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Right Ho Jeeves

review í E-book, or Kindle E-pub Õ P.G. Wodehouse

Favourite he had become with the multitude There might be a bearded bloke or so on the platform and a small section in the second row who were wishing the speaker would conclude his remarks and resume his seat but the audience as a whole was Men, Women, and Girl Singers for him solidlyThere was applause and a voice cried Hear hearYes said Gussie it is a beautiful world The sky is blue the birds are singing there is optimism everywhere And why not boys and ladies and gentlemen I m happy you re happy we re all happy even the meanest Irishman that walks along Broadway Though as I say there were two of them Pat and Mike one drawing out the other putting in I should like you boys taking the timerom me to give three cheers The Nearest Thing to Life for this beautiful world All together nowPresently the dust settled down and the plaster stoppedalling rom the ceiling and he went onThis is the unniest part The Children of Dynmouth from theunniest book I have ever read This dashed difficult problem of where to begin it It s a thing you don t want to go wrong over because one The Enormous Turnip false step and you re sunk I mean if youool about too long at the start trying to establish atmosphere as they call it and all that sort of rot you The Spiritual Combat fail to grip and the customers walk out on you Bertie Wooster in spite of being a silly ass has a way with words Hisirst person narrative is a joy to read it does help that he has PG Wodehouse to write on his behalf He is right of course the The 32 Stops first paragraph of anything is often the hardest one to write I am inact in the soup at this very moment12 hours later I must admit that I Swimming To Catalina (Stone Barrington, found myself at moment of going to press a little destitute of constructive ideas Well I m dashed I went to bed with only one paragraph done I woke up toind still only one paragraph done Where are those little elves chappies who are supposed to get things done The Portable Virgin for you when you are getting your eight hours shuteye You know making shoes writing reviews and whatnot What rot these stories are I d say I have a good mind to complain except that I don t actually have a good mind Right Ho Jeeves starts off comfortably enough with Bertie having tea in bed and chatting with super butler valet Jeeves about his newt lovingriend Gussie Fink Nottle suddenly he is notified in a telegram that a V shaped rumminess has manifested itself The Donut Diaries of Dermot Milligan from the direction of Worcestershire at Brinkley Court where his aunt Dahlia resides It seems his cousin Angela Travers has broken her engagement with his pal Tuppy Glossop and his aunt Dahlia is having troubleinancing her magazine The sort of rummy problems Jeeves can solve in a jiffy except that Bertie is on the outs with Jeeves over a mess jacket with brass buttons so he resolves to sort out these difficulties himself Much hilarity ensues The God-Damned Nigga featuring Bertie getting himself engaged to a Manic Pixie Dream Girl Brinkley Court s French chef Anatole shaking aew The Snow-walkers Son (The Snow Walker, fists at Gussie clinging to a roofor dear life ire alarms going off and many other lunatic incidents Right Ho Jeeves is a little unusual in that it is an actual novel rather than a collection of short stories like the other Jeeves books I have read The subplots tie in together surprisingly well so the book does not eel overly episodic Throughout the book the well meaning Bertie comes up with several wild schemes to alleviate his Is Anybody Up? friends problems Unfortunately he cannot plan than two steps ahead and the second step is usually wrong As with most Wodehouse s books there is no real substance to the plot you read his booksor the extraordinary language hilarious dialogue and lovable characters Wodehouse does pull out a nice little twist at the end though with Jeeves applying his psychology of the individual To Save The DayWodehouse S Books Are All Feel Good save the dayWodehouse s books are all The Doorstep Girls feel good that you pick up when youeel a little down they will soon start to restore your brain tissues They are also ideal if you need a change of pace Praying with Mother Teresa from seriousiction I ll be dashed if I can think of anything else to say What I ll do is I ll bung in some uotes instead to beef up the reviewTinkerty tonk The Jeeves Wooster television series is extremely diverting sir If you have not had the pleasure might I venture to suggest that you endeavour to acuire the DVD orthwith Thank you sirNotes Audiobook credit Read with appropriate jolliness by smashing cove Mark Nelson American chap and accent but you sirNotes Audiobook credit Read with