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My heart hurts after reading this debut novel it was one of those books that came into my life at the exact moment that I needed it What I thought was going to be a spooky middle grade story about ghost hunting actually turned into a book about losing a parent and the grieving that comes along with itMy dad passed away 2 weeks ago today as I write this and my heart is still shattered This author was able to perfectly describe most of my feelings in a way I haven t been able to articulate In a way its comforting to get validation and now that things I ve been thinkingfeeling are completely normalNot only that but there were direct uotes that weirdly fit my situation in a way that left me shocked after reading Here are a fewIt feels like everything should be different but it s not Neighbors walk their dogs Other FRIENDLY ENEMIES kids walk home from school Shelly passes people jogging who smile and wave hello Something should be different but it s not The weather is overcast but not raining People are living their livesOkay feels like it s years and years away right now so far away it might as well be the moon might as well not exist but the careeps driving toward the house and Grandma Amok keeps holding Shelly close The worldeeps movingAny day now her mother s going to walk through the door and apologize for being gone for so long the way she did when she had to pull long shifts at work Shelly will tell Her It S Okay it s okay it doesn t matter if it took a long time it s just nice to have her home Only she doesn t comeShelly doesn t think she s a child any She s gotten older since her mom died She can t stop growing up and getting further away from her momShe wants to tell him he needs to stay around if he wants her to remember him She wants to tell Grandma that memories aren t the same as a person That they fade One day she won t remember the sound of his voice One day she won t remember her mother s face Maybe ghosts aren t the same as living people but they re better than nothing She wants to And a Bottle of Rum keep everybody here with her instead of letting them leaveDeath is something that happens to everyone butnowing when it s going to happen choosing when you make the transition from life to death choosing whether or not you ll be a ghost and stick around a little longer isn t something most people get the chance to do A glorious story simultaneously heartwarming and heartwrenching about 3 generations of an indigenous Canadian family Cree living an embittering life in a city Grandma and granddaughter Shelley see and communicate with ghosts helping them to move on Shelley s mother wants no part of that But unexpected tragedy impels Shelley to use her gift overtime collecting ghosts to herself to ease their loneliness and hers THE GHOST COLLECTOR is a truly beautiful novel At 186 pages this middle grade novel featuring sixth grader Shelly and her ghost hunting Grandma ept me uite enthralled If you carry your ghosts in your hair you can cut them off when you don t need them any Otherwise ghosts cling to your skin dig their fingers in under your ribs and stay with you long long after you want them gone Although Shelly s mother disagrees with Shelly s grandma taking her daughter along on these ghost experiences Shelly is learning what all the Cree Women before her have done to help ghosts move on after death But when a tragic accident occurs Shelly begins to uestion if all ghosts truly have to move on Ordered on a whim I enjoyed the relationships between Shelly and her grandmother and mother There was just the right amount of conflict and exploration of the spirit world and I felt there was a steady momentum throughout the novel Highly recommended for the classroomGoodreads review published 081120 This middle grade book handles death in an elegant yet realistic way I love how the lead gal feels everything is unfair Just like most ids and let s face it us adults too feel when bad things happen To complicate things further our lead teen is able to see ghosts and collect them just like her Mother and Grandmother who lives with them Therefore when an important person in her life dies she looks and hopes for their ghost to come to her Death Nobody wants to admit that death is something that eventually happens to everyone In our world today or at least in North America we do not talk enough about death There is a desire to avoid it pretend it doesn t happen or bury it in the ground never to be discussed Ghosts aren’t meant to stick around foreverShelly and her grandmother catch ghosts In their hairJust like all the women in their family they can see souls who haven’t transitioned yet; it’s their job to help the ghosts along their journey When Shelly’s mom dies suddenly Shelly’s rel. The Ghost CollectorWhat I hear you say You who s nearly 30 are She walks around town and looks for the dead in dark corners and forgotten places She snatched ghosts from alleyways and buildings and takes them home to hide in her room She rescues them This is a book about a girl who not only sees ghosts but catches them and sets them free so that they can go ahead to the afterlife whatever outcome that is That is a gift passed down in her family and she learns it from her grandmother who is nown for her expertise ghost catching To make this even better they catch the ghosts by letting down their own hair and letting them get caught in their follicles It s such a simple innovative strategy The Rapunzels of Ghost HuntingThis novel was gorgeous to put it bluntly I m a ghost lover and I won t hide it and Allison Mills did a fantastic job at weaving a story about the paranormal and making it heartbreaking and human The story is about Shelly and her grandmother who catch ghosts Shelly s grandmother is teaching Shelly the basics of ghost catching and Shelly s life has pretty much been all about ghosts IMPORTANT RULE DO NOT BRING GHOSTS BACK HOME when tragedy strikes at home and Shelly s own mother dies The tide turns and so does Shelly s attitude towards ghosts and deathI loved everything about this and this has roots in Cree folklore which I am not familiar with but it is so interesting and lovely and I m happy that this book showcases itThe characters were all fascinating especially Shelly and her grandmother There are so many great lessons to take away from this especially of course regarding loss and death But also life itself and what we can glean from it in the short time we have here on earthThis is definitely one of my favorite reads of 2019 I m still feeling the losses of my grandmothers so I think this read hit me maybe 20 times harder because I was sobbing like no other but it is also really really goodSidenote It was so bizarre and funny to see both my first name AND middle name used in this book First time this has EVER happened while reading haha Amanda and Estelle for anybody curious That s worth getting remembered Thank you very much to Netgalley and Annick Press Ltd for this ARC All opinions are my own Check out haunted reviews on my blog I love the imagery of this book Shelley and her grandmother use their hair to catch ghosts and release them so they can go on to the next world