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I spent I purchased it when recommended for my year long study through The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy principally taught by Gabriel Mojay Author of Aromatherapy for the Spirit and other notable experts I recommend this book than highly And for someone not deeply into using essential oils there is a wealth of basic medical information major body systems that can help a person get to now how their own body works so they can begin to heal Only thing eeping this from being 5 stars is some essential oils are missing Excellent for all readings regarding natural therapies properties and chemistry of essential oils Well worth the money Good for creating your own blends of essential oils aromatic blends. Sential oils Detailed studies of conditions for each body system The role of aromatherapy in day spa treatments much much The Complete guide to aromatherapy is written for everyone who needs to be thoroughly familiar with the art science of aromatherapy whether it be for personal use for the student of aromatherapy for the professional aromatherapist for the pharmacist nurse doctor or health profession. The Complete Guide to AromatherapyI m only about 14 through this but I think out Of The Many Aromatherapy Books the many aromatherapy books ve read 60 this book so far definitely deserves think out of the many aromatherapy books I ve read 60 this book so far definitely deserves title complete guide Excellent source for safe use and medicinal use of aromatherapy Easy to use and find what you are looking for as a reference as well One of my first go to references when conducting research into an essential oil or finding a blend that can work for particular issues FABULOUS Wonderful reference guide Warning if you have not had any training in Aromatherapy this book can be very overwhelming Thorough Resource for Aromatherapists Probably the best book on aromatherapy there is Not entirely comprehensive as it doesn t include some of the rarer oils but would be a great textbook for a colle. The modern holistic aromatherapist needs to be a multi disciplined practitioner with training in remedial therapies counselling chemistry botany pharmacology anatomy physiology pathophysiology The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy covers all these topics with information derived from the wisdom of the past to the latest pharmacological clinical studies The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy is internationally. Ge level course on the subject if such a thing existed More than a 10 star book So much valuable information shared than a 10 star book So much valuable information shared a a 10 star book So much valuable information shared in a format accurate and easy to understand even for a beginner As a nurse aromatherapist and energy healer I especially loved its comprehensive layout of the essential oils and the body systems For example it lists for each essential oil synonyms family botanyorigin method of extraction characteristics historytraditional use chemical composition pharmacologyclinical studies therapeutic actions indications body systems energetics personality profile mode of application and safety tips Can anyone ask for For what this book has given me over the years and continues to provide I would say it s worth twice the amount of money. Acclaimed as the most comprehensive text book on aromatherapy The second edition includes sections on uality control of essential oils Latest information on essential oil safety Essential oil chemistry Pharmacological studies on essential oils Olfaction the psychological effects of essential oils Subtle aromatherapy The role of aromatherapy in primary health care Comprehensive monographs of over 80 es. ,