appropriate jolliness by smashing cove Mark Nelson American chap and accent but ellow whose enjoyment of the book is uite infectious Bonus points Vox - Edizione Italiana for Anatole s accented dialogue Downloadrom Librivox I am glad nobody has to steal anything and try to put it back this time one of Wodehouse s Redemption (Dark Desires favorite plot devicesuotes Elouent No it s not elouent Elusive No it s not elusive It s on the tip of my tongue Begins with an e and means being a jolly sight too cleverElaborate sir Jeeves doesn t have to open doors He s like one of those birds in India who bung their astral bodies about the chaps I mean who having gone into thin air in Bombay reassemble the parts and appear two minutes later in Calcutta Only some such theory will accountor the Betrayal: Infidelity, Book 1 fact that he s not there one moment and is there the next He just seems toloat The Prisoner in the Castle: Maggie Hope Mystery Series, Book 8 from Spot A to Spot B like someorm of gas I consider that of all the dashed silly drivelling ideas I ever heard in my puff this is the most blithering and Saphyre Snow futile I read it backwards I read itorwards As a matter of act I have a sort of recollection of even smelling it But it still baffled me He was one of those timid obseuious teacup passing thin bread and butter offering yes men I wish there was something else you could call him except Uncle Tom said Aunt Dahlia a little testily Every time you do it I expect to see him turn black and start playing the banjo He barked raspingly as if he were having trouble with the tonsils of the soul Gah Too many great uotes to put in just read the whole book why don t youBung oh. The wooing of Madeline Bassett by Gussie Fink Nottle and the resignation of Anatole the genius chef Will he prevail Only with the aid of Jeev. Occured and Wodehouse came staggering toward me with a lust or brains I would be completely unwilling to shoot himThe second Higher Education full length Jeeves and Wooster novel is a big improvement over theirst The writing is crisper the similes even hilarious and Jeeves and Wooster Perennial Combinations function like a well oiled machine Once again the rift between Jeeves and Wooster was used as a plot device effectively than in Thank You JeevesAs usual uotable lines are in abundance As usual I did not write any of them down while I was readingLack of appetite I m as hollow as the Grand CanyonThe exuisite code of politeness of the Woosters prevented me clipping her one on the ear holeThe strength of the Jeeves and Wooster books is that Bertie is a bit of aathead and he performs the role admirably in Right ho Jeeves Bertie thinking he could be as good as Jeeves at solving problems Pshaw I say Once things are suitably muddled Jeeves saves the day as he always does I do not consider the previous sentence a spoiler since it happens in every Jeeves bookFunny moments abound many of them centering on a drunken Gussie Fink Nottle Aunt Dahlia is in Happy Birthday, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle fineorm Tuppy Angela and Madeline Bassett were negligible but still had their moments Right Ho Jeeves the second Jeeves and Wooster novel is a much better read than the The Day You Begin first Wodehouse is the master of the bumbling romantic comedy Four easy stars In 2012 I was elected the Vice President of our college alumni association here in the UAE I was to take charge at our annual get together at the same event I presented an ottamthullal a satirical dance drama which was a runaway hit What with all the celebratory euphoria I imbibed a little too much of the happy juice in the parking lot outside the venue drinks were not allowed in the hall and before I knew it I was pickled to the gillsYou can see me with a beatific smile as I took the stage later in the daySee the serenity of the countenanceAnd here I am shaking hands with the President I don t remember what I was saying to him Inact I don t remember much of the afternoon Here s Bertie Wooster talking about Gussie Fink Nottle about to distribute the prizes at Market Snodsbury SchoolWhen I was able to see clearly once I perceived that Gussie was now seated He had his hands on his knees with his elbows out at right angles like a nigger minstrel of the old school about to ask Mr Bones why a chicken crosses the road and he was staring before him with a smile so Led Zeppelin IV fixed and pebble beached that I should have thought that anybody could have guessed that there sat one in whom the oldamiliar juice was plashing up against the back of the Abaddons Gate (The Expanse, front teeth Many people would have guessed the same thing about me that day Fortunately I was not called on to give a speech like Gussie was If it had happened I m sure the script would have gone something like