prisoner in the Castle: Maggie Hope Mystery Series, Book 8 did make me feel like I was missing out on some of the background and foundation that laid the plot for this one I was still able to keep up and itidn t mess up much for me but I will say thatSecond of all this book says it s a YA fantasy but Saphyre Snow dangid it get pretty steamy in a janitor s closet And I m not even joking about that It just so happened to be Valentine s ay in Orenda Academy and Liam got Sophia some flowers She gave him a hand job Yes I m serious She s

a virgin and 
virgin and to o something nice for him without going all the way Nothing wrong with that she apparently id a great jobBUT Darn it Liam why couldn t you have aimed for a better spot to finish than her shirt Darn youSo yeah Orenda Academy feels like of a college scene than a high school and nothing s wrong with that I just wound t label it a a YA novel Maybe a NA new adult novel That may work out better with The Content And The content and the scenes If that s not your bag you can skip them But they o get pretty juicyThe premise of this novel was very interesting and I haven t seen one like it The tribes that the students are a part of seem to have some inspiration from Native American tribes although I could be wrong Koigni possess power over fire Liam s tribe which I m forgetting right now sorry is water It gives me Avatar The Last Airbender vibes mixed with His Dark Materials because each student has a familiar with them Well except for Liam and that s a sad story in itself which wasn t explained in this one from what I remember because it was probably explained in the first novelI can imagine the whole water and fire Perennial Combinations don t mix thing and how Liam and Sophia have to fight through the odds to make their love work and how Liam s basically under the orders of having to kill her Ioubt he would actually Happy Birthday, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle do it especially if heoes love her That s hard you know Plus that s killing another student Do they allow that in schoolThe narrators The Day You Begin did such a great job in this one I really felt like I could feel their emotions while they were reading the novel and I am so glad that they had a voice for Sophia and a voice for Liam Sometimes when books have multiple POVs they can sometimes use one narrator especially if it s written in third person POV but you can clearly see which character the chapter revolves around It worked out in this novel s favor to have two separate narrators and I fell in love with both of their voicesSince I enjoyed this one I would love to go back to the first novel meet Sophia and Liam for the firs time and see just how insane the Elemental Cup was Because that sounded really insane And stressful Thank goodness Sophia survived it Let s just saywow This book took the series from PG to R so fast And there isn t even a hint in any of theescriptions that there are a large amount of very If you could control one of the elements which one would you want There is fire water nature air and spirit but which one would be the strongest or weakest Which one would be harder or easier to control In this story Linki and Rades have already established this whole ne. Fire and Water are forbiddenSophiaLiam and I survived the Elemental Cup but the tournament was only the beginning The Koigni Elders were impressed by my performance and believe I can help them take over the entire tribeBut they're asking me to fight for a cause I on't believe in and forcing me to use my magic in ways that feel wrong I must learn how to use my powers to contact the ancestor.

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W world of magical creatures from the first installment but this one ives a little Abaddons Gate (The Expanse, deeper into what happens when those elements mix Both authors have come together to provide a sensational second installment that is airect follow up to The Fire Prophecy where four unlikely friends have been named champions and survivors of the Elemental CupSophia and Liam have made it through the Elemental Cup but it took a toll Everyone is now suspicious of Sophia being the prophesied one That makes Liam and Sophia s relationship so much American Salvage dangerous Everyone knows that Elementi are supposed to stay with their own but Liam belongs to the Toaua tribe and Sophia to the Koigni tribe Conseuences for interrelations or marriage between tribes are grave and often end ineath of one or both individuals The Water Elders have promised Liam that they would bring Nashoma back if he agrees to end Sophia s life and Sophia s familiar Esis inconspicuously continues to heal Liam from his terminal illness Both are hiding something from one another but how long can they really keep it a secret The Me and the Blondes (The Blondes, day when Sophia will have to fulfill the prophecy is coming closer which means that Liam will be forced to make a choice Can he find evidence that will turn the water elders away from Sophia or will he have to kill her in order to save thousandsBoth Linski and Rades write well together This collaboration appears effortless and flows uite smoothly The characters are alleveloped nicely but the real creativity and visionaries are the magical creatures that are introduced in the story They bring life to the pages especially the main familiars that were introduced in book one This is a fast paced story and readers will find themselves absorbing the words rapidly and with fervor The narration was virtually impeccable also Araya and Halstead make an impressive team and their vocal relay of the story is engaging With this being the second installment in the Hidden Legends Academy of Magical Creatures readers are recommended to read the first book prior to this one as it is a Velvet Cataclysm direct continuation of The Fire Prophecy If you are a reader of young adult fantasy you may be interested in reading Liam Back at Orenda academy both Sophia and Liam were looking forward to spend time with each other only their houses haveifferent plans While Sophia is summoned by her elders to pursue the fulfillment of the prophecy Liam on the other side is tasked by his elders to stop her at all costs and blackmailed by the worst of means While the story setup and the premise of the plot Mating Claire (Sea Island Wolves, development were interesting I was a bit taken aback by the turn the series took Instead of reallyeveloping the world further and focusing on the tasks at hand I got the feeling we all centered on Liam and Sophia s relationship only with all the steamy Shall I Knit You a Hat? details included Most of the time I felt like therama between them was in the forefront being forbidden to be together and all the mortal threat over their lives being only a constant presence the background although influencing actions in a substantial way Also I think the book was much longer than it needed to be and I WAS SOMETIMES REALLY TEMPTED TO was sometimes really tempted to some passages or pages just to move forward to where the plot My Life as a Changeling develops not only the relationships between the two Still it was a fine reading experience the book is easy to read andespite this turn the series still holds a promise to Dementia Reimagined deliver a story worth the reading time I am curiously waiting for the next installment I am truly regretting not readlistening to the first book of this series This was fantasy vivid rich and enticing I wanted so much I just could imaging what book one of the series held for my auditory and visual sensors to experience Without the first book experience Iid feel a bit aloof through some portions of the audio I was looking for things that had already occurred or were already explained With that said I Happy Parent, Happy Child do highly advise experiencing book one first thenive in to the explosion of characters Pepped Up (Pepper Jones, depthetails culture and Dual narration added that extra layer of intimacy with the characters and the vivid The Musicians Legal Companion depiction of the world that was created for these characters I receive Visit me at This was the Supernatural Romeo and Juliet I was looking for I really enjoyed the first book in the series but The Water Legacy upped the ante for me I was 100% there for all the magic all the cute random animals kitsune please therama and the romance I ended up listening to all 16 hours of this book in 1 Gaping Gulf with Letters and Other Relevant Documents day keep in min I listened on 2x the speed since the narrators were just about perfect when I sped the book up so it was technically less than 16 hours because I found myself sucked back into this world so easily It took no time for me to be fully immersed in all the conflicts and boy are there many and wanting to know That being said I am going to need the 4 other books in the series to be put on audio asap so I can binge the series to my hearts contentment Let me just take a minute to reflect on how steamy this story was as well as how awkward The characters are away at college in a committed relationship andecide to escalate to a physical relationship keep in mind there is no actual sex but boy Taming the Tycoon did some of the encounters get hot anyway Also surprisingly and probably very realistically the encounters at times were SO INCREDIBLY AWKWARD There was fumbling gagging unwanted messes The author made it seem so very true to first love that I was so un. S or I’ll lose everyone I loveLiamSophia Henley’s now my girlfriend And oh yeah I’m supposed to kill herThe Water council has promised they’ll bring my Familiar back from theead my literal soul if I take Sophia’s life But I love her than I love myself How can I make such an impossible Then Came You (Laws of Attraction, decision Even worse how could I possibly live without her But this isn’t about us any If