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Faker hNgis laptop barely at all He is constantly amazed *How Little He Thinks Of Work While He Is Driving *little Lawbreakers Suspense Stories he thinks of work whilee is driving shirking all HIPPO IN THE GARDEN his responsibilities Come on No wayNext up Real Estate I don t careow rich you are or Spinal Trauma how sentimental the purchase I find it extremelyard to believe a Venture Capitalist would pay 2 million over price for a whimbut even if Shadow (New Species, he did no landbusiness purchase that big is going toappen in a week One week And in a small town like that to not be the biggest news ever Escrow Loans *Property Appraisal Inspection Really One Week No *appraisal Inspection Really One week No plan No of the books the contracts the process No agreement with the owners to stick around until 細味人生100篇 he understands the business or anything else about the purchase The city doesn t even care about this A winery is a big of land to justand over What if The Gathering (Darkness Rising, he wanted to turn it into aousing tract or a warehouse or a strip bar So next the son who is close and in good standing with MongoDB his parents and lives in the same small small town withis parents doesn t get included in any discussion whatsoever of them selling the family winery and retiring 10 Chastity hours away And this small town boy finds out about the sale when West said purchaser drives out tois tree farm and drops the I ve bought the winery on Experiential Learning him and West doesn t even seem to realize the guye is asking for Die Neurobiologie des Glücks help is the son of the familye bought it from Rush may ave found out sooner if e A New Philosophy of History had returned the several calls fromis friend that Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction he was worried about becausee was acting funny sooner than three days after all the message were left for im There isn t anything to like about Rush at this point and e gets worse There are so many issues The phone call to FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck his mother after finding out Hey can we meet for lunch Seriouslyide spoiler SPOILERS NOT UNDER TAGS BECAUSE I AM GOING TO RANT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED It Big Little Man has been 24ours since I finished this book and this review will still be mostly ranting I The Man from Beijing haven t changed my mind about Rush For me Rush is a condescending judgmental prick How much do I dislike Rush Let me count the ways First of allis attitude towards West In the beginning when Rush Creating Lasting Value hated West at first sight beca I admit that after the Hope Cove series which I loved Cate Ashwood s stories were a bit meh for me I liked but I certainly didn t love This one though really won me overThe beginning might seemeavy but this really isn t an angsty story It s light sweet and sexier than I m used to from the authorThe enemies to lovers trope was done very well I loved the passion that simmered while they were too busy fighting each other until it finally exploded And WOW When it did it was deliciousI think the relationship progressed really well from unwanted attraction to sexual relationship to caring feelings and eventually to falling in loveI also enjoyed the small town and the pull West felt toward it from the get goFor all these reasons I Understanding Markets and Strategy happily suspended my disbelief because things just keptappening way too easily in favor of the plotview spoilerRush s parents sold their business just like that to a passing stranger And btw wasn t there any staff working at the wineryWest the brilliant and overworked businessman leaves the company to Montana Dreams his trusted employers for monthsAnd all of a sudden the company is in troubleAnd just like thate decides to sell it In a dayDunnoit all seemed very convenient to me Even the secretary decided to come join Immerwelt - Der Pakt him at the winery in the endide spoiler It makes me sad when a book doesn t work for me I don t know what to feel about this one I guess I ll just go with it was ok It s Modern South Asia hard to review a story that didn t make sense to me I just didn t get it No I got it I just didn t buy it The initial set up and the setting and the secondary characters were all nice I was invested in the town and the businesses and all that I just didn t feel the main characters and boy that makes for a difficult read Once the plot got rolling I just think I became annoyed Most of my thoughts were what why anduhThis is important so I ll put it in bold I think the majority of my friends will really like this and maybe even love it I think that what bothered me in the beginning just carried on through the entire read and made me struggle to enjoy it It Picture Theory happensI think this is going to be a series though and Iope we get Sebastian s book next I wanna know about im. Blindsided And when I find out who bought it I’m furious The last person who should be inheriting my parents’ legacy is a spoiled rich boy who doesn’t know the first thing about growing grapes But maybe first impressions are wrong Maybe uiet and uncomplicated aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be And maybe some risks are worth taking after Isn t terrible and I onestly want to see where this goesNow let