the passage reproduced belowGussie having stretched his arms and yawned a bit switched on that pebble beached smile again and tacked down to the edge of the platformSpeech he said affablyHe then stood with his thumbs in the armholes of his waistcoat waitingor the applause to die downIt was some time before this happened American Salvage for he had got a veryine hand indeed I suppose it wasn t often that the boys of Market Snodsbury Grammar School came across a man public spirited enough To Call Their Head Master call their head master silly ass and they showed their appreciation in no uncertain manner Gussie may have been one over the eight but as Me and the Blondes (The Blondes, far as the majority of those present were concerned he was sitting on top of the world Boys said Gussie I mean ladies and gentlemen and boys I do not detain you long but I suppose on this occasion toeel compelled to say a Velvet Cataclysm few auspicious words Ladies and boys and gentlemen we have all listened with interest to the remarks of ourriend here who orgot to shave this morning I don know his name but then he didn I t know his name but then he didn know mine Fitz Wattle I mean absolutely absurd which suares things up a bit and we are all sorry that the Reverend What ever he was called should be dying of adenoids but after all here today gone tomorrow and all lesh is as grass and what not but that wasn t what I wanted to say What I wanted to say was this and I say it confidently without Shall I Knit You a Hat? fear of contradiction I say in short I am happy to be here on this auspicious occasion and I take much pleasure in kindly awarding the prizes consisting of the handsome books you see laid out on that table As Shakespeare says there are sermons in books stones in the running brooks or rather the other way about and there you have it in a nutshellIt went well and I wasn t surprised I couldn t uiteollow some of it but anybody could see that it was real ripe stuff and I was amazed that even the course of treatment he had been taking could have rendered so normally tongue tied a dumb brick as Gussie capable of itIt just shows what any member of Parliament will tell you that if you want real oratory the preliminary noggin is essential Unless pie eyed you cannot hope to gripGentlemen said Gussie I mean ladies and gentlemen and of course boys what a beautiful world this is A beautiful world ull of happiness on every side Let me tell you a little story Two Irishmen Pat and Mike were walking along Broadway and one said to the other Begorrah the race is not always to the swift and the other replied Faith and begob education is a drawing out not a putting in I must say it seemed to me the rottenest story I had ever heard and I was surprised that Jeeves should have considered it worth while shoving into a speech However when I taxed him with this later he said that Gussie had altered the plot a good deal and I dare say that accounts or itAt any rate that was the conte as Gussie told it and when I say that it got a very Dementia Reimagined fair laugh you will understand what a popular. Ls in the English language Bertie must deal with the Market Snodsbury Grammar School prize giving the broken engagement of his cousin Angela. This is almost asunny as The Code of the Woosters which is saying a lot since Code is the Happy Parent, Happy Child funniest book ever written by anybody anywhere The plot isn t important as usual misunderstandings and peevishness disrupt the general mood of an old English country house lovers are parted and social bonds are threatened but by the end thanks to the inimitable Jeeves tranuility is restored couples are reunited and most important of all aunts are placated The justlyamous climax where a tipsy Gussie Fink Nottle delivers the prize speech at the Market Snodsbury Grammar School may be the most hilarious passage in all of Wodehouse but since it occurs three uarters of the way through the novel I Pepped Up (Pepper Jones, feared that the last seventyive pages or so might be something of a letdown I needn t have worried Jeeve s resolution of all the difficult strands of the situation is so uietly effective that I can give it no greater praise than by deeming it in Jeevesian parlance most satisfactory Beginning with a critiue of my own limbs which she said justly enough were nothing to write home about this girl went on to dissect my manners morals intellect general physiue and method of eating asparagus with such acerbity that by the time she had The Musicians Legal Companion finished the best you could say of Bertram was that soar as was known he had never actually committed murder or set Gaping Gulf with Letters and Other Relevant Documents fire to an orphan asylum Half of the book is uotable andunny Another half is not uotable but still Taming the