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The lead on following clues This is slightly far fetched iven Killian s age inexperience and simple lack of common sense sometimes However if you can ignore that fact in several places and

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go with story the characters are engagingThe focus on Killian is a welcome return as he has natural charm and "energy that is easily translated across the page He has his moments of immaturity and ridiculousness but he slowly "that is easily translated across the page He has his moments of immaturity and ridiculousness but he slowly and matures across the course of the story His relationship to Asher ends which may be sad for some readers but this is handled very well showing how young both boys are and the casual mistakes they make I especially liked that the author didn t allow Killian to become staid and instead allowed him to row even in painful moments The dramatic ending is over the top but by that point it s predictable and at least Killian showed some it not much common sense in helping the situation Killian s progression and maturation from young teenager to mature young adult is fascinating and absorbingThere are a few missteps unfortunately The first is the few coincidences and slight unbelievable details about Killian allowed to spend so much time and energy on such an investigation especially when the private investigator seems to waffle back and forth Sometimes he says it s too dangerous to investigate alone and other times he lets Killian run off without a second thought At the same time there is a distracting side plot about Killian s The Vanquished guardian Steve Adam s partner turning a haunted house into a B B This side plot is heavily paranormal and meant to focus on Killian s supernaturalifts Unfortunately the entire side plot is ill presented and relies heavily on the overbearing manipulations of a minor character that doesn t make much sense This entire plot could have been used for another book instead of tossed into this one which didn t add to the main plot but simply took the focus away from the strengthOverall this is another Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, great addition to the series and the uniue voice afforded Killian sets up a charming engaging narrator The interesting mysteries seamlessly combine personal drama without one or the other overwhelming the story The series is addictive and has numerous possibilities The large cast matures with each offering showing flaws and strengths side by side offering an honest and relatable appeal You can read All Lost Things as a stand alone but really read Bleeding Hearts first so you can understand the incrediblerowth Killian Ancient Iraq goes through to really appreciate the change Start now so you can be ready for the new offering in the serie. Comes with a rich history and maybe ahost or two Killian doesn't want to believe in such things but he's uickly becoming convinced that something terrible happened to the home's original owners The century old mystery both terrifies and tantalizes Killian In the end he may be the only one who can uncover the truth. All Lost Things Killian Kendall #3
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Gain innocent characters that couldn t do anything again fate "Other Than His Two Cases To Train As Private Investigator "than his two cases to train as private investigator is a also a new love story for Killian this time with a adult flavour Killian and Asher were teenager and their relationship was made of kisses and jealousy of ossip and maybes Killian and Micah instead have something stronger and important something that maybe have changes to survive the time passing All Lost Things is the third book in the Killian Kendall series and it is back to form after a disappointing second book Here the story returns to its strength with the reat narrator in Killian and offers a strong well thought out mystery to Killian and offers a strong well thought out mystery to the plot There is a distracting paranormal side plot that shouldn t have been included but Killian s charm combined with the uniue voice and easy flow to the prose El otoño del patriarca give an engaging uick read that is highly addictive Changes occur from book to book but the author has clearly only begun to tap the possibility that this new series has to offer and I can t wait for the next offeringHere the story begins with Killian struggling to handle the numerous changes happening in his life He s fighting with his long time boyfriend Asher as the two arerowing apart and making separate plans for after Drop It, Rocket! graduation Killian can t help being interested in detecting andoes so far to I'm a Ballerina! get a job at a private investigator s over the summer When Asher s new love interest suddenly comes under police speculation Asher begs Killian to help Killian agrees to look into the murder but there are a lot of distractions not to mention a cute new reporter wanting Killian s attention tooThere are a lot of elements as always in this offering but the main focus of the mystery keeps most of these aspects well integrated to the plot The actual mystery is well crafted and executed with areat ending that is foreshadowed so readers may figure it out but the various clues and detective work to et there is interesting to read The mystery revolves around a young kid from their high school who has been accused of killing his abusive father The web of lies surrounding the murder and Killian s slow uncovering of the truth is absorbing There are a few moments when readers have to suspend disbelief Several of these are coincidences that set up Killian for his job and the murder mystery but since the mystery is so interesting a lot of these obvious setups can be forgiven Additionally the police and ex cop turned private investigator not only let Killian investigate such a brutal crime but allow him to interview key witnesses and take. S innocent in the shockingly violent murder of his abusive father Killian reluctantly agrees to take the case little knowing how complicated and dangerous things will become before it's over On the home front Killian's surrogate parents decide to buy a historic mansion and turn it into a bed and breakfast The house.

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I am still enjoying this mystery series There may
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too much on this time around for one novel But Killian and the ang are still "ENGAGING A FAST ENTERTAINING READ ANOTHER "A fast entertaining read Another Kendell murder mystery with a side order of supernatural thrown inThis book actually worked better for me than the first two Things just seemed real and held together better With two mysteries on the o there was story although it was towards the end things really ot interesting A pretty intense climatic ending for a whileHowever my feelings for Killian in this one took a bit of a down turn I m afraid he started to come across as a rather whinny selfish little boy at points Hopefully he will mature as this series Catalyst goes on The first book in the Killian Kendall Mystery was probably my firstay themed young adult and it will always have a special place in my memory The story between Killian and Seth was heartbreaking even if there wasn t really a love story between them and then the happiness Killian found with Asher was refreshing But as often happen when you read about teenager in love your first thought or at least my first thought when I close the book is how many chances do they have to be still together in 5 years from now The last years of high school the beginning of college are moments in life where people change life changing moments and so it was for Killian At the beginning of this novel it s clear that his love story with Asher is at the end I haven t read the second book in the series so sorry I don t know if this is something that had already began but even considering All Lost Things a stand alone book it s a reasonable event The title of the book All Lost Things has different meanings and one of them I think is the loosing of innocence the innocence linked Lost Things has different meanings and one of them I think is the loosing of innocence the innocence linked being young Killian and Asher are rowing and their paths to adulthood are different The same lost of innocence is also happening to Caleb Asher s new love interest a strange boy younger than Asher when Asher realizes that he is loosing Killian for no other apparently reason if not that they are rowing apart he searches in Caleb someone else to protect someone that is still malleable The book has two subplots one of them is Caleb s case Caleb s abusive father is dead in a fire and Caleb is main suspect The second subplot is something ethereal but not less scaring Steve and Adam Killian s adoptive parents want to open a BB in an ancient mansion which people believe being haunted by the Saving Dinner for the Holidays ghost of a woman Amalie dead in the vain waiting of the return of his husband lost in sea Again a loosing factor Killian Kendall's life is changing faster than he can keep up He'sraduating from high school breaking up with his boyfriend and starting a new job with a private investigator He's barely settled at his new desk when his ex boyfriend calls with a desperate plea for help He wants Killian to prove his new boyfriend .