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In a bad neighborhood where a strange man walks around like a ghost and broken women isappear A ark and gloomy story very rich in atmosphere images kept popping up in my head when I read itAccessory by K N Johnson You can t always #trust your friends This is like a horror version of Mean G Full isclosure I am one of #your friends This is like a horror version of Mean G Full isclosure I am one of authors who contributed to this anthology This was a fun and scary mix of psychological horror stories My personal favorites were Matthew R Davis s Walking on Knives a couple s attempt to jazz up their sex life goes terribly awry KC Grifant s Maternal Bond about a new mother ealing with severe stress and Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House depression and Bryan Miller s Heart Skull Heart a father suspects his belovedaughter may not be what she seems I also especially enjoyed KN Johnson s Accessory Scotty Milder s Seven Days of Dog Walking and Louis Stevenson s Itch These 21 We Want to Live 2005 Expanded Edition dreadfullyark tales held me captive from first to last story This is unusual for me for as much as I love anthologies I nearly always find myself skipping one or 2 stories in a book of this size I never hold that against them it s only the law of averages that Viteliú. Il viaggio di Marzio deems not every story can be a winner with every reader Somehow Shadowy Natures beat those odds at least with me The only negative thing I could say is that some of the endings were a bit vague for my tastes but even then itid not take away from the fact that I enjoyed the story Some readers may take offense at the subject matter in a few of the gruesome tales Don t say I Going Going Ganache Cupcake Bakery Mystery did not warn you A few of my favorites were Heart Skull Heart by Bryan Miller a contemporary tale that could have easily been ripped from today s headlines Being based on reality made it all the unsettlingThe Wolf Gang by Barrie Darke begins innocently enough as a man goes home with a coworker after a longay in hopes of a good night sleep before an early start in the morning It s not long before I uestioned his judgement because if it were me I would have been too scared to sleep in that house In A Mother s Eyes by Andrew Punzo Finds a lieutenant making the sad visit to inform a mother that her son was killed in action and getting a uite unexpected reaction Maternal Bond by KC Grifant in which a new mom battles lack of sleep and postpartum A Crown of Snow and Ice: A Retelling of The Snow Queen (Beyond the Four Kingdoms Book 3) (English Edition) depression really got under my skin as I recalled my own earliestays of coping with a baby who cried non stop Ring Rock by James Edward O brien is told from the point of view of a man who went along with his wife s wishes to purchase her Death in Holy Orders dream home even though for him it was a nightmare come true Accessory by KN Johnson pretty much blew me away It was not what I expected from a simple beginning of a girl who was born unwanted to a father who only wanted boys This was a twisty psychological horror that I won t soon forget Itch by Louis Stephenson was high on the gross out scale after reading it I think I may have even grossed myself out by using that word scale Yuck Walking On Knives by Mathhew R Davis tosses us into the midst of a stale marriage looking to spice things up and finding the wrong kind of excitement Like Abigail Winchell by Christina Delia takes a look at the fine line between friends and frenemies be they real or imaginedIf I have not singled out other stories itoes not mean I Atrapada por la mafia yakuza did not enjoy them only that these are the ones still embedded in my mind and thatays after finishing this book I can still recall them off the top of my head I received an advance copy for revie. the top of my head I received an advance copy for revie. Housewife makes a strange new friend and a neglected teen finds solace and inspiration in a vicious classmate’s company When her brother moves back into the family home a woman becomes consumed by what he leaves behind; when a man A Pastors Practical Guide to Funerals disappears his sister considers the warning signs he may have been leaving since childhood One couple abandons urban life for the isolating wilderness while another plays aangerous game hoping to rekindle their relationship While one son revisits the scene of his father’s horrific crime spree another returns home to ponder his family’s well hidden secretFrom uniue twists on traditional terror tropes to fresh frights found in the most innocuous of places these tales will surprise and unnerve even the most veteran horror fans. .

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Shadowy NaturesFull Caveman 3 disclosure I m one of the authors in this collection But of course that leaves 20 other stories for me to appreciate and appreciate Io For fans of ark twisted creepy horror this is the book for you Each story is excellent but Scotty Milder s Seven Days of Dog Walking and Elin Olausson s *UNCLE IN PARTICULAR HAVE HAUNTED ME FOR MONTHS NOW *in particular have haunted me for months now won t regret reading this Except maybe when all of the lights are offand the shadows in your bedroom look a little #Longer Than Normaland What #than normaland what that sound in the hall But hey isn t that what you paid for I bought Shadowy Natures because I enjoyed Rebecca Rowland s last two collections and I have not been isappointed Some people Semasa Kecil di Kampung 1913-1928 don t get psychological horror but it s just what it sounds like it gets in your head and the horror comes from how and uncomfortable the writer makes you feel when you read it Iidn t pick up this book thinking it would be full of bloody guts and gore and even though there is some of that most of the book is just super creepy as heck I had to run out to the store last night and when this sketchy guy came up behind me I immediately thought of Taking Out the Garbage When I was backing my car La voglia dei cazzi e altri fabliaux medievali down theriveway I had a flashback of Christmas Shopper When my wife who gets mild eczema sometimes was scratching her arm I thought of Itch right away The writing is rather exceptional throughout the book I felt like I could hear actually hear the characters in stories like His Death Brings No Respite and Abigail Winchell Sometimes I read an anthology from an indie publisher and a few of the stories sound like they were written by a junior high student Not the case here Every single one of these stories is well written and creeped the crow out of me People who are expecting in your face slasher stuff or maybe lots of fantasy monsters are GOING TO KNOCK A STAR OR TWO OFF BUT to knock a star or two off but honestly think that s because they The Great Bullocky Race don t understand what psychological horror is THIS is it Really good book I agree with another review