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Ts of naval warfare and good projections of how future information could be used Ends with a cliff hanger Some timing issues here and there but overall a good read could be used Ends with a cliff hanger Some timing issues here and there but overall a good read of action lots of historical details some reflections on how to treat fellow humans make this book enjoyable I read it in three evening What can I say I ve been hooked on this series since the very first one Eric Flint s 1632 This one continues the series in fine form No plot spoilers but this is a good one lots of action some old friends from previous books and the same well drawn characters both uptime and downtime that ou uickly come to know If ou ve never tried this series go get 1632 and get started Highly recommended. Parcel RoguesThe 20th volume in this popular fast paced alternative history series follows on the heels of the events in The Baltic War picking up with the protagonists in London including sharpshooter Julie Sims This time the 20th century transplants are determined to prevent the rise of Oliver Cromwell and even have the support of King Charles Library Journal About 1634 The Galileo AffairA rich complex alternate history with great characters and vivid action A great read and an excellent book David Drake Grippingdepicted with power Publishers Weekly About Eric Flints Ring of Fire series This alternate history series is a landmarkBooklist Eric Flints 1632 universe seems to be inspiring a whole new crop of gifted alternate historians Booklist reads like a technothriller set in the age of the MedicisPublishers Week. Order this book As soon as it was available it came right to my house Fast service no problems and a good price HappyI read this long awaited volume about as fast as I could Now I will set it aside for a week or two and read it again at a leisurely pace I often do something along these lines with the books in this series This huge 688 book gets us up to date with oung Eddie and his ounger wife It is a tribute to the authors Eric Flint the series originator and Charles Gannon that they can create such a wide ranging book with at least a dozen significant characters and not just to help us keep the happenings straight in our minds no small thing but also to keep us e This was a great book lo. Ut is the crude pouring out of the Allies pumps on Trinidadwhich threatens its interests in both the New and the Old Worlds So following in the footsteps of the conuistadors the empires commanders are resolved to show that they do not take threats lightly or lying down Indeed their historical reaction is to respond with overwhelmingand often genocidalforce The battle for the New World has not merely begun; It Is A Fight is a fight the finish About 1637 No Peace Beyond the Line The action is non stop The authors skillfully blend battle intrigue politics and everyday life in a remade seventeenth century to ield an exciting story Both those familiar with the series and this seuels predecessor and those reading No Peace Beyond the Line as a first exposure to an addictive series will find it satisfying readingRicochetcom About 1635

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Like several other reviewers I bought this the day it was available and I was not disappointed The story is complex and like all of the other books in the series much of the writing is expository the characters explain things so that the reader be clear on the why things are done as well as what is happening I will admit I initially the why things are being done as well as what is happening I will admit I initially a couple of the sub plots will admit I initially a couple of the sub plots bit unnecessarily drawn out but as the story unfolded they made sense and never detracted from the main storyline I will also admit that I found the preceding volume The Atlantic Encounter much better than many of the critical reviews and this book makes it clear why that earlier volume is important I used Prime to pre. THE BATTLE FOR THE NEW WORLD IS A FIGHT TO THE FINISH A NEW RING OF FIRE NOVEL BY BEST SELLING WRITING TEAM ERIC FLINT AND CHARLES E GANNONA New Day in the New World Its 1637in the Caribbean Commander Eddie Cantrell and his ally and friendAdmiral Martin Trompstart it off with some nasty surprises for Spain whose centuries long exploitation and rapine of the New World has run unchecked Until now Yetlife goes on in the Caribbean Relationships among the allied Dutch Swedes Germans up timers and even Irish mercenaries continue to evolve and deepen New friendships must be forged with the native peoples who will not only shape the colonists future in the Caribbean but will also decide whether they will be given access to a Louisiana oilfield that could change the balance of power But for now the only oil Imperial Spain knows abo. 1637: No Peace Beyond the Line (29) (Ring of Fire)