Tycoon funny More on this laterBertram Bertie Wooster spent a nice vacation considering he was not working anywhere I am not sure if this trip could be called such in Cannes Upon coming back he had a misfortune of stumbling straight into theollowing mess one engaged couple breaking up one couple being in love with each other but due to their hmm peculiarities yes this is the best word unable to confess their Then Came You (Laws of Attraction, feelings I have no doubt that you could havelung bricks by the hour in England s most densely populated districts without endangering the safety of a single girl capable of becoming Mrs Augustus Fink Nottle without an anaesthetic Add to this inability of his aunt Dahlia s on her later to get money rom her husband or her magazine to replace her gambling loss having to make a speech Gloomsbury for Market Snodsbury Grammar School prize giving resignation of Aunt Dahlia s genius chief Anatole and you will start getting an idea of the insurmountable difficulties poor Bertie wasacing Like a true FOUR ARTHURIAN ROMANCES fighter he rushed headlong into all problems trying to untangle them It was easy to guess the outcome of his efforts but you can trust Wodehouse to come up with the most hilarious ones all the time In other words the Bertie was trying the worse the mess becomeI read some of the books of the series before and they neverailed to amuse me This time something clicked or I started reading in the right mood or this is really the unniest book of the series and I laughted out loud non stop people around looking at me the weird way be damned Jeeves I m engagedI hope you will be very happy sirDon t be an ass I m engaged to Miss Bassett At this point I came to what I think is the highlight of the book Let me start with a personal example I had two good aunts I was content Only after reading this novel I realized my life was seriously lacking I need the third aunt Not just anybody but Aunt Dahlia I wonder if she can adopt me He initial exchange of telegrams with Bertie was the
"First Scene That Thawed The "
scene that thawed the so to say and made me laugh Her irst personal appearance was nothing short of brilliant Am taking legal advice to ascertain whether strangling an idiot nephew counts as murder If it doesn t look out The Wallflower (Halle Pumas, for yourself You can see she cares deeply about her nephew Still not convinced It isn t often that Aunt Dahlia lets her angry passions rise but when she does strong men climb trees and pull them up after them Any other named character was great colorful andunny but Aunt Dahlia out shined them all The story was ridiculous چشمهایش funny andull of twists The humor started at page 14 I double checked and never stopped until next to last page Yes this is me reading I said Don t talk rot Old Tom TraversI am not accustomed to talk rot he saidThen or a beginner I said you do it dashed well So regarding the rating this time it was very easy Any book that makes me laugh aloud and uncontrollably is worth 5 stars End of story One word of caution reading it convinced me my vocabulary was mediocre as I kept encountered lesser known words at least once per page Bertie do you read TennysonNot if I can help PS Sorry I COULD NOT RESIST INSERTING ONE UOTE I PROMISE could not resist inserting one uote I promise is the last one Yes JeevesThe man had materialized on the carpet Absolutely noiseless as usualA note or you sirA note The Story of My Teeth for me JeevesA noteor you sirFrom whom JeevesFrom Miss for me JeevesA note Harmony in Context Workbook/Anthology for you sirFrom whom JeevesFrom Miss sirFrom whom JeevesFrom Miss Bassett sirFrom Miss Bassett JeevesFrom Miss Bassett sirAt this point Aunt Dahlia begged usor heaven s sake to cut out the cross talk vaudeville stuff Always willing to oblige I dismissed Jeeves with a nod and he Agrarian Transformation In Egypt flickeredor a moment and was gone PPS For people living in countries where the government has not gone wild with copyright laws the book is available Dornenkleid (Romantic Suspense, from Project Gutenberg Sorry my Germanriends The 2012 re readGussie Fink Nottle is in love with Madeline Bassett but can t seem to talk to her Madeline Bassett is in love with Gussie Fink Nottle but thinks Bertie Wooster wants to marry her Bertie s cousin Angela was engaged to Tuppy Glossop but they had a bust up over whether or not Angela saw a shark Can Jeeves put them all back together He might have been able to had he and Bertie not had a Meet Me at the Moon falling out over Bertie s white mess jacket First off this review will hardly be unbiased My loveor PG Wodehouse is such that if the zombie apocalypse. Follow the adventures of Bertie Wooster and his gentleman’s gentleman Jeeves in this stunning new edition of one of the greatest comic nove.