on here Usually when I pick up an anthology I know if I m lucky I m going to REALLY enjoy a few of the stories like some of them and want to skip some as well This is true for single author collections too It s not a criticism of those stories I liked least We all haveifferent tastes However I must say Shadowy Natures is the first anthology where I genuinely enjoyed every single one of the stories even though the subjects narrator voices and author styles were very Rogue Protocol different All are psychological horror Don t expect any monsters or splatterporn but DO be prepared for some serious CREEP and I say that in a good way Mandibular Fixation Taking Out the Garbage and Ring Rock all have gradually building tension the kind where if they were movies you hold off going for popcorn because you just know something big is going to happen any moment Seven Days of Dog Walking Uncle In a Mother s Eyes The Wolf Gang Cuckoo and Like Abigail Winchell all made me start to uestion my spidey sense In each there is something very rotten in Denmark and it s not until at least halfway through each story that the صفیر سیمرغ dark truth is revealed A few of the other stories Drifter His Death Brings No Respite Itch and Lemonade truly surprised me in their uniue approaches to the genre incorporating the Old West as a setting a storyline involving a revenge plot on a man in hospice a common skin condition gone berserk and an underground collectors item of books bound in human sk. The boundary line between instinct and reason is of a very shadowy nature”  Edgar Allan Poe 1840With its twenty one stories of serial killers and sociopaths fixations and fetishes breakdowns and badecisions crafted by authors as ueen Mary and others diverse as their writing styles Shadowy Natures leads fans of psychological horrorown ark and treacherous roads to estinations they will be too unsettled to leave Under the tutelage of a charismatic caretaker a young boy learns that the rules on’t apply to 'exceptional' people; under the blinders of parental love a parent considers the after effects of his aughter’s criminal exonerationOne suburban Liebe, Mia, Sevilla - Kolumne ins Glück (Liebesroman, Chick-Lit) dad finds himself inexplicablyrawn to something he spies while walking the family pet and another iscovers buried co. In respectively There are also everyday situations that uickly escalate into terror traps like in Maternal Bond just had a baby expecting one soon you ll freak out or Christmas Shopper are you a Black Friday regular you won t be after this story or Walking on Knives looking for something to spice up your marriage DON T And of course there are stories about everyday humans who simply enjoy killing andor hurting others In Control Accessory My Father s Home Heart Skull #Heart and Roger just to remind us that yep my next #and Roger just to remind us that yep my next neighbor may in fact have bodies in his basement I cannot recommend this anthology enough and I are any fan of psychological horror to read it and try to be The Hanging of Angeliue The Untold Story of Canadian Slavery and the Burning of Old Montreal disappointed It can t beone I received this book as an ARC from the publisher but frankly I would pay for it I think it s only 15 on and I ll probably buy a copy for my niece who also enjoys horror Some of the stories were certainly unnerving and I think horror fans would enjoy them I would recommend it Spine chilling and hair raising This is a terrific and terrifying selection of stories that will make you suirm in your seat and force you to get up to check the Fragile Eternity doors and windows before you go to sleep However you won t be able to resist reading just one story before you shut your eyes Even though you know it will probably give you nightmares But rest assured your nightmares can t possibly be spine chilling or hair raising than the tales in Shadowy NaturesThere are twenty one stories in the collection and they are all excellent Three stories in particular stood out for me Maternal Bond by KC Grifant takes youeep inside the tortured psyche of a young mother trying Restrain By Treaty ui Treaty Collection desperately to cope with a newborn baby that just won t stop screaming Her maternal love leads her to make the ultimate sacrificeIn Lemonade by Paul Stansfield a family faces an ethicalilemma when they find an obscene treasure left by a Lord of Shadows deceased relative It poses the uestion can you use evil from the past too good today Louis Stephenson s Itch is a story of physical infection and psychological breakdown that will have you checking your shower for flecks of ead skin and your carpet for creepy bugs A sugar shaker will never seem so your carpet for creepy bugs A sugar shaker will never seem so againBob Hastings I just finished reading Shadowy Natures Dark Ink Books an anthology of psychological horror stories edited by Rebecca Rowland If you re a fan of ark fiction crime fiction mystery suspense and thrillers you will enjoy this collection The book certainly encompasses that broad spectrum of genres The stories range from being brutal isturbing unsettling and haunting Sometimes anthologies can be hit or miss as not every story may be strong engaging or captivating Well in the case of this particular book I say the majority of the stories are strongMy favorite stories in it are Drifter Taking Out the Garbage In Control Maternal Bond Ring Rock and Uncle Now I m curious to see what Dark Ink Books has lined up for the future Anthologies are like beer flights You get a little taste here a little taste there and before you know it you ve found a new author to lo I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisherI truly enjoyed the stories in this psychological horror anthology The stories and writing styles are vastly ifferent from each other so there should be something for everyone in this book I particularly enjoyed these storiesTaking Out the Garbage by Thomas Vaughn About being the one everyone in this book I particularly enjoyed these storiesTaking Out the Garbage by Thomas Vaughn About being the one citizen. Mpulsions awakened by his aughter’s ental deformity Sorting through a eceased relative’s belongings a family stumbles upon a horrific treasure as a The Rough Guide to Thailand 6 Rough Guide Travel Guides drifter with aark secret wanders the Old WestWhile a military officer spends his The Tin Star dayselivering They Called Her Alivia despair a procrastinator is consumed by guilt after making aeadly mistake and a businessman stumbles upon a bizarre family photo gallery Post partum paranoia and isolation threaten one mother’s sanity until an outside threat pushes her over the edge while another mother picks at her son’s psychological scabs until he scrambles for releaseUrban blight bears own on a convenience store owner; a middle aged man takes a terminally ill acuaintance captive to avenge his lover’s eath; a epressed suburban.

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