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The Management Bible yI s kidnapping The beauty of Munshi s narrative is that even thoughou know how the story is going to end ou will fret with Rukmini feel sad for her plight and get anxious when she is about to step into the funeral pyre because her Lord has not come etthis book is almost like not come etThis book is almost like coming of the age of Krishna s character From this point on this charming cowherd will become a seasoned politician and a master chess player in the arena of kings A classical Indian myth told with a rich vividness that echoes the country within which its set Amazing book amazing story Second in Krishnavatara series gets the readers to feel the political tensions between the kingdoms in aryavartha and the dangerous game of thrones that Krishna and Jarasandha play Wonderful read I am just loving this series of books and as I progress through them Simply Unputdownable A relief to see Krishn the brain the diplomat the mover shaker the foresighted with scrupulous ideas of Dharma This one has Mathura Dwarka migration and plenty of palace intrigue Krishn s multipronged relations with Balram esp Krishn s awareness of overshadowing Balram s achievements Uddhava Jarasandha and even Kamsa whose death he mourns as a necessary evil Rukmini is portrayed as peevish petulant and starry eyed while Shaibya gets the interesting role as she transforms from intense hatred to intense love before settling on intense worship Recommended to anyone with doubts about Krishn s mind ideas and dualities What was impressive about this part of the Krishnavatara was the way K M Munshi treated the subject The Krishna we see here is a oung prince trying to protect his people from a huge and powerful enemy The heroics are not always in confronting He knew the strength of his opponent and the weakness of his own people Hence he cleverly managed and planned his actions be it fleeing the emperor and diverting the attention and the anger towards him Sparing His People Or his people or shifting the entire populace to safe places You also see clever manipulations between the kingdoms the alliances formed and broken the battle plans and trickery What we witnessed in these pages continued through out the history of mankind You see political alliances formed between countries the alliances sealed with marriages The helplessness of smaller kings against the might of a large armyThough Krishna continue to perform miracles in tackling some of the dredged criminals and kings through out his journey most of his deeds aren t extra ordinary or painted with any divine touch They are by someone who is destined to maintain dharma in the world and are performed some one with knowledge and skills Even against his enemies he is considerate and genuineI thought Sri K M Munshi did a phenomenal job in the Book 2 by not glorifying the actions as holy and divine and performed by Avatara He focused on the humane side of the oung prince his worries for his parents his close friends and associates and the Yadava people Despite the advances of Shaibya whom he rescued from Karavirapura or Rukmini he maintained his stand on preserving dharma as his duty and the rest has to on preserving dharma as his duty and the rest has to style is much clearer may be I m getting used to it and the language despite few hiccups and unevenness is much better in Book 2 The flow and structure with its many diversions and sub texts converged back to the main theme Fabulous read. Ast and varied literature including novels dramas memoirs and history in Gujarati as also several historical and other works in English notably Gujarat and Its Literature Imperial Gurjaras Creative Art of Life To Badrinath The End of an Era Krishnavatara Bhagavad Gita and Modern Life Saga of Indian Sculpture Bhagawan Parashurama Tapasvini Prithvi Vallabh and The Master of Gujar. .

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D not stop reading this book once I started The author has described the scenery the relationships the mental tortures and tension beautifully I felt like I was living among the people of Mathura A gripping novel on Krishna s life the savio The second part of the Krishnavatara series starts from where the first left off Kamsa is killed in the middle of the arena and Krishna has a poignant reunion with his long suffering motherOnce the sentiments get sorted the politics of those times come into play Kamsa was the son in law and an important vassal of Jarasandha the mighty emperor of Aryavarta With a huge crowd of Kamsa s allies and supporters gathered in Mathura the Yadava council wants to crown Krishna as the next king Here Munshi s impeccable research shows up Yadavas were a democratic people There were no kings in their hierarchy though Kamsa s father was called a King out of courtesy But then when Kamsa seizes power from him father he forces people to acknowledge him as a king Now that Kamsa is gone Krishna urges their council to reinstate the Yadava chiefs to their rightful place and to bring back their democratic rule Note This fact is well documented in both Mahabharata and Bhagavata PuranamKrishna refuses the crown of Mathura and takes a tearful farewell from his adopted father Nanda The council decides to the crown of Mathura and takes a tearful farewell from his adopted father Nanda The council decides to Krishna and his brother to Guru Sandipani s ashram to educate them in arms and statecraft Parallel to this runs Rukmini s passion for Krishna whom she contrives to meet whenever possible Sadly for her Krishna is enigmatic as ever and doesn t give her any encouragementKrishna s education in Sandipani s ashram gives us a glimpse of how oung students were trained in all aspects of life Politics statecraft arms weaponry learning how to make one s arms were one of many