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T can do better Nicci French is one of my favorite Thriller writers And this is one wild ride of a thriller At the beginning of the book we witness a woman Bonnie Graham has illed a man a good looking musician Hayden who tells her himself that she doesn t want to get him involved with him that he destroys the things he loves Now calls her best friend Sonia to help her get rid of the body Sonia does come reluctantly to help her But this is net just the start of this book What I like most about this book is its told from different povs including the victim s and it including the Victim S And It Goes And From s and it goes and from and after on what happens It seems at first to be a typical murder mystery but it has so many twists and turns it is much that Just when you think you have it all figured out you may find out you re wrong I highly recommend this thriller Thanks to the author and Net Gal. Ho has spent a long hot summer in London rehearsing with a band It was supposed to be fun but the tricky nots of the band's friendships unravel with each passing day What was meant to be a sum. Ley and the publisher Collins FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO giving me the opportunity to this
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The Side the Door by Nicci French Also titled Complicit Bonnie agrees to put a small band together to play in a friend s wedding at the end of the summer One of her band mates ends up dead And the story goes back and forth between the present and the past It ended up being an uick and easy read And I suspected the wrong person So that s always good when you can t guess whodunit I m a bit confused as to why I was approved for reviewing this book when it s been out for years under a different title I don t understand why a author would change the title to one of their books Is the story different I don t now Is it a selling trick I don t Backwards Out of the Big World know But anyway Complicit and The Other Side of the Door are the same bookThanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the book to review. Mer of happiness music and love turns deadly as lovers betray passions turn homicidal and friendship itself becomes a crime Someone in the band must be ailler Is it Bonnie And if not who is .
In Nicci French s The Other Side of the Door this chilling novel of suspense will you leave you breathless in every of the Door this chilling novel of suspense will you leave you breathless in every page It all started for Bonnie Graham a high school music teacher who discovered a dead body at the other side of her friend s flat s door Like Rena Olsen This had all the hallmarks of the Nicci French thrillers I have come to love first person heroine you identify with easily plunged uickly into a mystery and moral dilemma uirky secondary characters script like dialogue that pushes on the plot yet it didn t engage me as the others "have It lost pace in the middle and I began not " It lost pace in the middle and I began not care what happened to the characters the blokes were particularly UNAPPEALING ESPECIALLY THE ANTI HERO HAYDEN especially the anti hero Hayden on earth did she bother with him at all I did however persevere to find out who dunnit and the end picked up pace with a bit of a twist Competent bu. Bonnie Graham is in her friend's flat She is alone except for the dead body lying in a pool of blood What happened What will she do And is any or all of it her fault Bonnie is a music teacher

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