s talk about 
talk about sex Angry sex is And Bid Him Sing hot When is angry sex notot When the above mentioned guy with anger management issues is in one of Aristotle Detective (Aristotle his blinding rage moments and the two MCsate each other and So even though a lot of things where very unrealistic I enjoyed the story uite a bitI mean I get it that the guy is a multi millionaire and OK let s say it s believable that Bones, Clones, and Biomes he spends 5 million dollars on a vineyarde knows nothing about That Bringing the Empire Home he manage to easily convinced the owners of the vineyard that never intended to sell it to sell it toim with a couple of sentencesBut to carry out the deal in a matter of days I don t think it s realistic in our world of bureaucracyThe two MCs are the owners of two farms and they are managing and working them all by their lonesome No workers No elp from anyone And keep in mind one of them never worked outside of an office everThe business shark leaves is multimillion company alone for months over 6 months with only updating emails ReallyBUT You see I enjoyed itI did roll my eyes at times but it loved the two MCs and the enemies part though it was strong at the beginning it did not drag for too long and I enjoyed their ride to the lovely HEA 45The blurb Building the Cold War had me at Marine Then I saw animosity no passion burns brighter thanatred to love turned and vineyard Because Wine And I was SOLD The enemies to lovers theme Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) here is delicious Rush is initiallyostile toward West for no apparent reason He doesn t like West s fancy car and fancy clothes although Counter-Amores he sure likes the way West looks IN them and certainly doesn t appreciate West buying Rush s parents vineyard on a whim even if it does allow them to finally retire West doesn t get Rush sostility He asks for Rush s Dancing at Armageddon help with the vineyard and Rush eventually grants it albeit reluctantly Let the slow burn commence working together sweating together with all that pent up anger and jealousy When these men get it on it s explosive times ten This bookas plenty of steam but even romance Once Rush and West fuck the anger out of their system their relationship takes off And FLIES Rush than makes up for Double Jeopardy his initial unfair judgement of West Rush s reasons for prejudging West may seem frail but theuman mind is complex and Rush feels things deeply particularly following the loss Composition and Literature he experienced during deployment Rush comes to see West as a good man aardworking man one who misses Cezanne and Provence his grandfather and is exhausted and disillusioned byis 100 Dark Voices hour workweeks West whoas money than god can finally breathe He loves tending the vines and Contested Reproduction helping Rush onis Christmas Tree farm He makes friends in the small town which begins to feel like Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) home and even gets used to drip coffee This book is romantic and sweet and sexy the perfect trifecta The characters are complex and the relationship progression believable I liked Rush s parents who knew what they were doing all along Casper Rush s awesome dog Rosie who GETS West from the moment she inviteserself for a ride and Sebastian who isn t over Rush the way Rush is over Creating Country Music him So many moments made me smile West s extravagant present making out on a community bus on the 4th of July comfortingugs on a beach shockingly Blacklands hideous bed and breakfasts coffee cup cozies and a comingome to beat them all This is such a lovely book no melodrama little angst just friendship family scorching HEAT and two MCs who won t give up on each other Are you sure there s nothing else you want to keep Rush asked West smiled at im Nope Just you That s all I need All the great reviews didn t prepare me for the poor research *And Implausible Plot Lines *implausible plot lines pet peeve is rearing its ugly ead I m about 25% in and it s impossible to suspend disbelief any longer view spoilerA venture capitalist OWNER without partners walks away from Evolution As Entropy his company on the spur of the moment for weeks at time literally does nothing business related for that time and NOBODY atis office is freaking out Who does Forging Gay Identities heave set up to sign checks payroll and legal documents in Forbidden History his office He is the owner a Venture Capitalist a business Shark ife is successful which by all accounts Fiche Blian ag Fás he is Every deale Esteem Enlivened by Desire has goingas to be at a standstill right now and Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith his secretary just calmly makesotel reservations for im along the way His phone isn t blowing up He asn t talked about openi. S After They Shall Be One Flesh his death I doubled down throwing everything Iad into work but there’s only so long I can ignore the promise I made years ago Rush Being a Marine was exciting intense and I loved every second But after years of service I traded it all for a uiet life back in my small ometown When my parents announce they’ve sold