of the lessons taught to studentsAccording to myths Krishna and Udhava rescue Punardatta from an underworld kingdom which in this case becomes an unknown island off Prabhasa sea The description about Nagakanyas and their weird traditions makes a fascinating adventure And this is where Krishna also comes into possession of his legendary conch PanchajanyaBack home Krishna and Balarama find that Jarasandha is poised to attack Mathura so they escape to Parashurama s ashram hoping that the angry emperor will come after them leaving the city alone Parashurama advises them to stay with a mountain tribe called Garuda So the ever faithful garudas becomes a tribe here rather than fascinating bird creatures It is here that Krishna builds his arms his bow and arrow mace and the enigmatic Sudarshana Chakra While Krishna is thus occupied Balarama discovers that there is to life than just making arms and he indulges himself in nectar a habit and an attitude that would define him in the later earsJarasandha attacks and the brothers are able to defeat him Udhava s adventures are also interesting and the fiery Karavirapura Princess Shaibya is a very fascinating character Udhava s trial by fire and his surrender to Krishna is one of the most important chapters in this book You can almost call it as a pre curser to Udhava Gita a discourse that Krishna gives to Udhava before he disappears from earthKrishna s escape from Kala Yavana s wild hoards is well described and keeps the pace of the book alive Things move on fast from this chapter onwards culminating in Rukmin. Atma Gandhi Sardar Patel Rajagopalachari and Pandit Nehru His achievements as Home Minister of Bombay in 1937 as India's Agent General in Hyderabad before the Police action as India's Food Minister and as Governor of Uttar Pradesh had been characterised by rare courage and decisive energy Acknowledged as the foremost writer in modern Gujarati literature he has to his credit a The second volume in K M Munshi s interpretation of Sri Krishna S Story Sees His story sees his indirect battle with the emperor Jarasandha whose son in law he killed at the end of the first volume and whose empire is now threatened In between Krishna and his brother Balarama have many adventures make many friends and forge the weapons that they would become known forI mostly knew the structure of the story in The Magic Flute but this book tells stories of Krishna that I was completely unaware of That he boards a pirate ship and displaces the captain his sailing to a city of snake goddess worshipping women and freeing his tutor s son from captivity as the princess s husband his joining the Garuda people and curing the paralysis of their prince These are rip roaring adventures and I m really surprised that I haven t heard of themThere s also uite deep political dealings as he has to deal with Jarasandha s attempts to strengthen his alliance and destroy the Yadava people and their city This mostly has to do with various arranged marriages of princesses and the desire of Princess Rukmini to marry Krishna rather than be a tool of her brother and the emperorFollowing on from the first volume Munshi continues to take a rather naturalistic line with his story playing down the supernatural elements in other variations of the myth His Rakshasas are barbarians who don t respect Dharma rather than literal demons And his Garuda people are people who claim descent from a giant eagle but who rather than literal demons And his Garuda people are people who claim descent from a giant eagle but who just people who wear bird masks This is an interesting interpretation of a myth that can sometimes be presented as much larger than lifeThe treatment of women is sort of mixed For every Revati a giantess warrior princess whose country Balarama helps liberate there are others who are there purely to be symbols of lust and desire and the path away from Dharma Perhaps not unexpected in a myth this old but still not pleasantIf one can leave that aside however this is an exciting tale of adventure and politics with the path of Dharma at the centre of it Part 2 of the krishnavtar series revolves around Krishna s uests in mathura This book is as beautiful as its first part The Second volume is good I guess the Remaining Five Parts Will Good five parts will good like the first two I am almost done reading this book and found this series appealing Simple English and readable Each chapter is a short story which is easy to understand The level of detail about Krishna and all the characters are amazing I am reading Mahabharat by Krishna Mohan Ganguly and i was impressed by the level of detail in Mahabharat but the details of the events in KrishnaAvataar are astonishing I started from the second book and would like to know the source of this book the book might be translation from a sanskrit text but i don t know the reference for KrishnaAvataar Most of the books that i have read about Krishas HIS acts are described God like and magical instead of a strategic thinker eg preparing for war as soon as he reaches Mathura as he knew Jarasand will attack hard working At Gomantaka where Balram was resting HE worked tirelessly with the Garudas to train them and reseaching metal for arms diplomatic dealing with adavs or Brindala or Saibhya and graceful Inspirational and very informative Credit goes to K M Munshi for writing such a gem A phenomenal journey through Ancient India I coul. Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi's versatility and achievements were in a way uniue He was an eminent lawyer one of the framers of India's Constitution and a seasoned statesman Coming under the inspiring influence of Sri Aurobindo during his student days Munshi had been an ardent fighter for India's freedom working at different stages in close association with Jinnah Tilak Besant Mah. Rukmini Haran