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E nd though I don t often read memoirs AS THEY OFTEN TEND TO BE SELF INDULGENT AS they often tend to be self indulgent as reviewer noted but Sheik s Moon didn t strike me as such I admit I m a bit biased in that I m currently devouring anything to do with Morocco but this was well paced and descriptive nough to paint you a pretty vivid picture of the cities she inhabits as well as the curious characters in her lifeIn general I appreciate memoirs that read like novels and this one was able to do that without becoming too theatricalI think it helps if you already have an appreciation for Moroccan culture and the country itself before reading this I read this book on a recent trip to Marrakech loving to read. Ter his unexpected breakdown caused their

marriage to fall 
to fall she returned to Marrakech to write Much remained seductive. Books based in settings
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which I travelingThe author s story is incredibly self possessed and naive relying on her seemingly ndless bank account to save her from bad decisions I too am a romantic but Sheikh s accounting of her xperiences in Morocco seem like a teenager s love affair rather than an adult s true amour She chases men like phantoms not seeing them for who they truly are but instead projecting her desires into them When she finally realizes their true character which was revealed to her countless times before she simply waves her magic financial Wand And Whisks Herself and whisks herself I Finished This Book I finished this book I found myself increasingly irritated until the very last page. Especially Khadim the tourist guide from her honeymoon Little did she know that he like Cesar had a hidden side of his own. Read the first couple of chapters and skimmed the rest very self indulgent beautiful and tragic rest Very self indulgent Beautiful and tragic story of love and mental illness Sheikh s greatest achievement is her ability to convey the intricate relationshipbetween pain and pleasure and to suggest that teh two are inexorably linkedThis book is beautifully writtenher words are almost poetically inscribedand the Story Is An Account Of is an account of gone wrong Absolutely devoured this book Was done in 2 days Felt so jealous that this woman had the opportunity to live in Morocco oh to have money BUT Her naive behaviour with her 2nd and 3rd husbands annoyed me Though I Wish She I wish she taken control over her life She did get there in th. On honeymoon in Marrakech Nazneen Sheikh and her psychiatrist husband Cesar developed a spiritual connection to the city Af.

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Moon Over Marrakech

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