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Mindfulness in Plain EnglishA Guide to vipassana meditation for a complete beginner A clear and readable text Would recommend to anyone who is looking to begin Here With Me (Together practicing meditation and don t want to get bogged down by theoretical and ritualistic stuff Even those who don tlan to engage in Buddhist meditation will benefit from his descriptions of the many distractions mental and hysical that we create for ourselves and which make it difficult to lead aware lives full of compassion for those around us Excellent overview of Vipassana meditation and why it s worth your time Also an excellent articulation of the need and benefits of cultivating loving friendliness toward yourself those you love strangers and even eventually toward your enemies The books strengths relative to others are a very useful orientation in which the author situates Vipassana meditative techniues and Theravada Buddhism within the broader

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and meditative Too many meditation books resent their truths without acknowledging other approaches and schools this can be very confusing for the reader Another relative strength is his gentle and caring descriptions of loving friendliness the distractions we live with and create and how insight meditation can help us achieve our desire to live fully Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, presently with compassion toward others and ultimately meaningfullyThis book is not the best book I ve come across for those who are actually sitting regularly and engaged in theractice of Vipassana meditation already The descriptions of dealing with distractions ain etc are a little summary in their nature and not terribly helpful But thought of as of a dhamma book that succinctly and readably lays out the landmarks and Author Bhante Gunaratana a renowned meditation master takes us step by step through the Myths Realities And Benefits realities and benefits meditation and.

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Road contours of Vipassana meditation this book is the best I ve come across so farDK No roblems with the messages in come across so farDK No roblems with the messages in book but the tone was not for me The use of the second erson combined with absolute statements struck me the wrong way as did the repeated concept struck me the wrong way as did the repeated concept every roblem you have can be solved or at least ameliorated by meditation and that if it isn t the solution is still meditation We are simply not Lakeside Redemption paying enough attention to notice that we are notaying attention I have a meticulous system for taking notes when I read but it didn t work with Mindfulness in Plain English Underlining 90% of the book doesn t help highlight the most important lessons This is the best book on mindfulness and meditation that I ve read to dateI read this book as a meditation refresher several years after I started meditating I expected to take away a few tips on how to breathe better how to deal with feeling sleepy and how to cope with In Pursuit of a Princess pain and numb legs I didn t expect all therofound insight on the true meaning of mindfulnessThis book tells you what meditation is and what it isn t If you have an allergy to the word meditation this is Second Time Loving probably the book to start with because as the title indicates it s inlain English There s very little of the type of lingo that tends to turn a lot of eople away from meditation The book discusses things like loving kindness in a way that is approachable and understandable It gives concrete tips on how to deal with some of the challenges you face not only during meditation but in life I had so many ah ha moments that I actually started saying ah ha while reading it Even though this book is centered on a Buddhist meditation ractice The Dark Awakening practice of mindfulness This expanded edition includes the complete text of itsredecessor along with a new chapter on cultivati. Alled Vipassana or insight meditation the book felt secular to me You can get a lot out of it regardless of your religious or non religious affiliation Even if you never lan to meditate this book is still worth reading If you ve ever had anxiety or depression if you ever get or antsy if you have difficulties concentrating if you get distracted easily read you ever get nervous antsy if you have difficulties concentrating if you get distracted easily read book If you ve ever felt jealous resentful or just a little out of control read this book If you have regrets about the Creative Participation past or feel uncertain about the future read this book If you think you re too busy to read read this book Both a great orientation for those who are new to meditation and mindfulness and a refresher for seasoned meditators It s a book I ll read again and again Highly recommended 1010 We view impermanent things asermanent though everything is changing all around us The Sabina Spielrein process of change is constant and eternal No review just uotes Each of the followingaragraphs are direct uotes in the order they are found in the text The book is freely available onlineWe have taken a flowing vortex of thought feeling and sensation and we have solidified that into a mental construct Then we have stuck a label onto it me And forever after we treat it as if it were a static and enduring entity We view it as a thing separate from all other things We Cognitive Radio Networks pinch ourselves off from the rest of thatrocess of eternal change which is the universe And then we grieve over how lonely we feel We ignore our inherent connectedness to all other beings and we decide that I have to get for me then we marvel at how greedy and insensitive human beings are And on it goes Every evil deed every example of heartlessness in the. Ng loving kindness For anyone who is new to meditation this is a great resource for learning how to live a Personnel Management in Government productive andeaceful lif.