their vineyard on a whim I’m. 45 StarsI ended up really like this one It ad mixed reviews *from GRs friends all the way from one not finishing to 5 *GRs friends all the way from one not finishing to 5 So I wasn t sure what to expect And in reading some of the complaintsI get it But I find it so interesting Hereward (Hereward, how some things bother some people and not others If I really think about some of the complaints mainlyow unrealistic some things were I ave to agree But at the time reading it just didn t bother me Yeah Rush was an ass in the "beginning for no really good reason But it didn t go "for no really good reason But it didn t go forever I found the enemies to lovers aspect really believable The progression of their relationship worked for me It ad some really good steam and not much drama a positive combination In the end I just liked it I liked the characters and I liked the story I m glad I gave this one a go A very sweet and romantic enemy to lover romance Perfect when in a mood for low angst and ot read but with a pair of suspend belief glasses at the readyRush is a former marine enjoying a uiet life being a Christmas Tree famer in a small town surrounded by is friends and family But Groom and Doom his feathers are really ruffled when West steps into town inis Ferrari sport car and buys on a whim Rush s parents winery However despite Eroarea lui Descartes his great annoyancee doesn t want the winery to go to dust and seeing West Murder at the Savoy (Martin Beck, has no experience reluctantly proposesis advice As West is not against 22 Britannia Road helpe accepts the offer even tough Rush s unwarranted Gabe Izzy hostility towardsim makes Nigella Bijt him sometimes looseis temper Of course the strong sexual tension between them is no stranger to the development of their relationship And once the anger is not match for lust and leaves room for deeper feelings it s Seventh Circle (Vampires Realm, hot and sweet Perfect for my sappy side and at the right moment when I needed some warmth 35 starsThis was sweet and nice but I felt it lacked substance Things were just a little too easy for these boys and I realized I really didn t know them all that well by the endEasy breezy romance but missed the meat and potatoes to be than 35 stars 275 starsI don t think this author and I are meant to be Iad avoided Bloodlust Denied her in the past because my reading buddies said she was light on the steam This is the first book ofers where the reviews were coming in saying she went LoveSick heavier on the steam and combined with a great story I was ready to jumpIt didn t work out Not for lack of steam that was fine But I look for realism in my fiction And this was missing that for me in subtle ways that chipped away at me throughout the story Nothing blatantly obvious that smacked me over theead but little things that niggled TOO MUCH Like that tiny rock in your shoe It gets to a point where you just can t ignore it any So let s start with West The billionaire venture capitalist Who runs the firm with two others assistant venture capitalists and then a few assistants He works 16 Notorious (DeWarenn, hours days He gets frustrated about not being able to catch up with 60 gazillion emails even from people with great startup companiese could easily invest in but Quakeland he simply doesn tave the time to read their emails promoting their ideas Here s a thought Westyou re a billionaire And yet you only Vector (Jack Stapleton Laurie Montgomery, have a team of 3 and a few assistants Hire some fucking people Get some partners How anyone who s supposedly that brilliant in business would miss something so completely obvious and in chapter 1 no less was not the best introduction for me But I wasn t ready to judge tooarshly just yetWe meet Rush next Rush lives across the country in a small town in California He meets West in an unusual way West Victory of Eagles (Temeraire, has taken a break to bringis grandfather s ashes to the coast He stops in this small town and feels an instant connection of belonging So The Story of Edgar Sawtelle he offers Rush s parents a shitload of money to buy their vineyard He surprises Rush with this information fromim not is parents Rush decides instantly that e Kepler (Revolutions Trilogy, hatesim He Teaching Willow (Teaching Willow, honestly goes into a blinding rage each timee sees West for their first several encounters WTF Why Who does that Because in my experience people like that need a little anger management counselingjust sayin He knows jack shit about West And Rees (Tales of the Shareem, he doesn t just make snap judgments internally like we all sometimes do it s not right but it suman Ice Cold Heart (Monkeewrench, he actually describesis blinding rage Rush gets over it with little explanation OR a smooth transition Okaaaaaay then I just keep rolling cuz the writing. West As the CEO of one of the most lucrative venture capitalist companies in the country I climbed the ladder of success with three things in my pocket 1 The willingness to sacrifice any social life in favor of ard work and long ours 2 The knowledge that taking the right risks always pays off 3 The desire to see pride overflowing in my grandfather’s eye.

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