Sometimes ghosts get stuck Birds die flying into buildings and then haunt the buildings Rats die and aren t sure where to go and cause a fuss Most ghosts that Shelley and her grandmother find are animals and just want to go homeThey do not take very ghost they see such as the ones in the cemetery Shelley s mother objects but lets them do it as long as it doesn t interfere with school but lets them do it as long as it doesn t interfere with school ids think it is all made up But I like what Shelley says to themIt s not made up just because you don t now about it and nobody wrote about it in a book You don t now everythingBased on Cree legends about catching ghosts and the author s great grandmother who like Shelley s grandmother helped the police find missing people who they thought were deadA good but sad book about ghosts and life and deathThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review What a heartfelt middle grade book about grief belief death and moving on This is one of those books that anyone at any age can read it and get something out it which I admire Mills for doing There are so many wonderful hard lessons for anyone to learn For example life goes on after experiencing death of a loved one and we are all people even our parents I myself have learned recently that your parents are just people and not perfect superheroes as you thought as a Desire and Deceive kid I so related to Shelly and her mom s relationship I wish I had a peace offering like The Cure album Shelly also learning responsibilities through faith It was intriguing to read from the point of view of someone with a Cree background by an own voices author and having a different understanding of death than what I grew up with Wow just wow at the discussion of lost and grief Mills wrote the book beautifully I would be lying if I said i didn t tear upFavourite uotes Sometimes the rules are what you make them of them Sometimes they need to be bent broken Sometimes the world is made of hard choiceslife has become a before and an after and she doesn tnow how to bring them together. Ew and inspired by stories about the author’s great grandmother’s life The Ghost Collector delves into uestions of grief and loss and introduces an exciting new voice in tween fiction that will appeal to fans of Kate DiCamillo’s Louisiana’s Way Home and Patrick Ness’s A Monster Call. Gain It s silly when you think about it as the one thing we all have in common if nothing else is that we die But due to the great one thing we all have in common if nothing else is that we die But due to the great and fear that comes from that we tend to gloss over death and expect everyone to eep their feelings uietly to themselves This is never a good option when it comes to mental health I like that The Ghost Collector promotes discussion about death and how it feels when someone important dies How do we move on and close the gap they ve left What can give us closure or resolution to the trauma of someone dying "regardless of how they die Genuine FeelingsI m 37 today and you might think that I can t remember " of how they die Genuine FeelingsI m 37 today and you might think that I can t remember a teen but I most certainly do As I have no children today and my teen years were a bit traumatic although whose weren t I have very vivid memories of my emotions at the time One of the biggest things that I remember thinking as a child was that everything is unfair for the record I still believe this to be true Allison Mills does an excellent job of portraying this concept and shows it well in our leading gal There is an attempt to sweep the death under the rug and so when she finally has an outburst with an adult about it her primary frustration is how unfair it is and that she feels neglected The emotions of our leading gal felt real to me and even had me nearly in tears at one point high praise as I m not a crier GhostsThe thing to perhaps be aware of here for some parents is that there is a prevalence of ghosts in The Ghost Collector Mills presents them as obviously real and previously very human in nature There isn t a lot of poltergeist or mean ghosts here animals children and a couple of significant humans I personally love the ghost repertoire presented as it s generally in a positive light The ghosts aren t there to be a nuisance or scare anyone they have just lost their way and need help finding it OverallBy the end of the story we see our leading teen go through a transformation both physically and mentally I love the symbolism given to the cutting of her hair This is something I did at 19 in order to try and restart my adult life on a better less dangerous path Mills uses the physical cutting of our gal s hair as a way to make that change apparent and tangible to the younger readers I also enjoyed the musical references like The Cure Siouxsie and the Banshees etc This melancholy 70 80 s music is the perfect sort of backdrop to the confusion grief and discomfort of being a teenager Overall Mills does a good job of creating a space to talk about death ensuring our leading teen grows and learns over the course of the novel and does so without any romantic entanglements Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review The Ghost Collector is a sweet sad heartfelt story I read it all in a single sitting The Cree folklore was uite fascinating it s a take on ghosts and ghost catching I had never encountered before probably because I m not too familiar with Cree folklore and mythology The music throughout the story was a great way to set the mood it helped that it was all music that I uite enjoy My ARC came with a spotify playlist and I highly recommend going and checking that out I definitely got teary at the end The emotional payoff was satisfying and although the story was sad the ending felt hopeful I would give this one a 7 out of 10 this book was so fabulous and i m glad it s in this world for ids to get spooked by i have to admit i was biased to like it bc GHOSTS but also the writing is fantastic and it gives my heart a thrill to read good writing in middle grade as well as a good story this is really of a 45 for me the only thing that holds me back from a 5 star was it could be a bit too on the nose sometimes but what a good concept and execution and WOW i want to meet allison mills she seems super cool and i also loved the promo materials for this plus she loves ghosts because she relates to the liminality IVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR YEARS hell yes You can read my full review on my blog The Writerly Way hereMany thanks to Annick Press and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest unbiased review I don t read as many works inspired by American Indian or First Nations cultures as I d like so when I saw this I jumped on it immediately Mid grade has been so hit or miss for me lately because I ve found a lot of it just ends up being too young for me. Ationship to ghosts and death changes Instead of helping spirits move on Shelly starts hoarding them But no matter how many ghost cats dogs or people she hides in her room Shelly can’t ignore the one ghost that’s missing Why hasn’t her mom’s ghost come home yetRooted in a Cree worldvi.